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Countdown until Firebase Z launch!

Treyarch release the much anticipated DLC 1 - Firebase Z on 4th February 2021.

Come and join the discussion of this new map in the dedicated Firebase Z forum.

The countdown has finished, Firebase Z has arrived!

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  1. You didn't mention zombs cause you know you suck I'm at round 25 and don't give a fuck you can to outrap me with your petty rhymes perhaps you try nacht on cod5 to see if you can even try to beat round 3 cause there no way in hell you can outrap me
  2. Bacon, Speedo is that all you got? and its PHD now so prepare to get caught in the explosion that happens when I bounce on your bitches clit your raps are tired of being spit by a fake ass ape in stupid speedo trying to pass off a human which tto we say HELL NO
  3. That feeling when the wonderwaffe is obtained by the worst person on the team .
  4. Why do you rap on the forum? its cause you GET BEAT unlike me though cause imma bout to bring the heat don't ever try to say that you explore like Dora your poop cause she has a monkey named boots and he's a bitch lil you your rip-stik be breakin when it hears these raps cause I'm the best of the rest can't contest its a manafest you think your tech n9ne but your just lil wayne stutterin not spittin when I bring THE PAIN
  5. Ah, this makes much more sense
  6. Anyone else think they can try to rap at me?
  7. Everytime I play origins, I hear a train whistle what does this mean?
  8. Your banned because,I say so
  9. I usually just rape train at the sushi bar past the SVU
  10. If your rapping till your bones, that time is now because ZWNs about to lay the law down ear damage is the only problems you've ever caused besides on call of duty where your game stayed paused cause your scared don't know the zombies will be next but don't worry about zombies ape their worst nightmare will be your death speedomonkey what's with all the commas I think that means your stutterin just like yo momma when she found out that my raps are not to be matched especially when my raps go on the attack by the way you acknowledged me by posting another lame on th
  11. So I was playing the campaign mission suffer with me and on the last cutscene old woods had a 115 tatoo with a werewolf under it. does this have any significance?
  12. Lol dude that one just made me laugh I could've sworn I heard you tryin to rap back if you was just go ahead and kill yourself cause your mission is to fraud but still everyone give him a round of applause first thing why you obessed with dick is it because yours is too small and you haven't seen it Yet or is it also because you like eating it best your song BITCH PLEASE you tryin to make like your little monkey nuts are as big as these you can't be at the top so again BITCH PLEASE as long as your still being out rapped by me
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