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Full scipts and analysis of Mob of the Dead quotes

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I'm sorry these are a bit late guys. My work's schedule's been a bit hectic lately, plus I've got another thread I started before I finished this (of course lol.) Below are the transcripts of all important quotes from the characters in Mob of the Dead. Below that you will find my analysis of some of the quotes. Thanks guys! Enjoy!


“Courts in session!”

“You can’t hide from the law”

“I had a life. A wife and son”

“I knew your ??? ???”

“Now have some respect! You’re here forever!”

“Pay for your sins!”

“Crime never pays”

“Why do you hurt me?”

“I can never die!”

“This will never be over”

“You can’t escape your sins”

“You’re on lockdown”

“This is off limits”

“This is contraband”

“Don’t try to run Billy”

“I’m coming for you 872B”

“I don’t think so”


“I was always nice to you”

“9:30, guard begins his rounds”

“No parole! You’re going to die here”

“Lights out. I said no talking!”

“You haven’t seen the last of me!”

“Privileges are revoked!”

“No more box”

“Locked up tight”

“Time to pay for your sins”

“I’m coming for you Sal!”


“Where are you going Weasel?”


“Prisoner 101A, your number is up!”

“The guilty must be punished!”

“Why did you kill me?”

“Justice is served!”

“Get back to your cells!”

“You cannot escape??? “

“I’m trapped here, just like you”

“It’s not over yet, I’m just getting started!”

“Weapon case must remain locked”

“The verdict is death!”

“Your lucks run out Finn”

“Thought I was an easy target?”

“No one gets off this rock”

“I will be back!”

“No one can help you”

“I am the executioner!”

“So you want to know the truth?”

“This better be a real deal this time”

“No one escapes. NO ONE!”

“You know the rules!”

“I will be reborn again!”


“Not this time!”

“Maybe next time”

Al Arlington

“This will be over soon unless I get some slugs!”

“I’m almost outta lead!”

“I’m getting low on rounds”

“That’s it, I’m all out!”

“You gotta get the doc!”

“Something ain’t right boss, I swear!”

“Your boys in the laundry stash the parts?”

“I need ammo drop real fucking soon!”

“If bullets were water I’d be begging for rain!”

“Need an ammo drop real fuckin soon”

“Need ammo like yesterday!”

“Empty! Not just my guns, everything!”

“I wish I could say it was fun while it lasted!”

“Shooters are dry”

“What the fuck, I killed him”

“What’s going on?”

“This aint right, something weird’s going on”

“Rejection hurts, but it’s not the worse thing, is it Albert? What really hurts is to be ignored. You know how that feels better than anyone, don’t you. Sure, they want your skills, your expertise but only on their terms. They don’t care what else you have to offer. How different you could be, if only they noticed you. Is that why you lie to them? Why you promise things you can’t deliver. Be careful Al, one day your promises will come back and bite you.”

“Are you scared Al? You should be. If they don’t suspect you already they will soon, and then what? What will you do when the truth’s revealed? When your whole house a cards comes tumbling down. Will you confess, or will you run? Where will you run Albert? All around the mulberry bush? There’s nowhere to run, nowhere to hide. You know there’s one way this is going to end Al. Poor, poor weasel."

“They all look at you the same way, don’t they Al? They don’t see a man when they look at you, they see a weasel; a rat. You’re a survivor Al, no shame in that. Even a rat survives. You can take it, whatever they throw your way. Still, wouldn’t you like to know what it feels like to be respected? Just imagine what you would do, if you had the power that they had. You have to show ‘em Al, you have to show them just what the Weasel is really capable of.”

“You don’t move because you have to, so what’s the real reason?”

“I’ll be seeing ya!”

“There’s only a finite number of places you can go.”

“Why now? Why you pulling up stakes now”

“It’s like he got sucked right out of the world.”

“Waiting, always with the waiting. You keep making us wait.”

