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  1. Remember the quote in The Giant when Richtofen says something along the lines of "Dempsey is the key to all of this. Or is it Takeo, or Nikolai?" He says something like that, but the point I'm trying to bring up is that Richtofen knows that one of "them" is the key, but he doesn't know which. For this reason, I think it's safe to assume that they only need one of the original 4 for whatever reason. If they do get Dempsey, then it will either be revealed why he is the key or if they need another of the old characters. I know I didn't contribute much of a theory but I wanted to bring up the quote
  2. great now we know that this bird is quite famous in this timeline
  3. I keep clicking on his signature where is says what he thinks, but it just keeps reloading the page!
  4. Two totally different teams created those maps. There is no way that they thought that far ahead in Nacht. If anything, they were laughing when they copied the teleporter from the loading screen as a big troll.
  5. I wouldnt call it much so the jingle, but that dieselpunk generator attatched to it is Treyarch's rational as to the Perk Machine existance
  6. Dobis

    Shovel Guide

    Has it been proven that you can dig the Mark II out of the ground?
  7. So today I did the High Maintenance and Mined Games Easter Eggs, both Richtofen. The Buried symbol glows on the map, and the thing is lit on the Easter Egg tracker in the back of the courthouse. However, there is nothing that signifies I have done High Maintenance. The tower doesn't glow, the map doesn't glow, and the tracker doesn't say so either. For the record, I did join the game of Die Rise halfway through when we did it. What do I need to do with the NAVCards and the table and how? Not only do I need help with this, I would like knowledge for the future. Perhaps there is a page about Nav Cards that I am missing.
  8. Alternate timelines and time displacement.
  9. Dobis

    Origins- Not seperate

    So the timeline diverged sometime after the monkey bomb was created- there is a huge hole in your logic
  10. That was Treyarch's way of saying "trololololololololololo"
  11. I dont get the part about Electric Cherry trapping you, I think its a great perk!
  12. Dobis

    A Quote Question

    That quote is not exclusive to the end of the easter egg
  13. Dobis


    Thats what the government wants you to think.
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