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  1. So true, I haven't played with randoms in years because they're shit, and that whole mic thing is true too. Why do you need a strategy on round 5-15, those guys were a special case of bad that you were playing with XD
  2. Thanks man, yeah im actually suprised. Ive gotten 34 subs in 1 month exactly. So i must be doing something right. I also relinked the channel. nah the link doesn't work on tapatalk but yeah that's pretty good, I was around 25 subs after a month good job!
  3. Yeah these replies you're getting are very realistic to what YouTube is like . I do youtube for fun and enjoyment as a hobby , but of course like anyone else I would like my audience to be larger , that's the fun in YouTube! Making a video after working hard on it and then seeing positive feedback in comments and likes! To give an example on how hard it is to grow, I have 80 subs after about 5 months on YouTube. Now about 40 of those subs are from the community, so if some nice guys named strett and Alex and legacy didn't get me in the community, I'd have even less. I'm very proud of 80 subs t
  4. I get what you're saying 100% But Ghosts really does have a massive problem with spawning. For example earlier today I was having a game of dom. Our team only had flag A, other team had B and C. The other team started to spawn trap us. So what happened? We start spawning on C. Really?! On free for all, I have spawned in multiple times on top of enemies, sometimes I kill them, sometimes they kill me.[/quote yeah Ik ghost spawns are shit, and I don't understand what they were thinking having huge maps with such weird bad spawns
  5. Idk, my username is inferno, and I made it in 6th grade. I didn't know what it was, I just knew it had something to do with fire so I thought it was cool lol. I kept with it for 3 years, so that's not really true if you just keep the same name from when u were a kid
  6. Oh ok nm yeah your right I haven't used the other one, but I do remember seeing it somewhere
  7. I appreciate that people find that an easy strategy on Origins, but for me it's down central. I cannot run that spot to save my life. Sent from my D2303 using Tapatalk lol it's a camping strat bro, just ice staff and stay in the same spot shooting at the ground every couple of seconds
  8. oh yeah it's definitely a VERY easy map and like u said has many overpowered things, but I think it's not easier than ascension because once ur at 80, I'm pretty sure you have to run the subsonic resonator setup or ur gonna die. Valid points tho, but when u reach the high rounds it isn't as easy as ascension
  9. Hmmm I've never heard anyone say anything other than ascension being the easiest. I don't see how It could be easier unless it was a huge open room with 1 trap in it and 1 box location XD
  10. Ascension is the easiest. Nearly every room is a strategy and never gets hard. Ascension has by far the most round 100 and 200s (not including waw) and pretty much is a joke in terms of difficulty. I still like it thought because it's kind of fun still to me. Buried isn't easiest because paralyzer doesn't kill past a round ( i think it was 60?) and the only strat I've ever seen in high rounds is the little dubstep machine thing in jug corner or outside the candy shop
  11. Honestly u won't get spawn killed if ur really good. I'm the one doing the spawn killing when it comes to bo2 and mw3. In the end if you keno the spawns of the maps then you'll expect your enemy to be about to turn the corner and it all comes down to whether or not you win the gun fight. You're right though the 1 hour I played of ghosts shitty mp there were some pretty bad spawns. I think I'm like, level 15 on that game I hate it!
  12. If youre like me, you got bored of extinction a while ago and still want to get the achievements. If youre very good and are still getting achievements for extinction (all maps) on the xbone like me, then message me. GT: Inferno118 Seriously tho, be genuinely skilled at the game, because the completionist achievements may take a couple games
  13. Inferno118


    Was working out of town/state a couple yrs back in Long Island, New York... I'm pretty sure we had the same reaction when we first saw it...... I said to myself "even though this beer tastes like shit, I must have it"... -Embedded Inside Me-haha nice that's where I live! 15 tho so I don't drink beer lol
  14. I went 30-0 making sure to get the host before every game with this guy I met named dr Nielson. I remember we were top 100 for the first 2-4 weeks of release, it was fun!
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