“Why do I need quarters for this? It’s like there’s not even a slot”

“It’s like it got sucked right through the gates of Hell”

“You notice the others just seem to accept all this? They’re trying to hypnotize me to give em time to sneak up”

“I try to look inside, I don’t see a damn thing”

“The Golden Gate bridge”

“It’s gonna be over soon”

“It’s the plan, this is the plan. This is what was meant to happen”

“Tell me, what did we do yesterday? Give me one detail about yesterday. Maybe Billy got himself another psych exam. Maybe Finn didn’t spend half his day on the can. Just give me one specific detail about yesterday. Anything!”

“Look out guys, it’s the guards!”

“WHAT does he want from us?”

“Ah just like I thought, it fits perfectly.”

“This is where it belongs”

“When we’re all done, we need to get the Blundergat.”

“It’s all connected”

“With all three parts we can make something”

“That’s what I’ve been talking about all this time”

“It’s working, looks just like my drawings”

“There’s still something missing, what was it?”

“I think I saw Billy die while doing this, did I?”

“With these other pieces, we can make a shield!”

“We need to get the parts to the workbench.”

“That’s what we did last time”

“I’ll take it”

“Just like last time”

“I think it’s our only way out”

“We all saw the same thing. We saw our bodies right before we climbed back in them. Let me explain something to you right off the bat. Whatever you do, whatever you say, whatever crazy shit you think up to rationalize this crazy shit, remember one thing: it won't fucking matter.”

“Just trust me alrite. Have I ever steered you guys wrong”

“Stop it, just stop it ok?”

“This thing just keeps on ticking”

“Do we really want this thing crawling around?”

“I said pipe down”

“Ahh this one don’t wanna except the enevitable”

“Can’t be much fun crawling around like that”

“Look at this guy. I don’t know if you’re half full or half empty.”

“I think we’re looking at him.”

“The siginificance is lost on me”

“Does that take us a step closer to getting off this island? Don’t think so!”

“We’ve done this before, over and over again. Like we’re stuck in some loop.”

“It wasn’t me I swear. I didn’t do a damn thing, not a thing.”

“We did it to ourselves”

“I didn’t do a thing… I think.”

“We’re in Purgatory”

“Here we are again!”

“I don’t think we seen the last of this guy.”

“We find the right gat, we get something better”

“These different parts go together, to make a shield.”

“Everyone gets a shield. Another way to survive just a little bit longer.”

“No one escapes alive…that’s my handwriting”

“Like before, we won’t really die. You’re gonna have to trust me on this.”

“How many times do I need to drill you before you quit?”

“Still some fight in this little guy”

“Well fire it up, what’s the worse that could happen.”

“How long has this been here?”

“You wanna bag a nice shooter, look for the chalk outline on the wall”

“Off or on, which is it?”

“I didn’t do nothing. I’m not the bad guy, I just want it to end!”

“I think he’s after me. He’s not gonna stop. Not ever.”

“Is he gone? Like you know, gone for good.”

“Do you think that was too easy? Ughh I never know for sure”

“We need to put these parts together, it’s important!”

“We stand a better chance if we make something outta this”

“This is our way out”

“I’m saying if we want to get out of here alive, we gotta die first”

“Sal's right. The escape plan, the plane, everything. We've done it all before.”

“Leave me alone, I need time to think.”

“It was always gonna end the same way”

“Guys, how exactly did we get here. I’ve been going over this in my head and I just can’t remember.”

“This is a part of something bigger. Some kind of machine.”

“I know, you think I’m crazy, but we need to strap ourselves in!”

“I thought losing your legs might of slowed you down, boy was I wrong.”

“We need to overload the power, can’t do it like this though”

“Guys, over here. This machine, it boosts your weapon. It gives it more of a kick.”

“This looks a lot like I thought it would. It was harder to build this thing the first time around.”

“Please work, I don’t want to die.”

“I think I know what’s going on”

“No one escapes alive…shit that’s my fucking writing.”

