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That feeling when........

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That feeling when everything seems hopeless, only to have something magical happen!

Last night my friend and I were playing mob, it was getting late so decided camp out in the engine room in the warden's office. He'd lost his vitriolic withering and all his guns, I had lost all of my perks, and had run out of ammo. Zombies flood the room, but he knifed one and it dropped a max ammo, I shot the VW through the door, and boom, we survived! Carried on for another few rounds then went to bed.

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Me and my friend opened the whole boat in COTD to get to the box, it was in the lighthouse and when I realized I said: "Oh god what have we done?"

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Good feeling: That weird high-like twitch you get when you DESTROY an entire train with an MG, or other weapon that requires multiple shots...


Bad feeling: When you claim to be decent, because you are, but then that ONE zombie double swipes you and you get down… 

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