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I think Borough Grief is to much for my PS3 honestly. I think my stats for it are 1 wins 7 losses, but there should be more wins than losses. Everytime my team was winning or I was just doing great, bam, I'm kicked, or the game freezes, records a loss. I think the combination of 8 players, Buildables and the Paralyzer just stressed it to much.

Not to mention I find it a little to big. I think Farm and Town are acceptable sizes, and to a lesser extent Cell Block, but it's more narrow and it has no Juggernog. Borough Grief just felt like a last minute addition honestly with little thought put into it.

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Borough Grief just felt like a last minute addition honestly with little thought put into it.


Completely agree. It has no logical though put into it. It is in essence just 8 player survival. Why they thought the paralyzer and buildables were a good idea to include is beyond me, but yeah... at least Cell Block was thought out well enough to work perfectly but Borough is just terrible. In the few games I have played, most people just play it out like survival or glitch. No one seems to actually try griefing much on it!?


Turned on the other hand is a little bit more suited to the layout.

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I happen to enjoy Borough Grief. The first 6 rounds or so are a little long though. But it's still a lot of fun once it gets going. The buildables are the best part. With 8 players, that's a total of....16 traps? Gahdam. It's nice to experiment with different things while playing with seven other people. Especially in a map like Borough. As long as everybody doesn't just camp by Jugg.. >.>

Not to mention my favorite part: sniping. You can actually camp up next to Speed Cola, and look down toward spawn and snipe. Almost no zombies will come up there to bother you either.

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Die Rise grief would've been interesting. Maybe it'd be like 1 building with stand alone perk machines since having like half the map as the play area and moving machines would be hard and complicating, oh he's on the other side of the other building on a floor that would take forever to get to with the elevators? Welp, he's dead.

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