“Somebody wanna finish this poor sap”

“Quick jolt, I think I know the way”

“It’s done, now we just need the right weapon.”

“Every time I seem to make it a little faster than before”

“Sleep tight”

“Finally, some peace”

“I’ve seen this box before, gives you weapons like a slow machine.”

“Did I set this up? If so, when did I do it?”

“Check it out, a map of the prison. Five locations marked”

“Tone seems familiar”

“Oh I got one of the fuel cans.”

“I need something right now”

“You didn’t need to do that. It’s not like you’re gonna change anything”

“The suffering continues, huh?”

“Well, that’s the way the money goes”

“I used to think this stuff was weird. Now I don’t even question it”

“I found another can!”

“I was almost out, almost.”

“That was my choice, you shouldn’t interfere.”

“Live to die another day”

“Guys, you gotta snag one of these things.”

“Thought I was just a little Weasel, didn’t you?”

“My name is Albert Arlington! I’ll make damn sure you don’t forget me”

“This kills em real good”

“I ain’t giving up, not now not ever!”

“Hurry up and melt why don’t ya”

“As long as I got this you bastards ain’t getting near me.”

“This gat’s gonna win me a ticket off this rock!”

“As long as I got this, you creeps ain’t getting near me”

“Come looking for me. Cause all you’re gonna find is death.”

“Just wait til I upgrade this thing”

“You can’t even get close”

“Didn’t I tell you this gat was awesome”

“Like a hot knife through butter”

“I may actually live to see morning”

“Ohhh bring it on freaks!”

“I ain’t afraid of you!”

“Whose next, I’m just getting started”

“You see what this fucking gun can do?”

“You’re mistake not mine”

“I believe an eye for an eye”

“Actually you came pretty close to taking me”

“You started it, and if not you somebody sure did”

“Scream all you want, won’t bother me none”

“One by one you’re gonna die. It’s math it’s all just math”

“As long as I got this, you creeps ain’t getting near me.”

“That was big boom”

“At least you’re free”

“Did he say something?”

“Didn’t do it fancy like Billy would of, but you’re dead just the same.”

“I think you asked for it”

“I’m a regular live wire, ain’t I?”

“At least I didn’t draw it out like Billy would.”

“You should of scream when you had the chance.”

“Just like in my outer space adventure comics”

“Whoa, you smell like bacon when you burn”

“You better be dead for good this time”

“How does it feel to take my magic axe to the head?”

“I can’t even imagine a better weapon than this”

“They call this the Retriever”

“It kills and it comes right back”

“Goons, you should all quit right now.”

“What made you think you should pick on me? Huh?”

“They never stop coming!”

“I can’t even remember how this all started”

“Don’t be surprised, it’s just another massacre”

“Death is all you live for”

“Who’s next on the express elevator to Hell?”

“Who’s next on the elevator to Death?”

“Never gonna happen any other way.”

“Again with the money, why?”

“We’re thieves, let’s steal it!”

“Given all this talk about green backs, I gotta wonder why I don’t ever see any”

“Cause this isn’t happening anytime soon”

“There’s nothing behind those peepers, is there?”

“You got me pegged as some dumb palooka, don’t ya?”

“You don’t wanna bite me, I’m rotten to the core”

“Haven’t you realized, I’m a stubborn son of a bitch.”

“I’m not even trying”

“It’s like I got some new found energy”

“Nikolai, Nikolai, Nikolai, Nikolai, Nikolai, why do I keep hearing that name?!”

“Fall down now, later, don’t matter in the end.”

“Sorry you picked fight with Al”

“You see the power I wield in my hands? Well do you?!”

“Only one of us will be walking away from this!”

“Any more of you bastards wanna see how this feels?”

“Didn’t you hear? I’m dangerous!”

“Anymore of you goons wanna see how this feels?”

“The more I kill the more I get.”

“You’re just lost empty souls aren’t ya?”

