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Extra electric dial...

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See… I was playing origins today and I noticed something strange, the dials at gen. 5, both in church, wind tunnel, spawn, tank station, and bace of site are all used in the summoning of the electric staff's purple stone… 


However, there is a turnable dial in the workshop on the top floor just before the exit. It is possible to turn this dial however it is never used in the easter egg. Today I turned all the dials up til the last one, and spun this dial around, but it never even started sparking or making a whining noise. 


It is completely uninvolved with the lightning upgrade process… Yet there it is…. 


What could it do? More secrets? 

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It is used, it is just preset. 

As for it nor sparking, it could be a simple visual glitch, or perhaps since it was preset it wasn't assigned a sparking animation.

I'm 70% (I swear I've done tests on it, but those were too long ago to remember vividly) positive that you cannot finish the lightning upgrade if that switch is in the wrong position, and I'm also fairly positive that that switch is locked in place after completing that upgrade just like all the others.

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Mocking, that dial is used for the lightning staff upgrade. It is already in the correct position for the step, so it is not necessary to turn it. Troll your friends and move that dial while they are doing that step ;)


I don't think so. I've believed that for a while after reading it on this site, but someone made me look like a real asshole when I insisted this was the case and it turned out to not be true.

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