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  1. If they have no recollection of their death, then why do they mention holes in the walls after being revived?
  2. That feeling when the wonderwaffe is obtained by the worst person on the team .
  3. Ah, this makes much more sense
  4. Everytime I play origins, I hear a train whistle what does this mean?
  5. I usually just rape train at the sushi bar past the SVU
  6. So I was playing the campaign mission suffer with me and on the last cutscene old woods had a 115 tatoo with a werewolf under it. does this have any significance?
  7. What if zombies could break down walls and other debris throughout the map. This would make it more exciting and possibly even give players a tactical advantage
  8. This has really made me think nice theory
  9. This might sound dumb, but I kinda remember maxis saying that he,can open the gateway to agartha,in buried after you do his,side,of the EEs. Isn't that what we did in origins?
  10. Better wonder weapons and a perk that lets you keep your other perks when you go down
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