“Would you pipe down I’m trying to think!”

“Whatever you once were, it’s not what you are now”

“Were you ever human?”

“It’s not gonna do anything without power”

“You know the price of everything, but the value of nothing.”

“Do I look like a wealthy man?”

“Not this first time I’ve been surrounded, won’t be the last”

“Any more of you ghouls wanna see how this feels?”

“And not much left after that”

“It’s like they didn’t even try to get out of the way.”

“We all gotta go sometime, you just went now.”

“Just another one for the pile, the pile that magically fades away.”

“I don’t think eating me would have helped you anyway.”

“That fried you good”

“How’d you like the Redeemer.”

“Superpowers now”

“Didn’t you get the memo, I’m a dangerous little prick”

“Who set the price, that’s what I wanna know.”

“Anyone else see what’s going on?”

“Haven’t you realized I’m a stubborn sun of a gun.”

“You’re just lining up for it, aren’t ya?”

“Killing is all I have left”

“Someone had to clip you, might as well be me.”

“To your eternal slumber”

“Who controls all this, I wanna know”

“These are kill switches. We wanna pass over, these are the spots.”

“I know how this works, we need to get the power on.”

“We gotta shock ourselves. We gotta zap that thing while we’re floating around.”

“I don’t even get why this is happening”

“One day we’re burning down the house, with all of us in it.”

“It was either you or me.”

“How many times do you have to die before you die for good?”

“It’s like an x-ray or something”

“Five, six, seven. Nobody’s going to Heaven.”

“Those spots kill you quick, but don’t worry it ain’t permanent”

“I guess I’ll come back when I got some more”

“Unless something changes, I’m looking for the big fat kiss off.”

“This ain’t how it ends, I know that for sure.”

“Things sure got all balled up.”

“We’re way off the tracks now.”

“You mugs don’t even know what you’re doing, do ya?”

“Hello?? Am I the only one here?”

“You know what happens now don’t ya?”

“It’s just a circus, a circus of fucking death.”

“Kill me, it won’t change a thing”

“This makes me stronger?”

“Since when did Alcatraz become a speakeasy?”

“Another mysterious way to prolong our torment.”

“I remember this taste, it changes you somehow.”

“But when we drink it may affect us in ways we may not realize.”

“Hey, I got something here!”

“We never once stop to if this is a good idea, we just glug it right down.”

“I can’t even taste it anymore.”

“We’re going down…again!”

“Finally, like Icarus we take flight.”

“Didn’t I tell ya this would work, we’re leaving!”

“We can see things when we’re dead, things that we can’t see otherwise.”

“We need to use the wall portals if we’re gonna get around the prison.”

“As if by magic we all reload.”

“Just when we needed it, or did we?”

“Gotta look for big spooky little holes, they’re important!”

“Fried the system!”

“We’re being played with. Every one of us!”

“It’s just the calm before the inevitable storm.”

“It almost feels like we’re being helped!”

“No hammer no nails, and yet the boards go up.”

“Again with the money, why? And how?”

“Suddenly we get thrown another little ray of hope”

“There’s no rhyme or reason for any of this.”

“The pattern’s been broken , we gotta find that box!”

“This won’t last, It never does.”

“You wanna find a shooter, now would be a good time to snag one.”

“I’m almost invincible, almost! But not quite”

“Now would be a good time to try making some progress.”

“We have the upper hand but trust me, not gonna last.”

“And a hush fell across the land.”

“It’s like they all got switched off”

“They all think its me. They think I did something to them. They're thinking "another scheme, some roost, a game. I didn't do anything, why won't they believe me? I just want to understand!"

"I don't even know why I'm here. I'm not like the others. Not like em at all. Sal, Handsome, Finn, they're all stone cold killers. Those bastards are evil to the core. So why me? Why am I here!? Why dammit!?"

“This will keep me in the fight a little bit longer but still, gonna end the same way.”

“Look what I got, nice new MG.”

“You’re a riddle locked in a puzzle wraped in an enigma. Trust me, I know how that feels.”

“Maybe one day all shooters will look like this.”

“Ohh I’m hitting on all sixes.”

“I’m glad you didn’t give me something heavy.”

“Do you have the special one , you know the spacey-looking one?”

“A pistol huh? I know that ain’t the best you got!”

“Fine by me, don’t make no difference in the long run.”

“Some of this shit is too weird.”

“I know where I stand with a handgun.”

“I took the pistol, but I’ll be back soon enough.”

“Some of your stuff is kinda weird box.”

“Sometimes when I look at this I know exactly what it is, why not this time?”

“If my comic books are right, then this has to be one of the most powerful weapons in the box.”

“It’s just a big noisy bomb maker.”

“This has got to be some top-secret military hardware.”

“This packs more explosives than I used to need to bust open a bank vault.”

“ I remember once calling this a grenade launcher, was I right?”

“Uh it’s just a pity they take so long to reload…maybe I need a drink”

“We’re all just going through the motions, aren’t we?”

“I need to stand back, wouldn’t want to hurt myself…would I?”

“They get blown to bits, they stain the floors with blood, but then they just disappear.”

“Next time I want the ray gun, remember that, ok?”

“This only does the business early on. Later, those fuckers are just gonna be too fast!”

“How many times have I pulled this from the box? Fifty, a hundred? Shit I don’t know, it could even be more.”

“Whoa I always put a lot of them in the ground whenever I get this.”

“Tommy guns don’ t usually look like that.”

“Did I try out my can opening tricks on this box? If I did, what happened?”

“Rat tat tat, rat tat tat, I swear it’s gonna drive me batty!”

“I’ve yet to meet anyone that actually uses these.”

“I toured the dust bowl with the circus, six months. The great magnifico had a magic cabinet a lot like this box.”

“Is it the other? Are they behind this? No, it doesn't add up. How could they be? What am I dreaming? Am I dead? Do I just need to wake up, and all this ends? I need an answer, something that makes sense!”

“You know what’s strange, that’s my writing. But I sure as Hell don’t remember writing it!”

“Oh shit! Damn that made me jump!”

“There’s something hidden behind the poster.”

“Let’s hope we can make it to the roof,”

“Here’s the master key”

“Just what the doctor ordered, I got the oxygen tanks.”

“Four more parts and we’re outta here.”

“Just gotta find the other three.”

“Ah what’s happening? “

“Al slow down man, slow down. Slow down man, slow down. Take a deep breath.”

“Guys stay with it! We can get outta here, I got a plan.”

“It’s different, everything’s different. I can get outta this. I always have. I just have to remember how. ”

“This should help a little.”

“Mine as well let this contraption do some of the work.”

“Hey goonball, I got something for ya”

“We’ve been over every detail, every angle. There’s nothing left to chance. We’re ready.”

“That wolf head on the wall. It wants blood!”

“I think, we need to go to the place, with three symbols on the wall.”

“Keep going, he needs more.”

“This turned into a trip for biscuits”

“Two this time huh? Any particular reason?”

“Not like I need my hands for anything else, is it?”

“Not one but two, how about three? Can you do that?”

“Burns them, doesn’t it? Burns the skin right off their bones.”

“Why is it I’ve never seen guns like this on the streets?”

“As long as you keep giving me heaters like this, then everything’s jake”

“What if the others are right. What if it is me? Did I make this happen?”

“We need to find a master key if we wanna get through.”

“Alrite guys I found the rigging”

“We really should make a break for the roof.”

“Alrite, I got the sheets.”

“I got the control valves.”

“Oh we’re dead, we’re really dead.”

“Don't you realize what's happening? Doesn't anything... feel familiar to you guys? I think we've been trapped here..."

“Is anyone else starting to see a pattern here?”

“I don’t think this box is random. I’m sure there’s a pattern to it.”

“Why you dishing out nothing but wooden nickels?”

“Looks like you’re just setting me up to be the fall guy.”

“How long was I waiting for this one? Anyone know? Anyone?”

“This should speed up the inevitable.”

“I recognize the futility of my actions, yet I carry them out regardless.”

“Like I’m not nervous enough.”

“This is locked up good and tight.”

“Oh no oh no oh no, what’s happening?”

“Ah fuck, we’re dead.”

“Just what exactly is your beef with me?”

“Sometimes you help, sometimes you don’t. What’s the reasoning?”

“Oh back from the brink, huh?”

“We all got to stick together don’t we?”

“I caught you napping, didn’t I?”

“Here it is, wasn’t so bad.”

“It’s only ever in one of two places.”

“We all saw the same thing. We all saw our bodies right before we climbed back in them.”

“Let’s focus on finding the parts so we can get outta here.”

“You ever gonna level with me? Tell me why this goes down the way it does?”

“So what are you box, a doorway to a secret armory?”

“What did I do? What I do?”

“The planes already built, we just need to find the fuel cans.”

“Whoa whoa whoa, back up. I’m gonna start this baby up.”

“Everything’s set. We make our move at lights out.”

“At least we got a few seconds breathing space”

Finn O'Leary

“Don’t play games with me, I don’t always play nice.”

“I guess I backed the wrong fucking horse.”

“So you don’t think I know a scam when I see it.”

“Snake eyes.”

“Ok, don’t take no long now I got troubles of my own.”

“Look who’s paling around with the Weasel!”

“I had a feeling it was you from the start!”

“You’re going down for good!”

“Listen these bastards got to go to sleep, they need a lullaby.”

“Does anyone else remember planning this here?”

“Everything here, is just a numbers game, isn’t it Finn? Just like back outside. All those years at the track, waiting til the last second before you lay down the cash that would swing the odds in your favor. Every time you took it right down to the wire. You’re used to taking chances, aren’t ya Finn? There’s no thrill like it either! What now though? Ain’t no playback operations gonna change the odds here. Are you still a betting man, Finn? Wanna bet on how all this will end?

It’s always the dames, isn’t it Finn? It’s like they got a fucking sixth sense that leads them right into your blind spot. And Angela, how stupid could you get?! She was an actress Finn! Saying things she didn’t mean was a way of life to her. She never loved you, she was only interested in what you could do for her. Not only did you marry her, but you let her know the ins and outs of your business. You shared details Finn, you shoulda known better! Secrets are there for a reason pal.”

“You just bought your fucking ticket straight to hell!”

“When you get to Hell, you tell em Finn sent you!”

“You can all kiss my Irish ass!”

“You can all suck a fart outta my Irish ass!”

“Whatever this thing shoots, it ain’t bullets.”

“Quit feeling sorry for yourself, it’s all over now.”

“Friend of mine in Boston had a saying. Kill one, scare a thousand.”

“Didn’t I tell you to go boil your head?”

“Hey, how would you like a hatchet to the head?”

“I’m glad catching this thing don’t take my fingers off.”

“Oh, this baby’s a keeper for sure.”

“I don’t know how it works, frankly, I don’t fucking care.”

“You think you’re bad, you aint nothing!”

“Come back to me baby!”

“Wow, this ax thing is great!”

“Let’s find this fucking box before the sale is over.”

“I got a bit of luck. Box is giving out roscos for free.”

“Load up, the box is giving out free stuff.”

“Never hurts to have a little luck on your side”

“I may just go bare knuckle on these punks!”

“ Carpenter! Double Points! Max Ammo! Insta Kill! Fire Sale! Kaboom!”

"This is all just a game, isn't it? A big, twisted, fucked up game. What am I supposed to do? Come to some great realization about my life? Throw myself to the ground and beg for forgiveness? Well I got news for you, it's not gonna happen!

"It can't be like this forever. There has to be a way to break the cycle. What did I do wrong? How do I put things right? What the hell do you want from me?"

"How's my more times? What do I need to understand? This is some kind of black magic voo doo shit?! Someone make this all happen? The Warden? Was it the stuff in his office that caused all this?”

“ I wanna know the truth. I wanna know who's behind this. I wanna know what they want. Is it cause of the guard we shanked? What was so special about him? What made him different? I can't change the past, I wish I could but I just can't."

“The Irish built half this fucking country anyway.”

“I got you pal, dying’s the easy way out.”

“You’ve got to be more careful. Believe me, I know how that feels.”

“What does it mean, and who put it there?”

“Well look at that, someone’s been keeping secrets!”

“I’ve got myself a pocket cannon this time!”

“What are the odds of that?...seriously I wanna know.”

“The first time I fired a machine gun, I was little more than a punk kid.”

“A man of my taste and experience knows how to appreciate something like this.”

“Hey Weasel, you have any idea what this thing is?”

“I have a feeling this will have them screaming blue murder”

“Where does bean shooter come from?”

“With a bit of luck this will knock them right off the Earth.”

“I remember a bookie who didn’t fancy paying his debt, so I used one of these fuckers to change his mind.”

“Anyone else more than a little creeped out by all this?”

“Sure we have, it’s the Golden Gate bridge.”

“Look at those fireworks, it’s New Year’s Eve. Maybe I’ll find myself a broad, and bring in the year with style.”

“He’s right, I can’t remember a damn thing. This don’t make no sense.”

“Anyone got that Blunder-thing? I think it’s meant to go in here.”

“I think this is part of that machine Weasel was gabbing about.”

“We should find the other parts, and work out what the fuck this is.”

“That’s a lightning rod alrite.”

“It’s hard to believe a knitwit like Arlington could plan all this on paper.”

“Let me guess, you don’t remember writing it?”

“It’s payday boys!”

“At this point, I’m about ready to believe anything.”

“Where the fuck did those electric chairs come from.”

“Hey! Somebody gonna shoot this punk?”

“There’s a weird fucking box in here, should we bust it open?”

“This wasn’t here yesterday, was it?”

“I think the electric supply needs a little jolt, know what I mean?”

“Where am I supposed to find all those fucking volts!?”

“But Angela,? Wow! How stupid could you get? She knew all the cards to play and all the buttons to press, didn’t she? That little bitch.”

“I could fuck around with that box, but better the devil you know…”

“Not bad for an old man”

“Don’t let anyone say yo’re past it Sal.”

“Hey Weasel, what’s got into you today?”

“Hey Weasel, I never saw you shoot this good til all this shit started.”

“Now let me find the bastard that put me down in the first place.”

“You getting tired? It’s too bad this can’t go on forever!”

“I’m only finishing what you started!”

“Don’t touch me you fucking goofy looking bastard.”

“The only parole you’re getting is backdoor!”

“I’m having a bug party and you’re all invited. Ashes to ashes, dust to fucking dust.”

“Rest in peace!”

“I think this is where we can check out”

“Hmm this is as sweet as the first batch from my first still.”

“I hope this doesn’t give me a bad dose.”

“There was a doorway of some kind. I can’t find it now.”

“Shouldn’t we haul these parts up the roof.”

“Holy shit, look! It’s our bodies.”

“What makes you sure it’s different anywhere else?”

“Listen I think Weasel’s right.”

“I don’t wanna hang around, and see what other weird shit’s gonna happen.”

“Anyone have any idea? Why there’s fucking corpse running around Alcatraz!”

“Check out the big dog. Man this place is getting weirder by the minute.”

“Looks like we’re three for three guys, now what?”

“How am I supposed to fight off those god damn freaks with this?”

“Oh what a beautiful pair. You put me in mind of a doll I knew back in Beantown.”

“It wasn’t so easy to clip a whole crew before these fucking things came along.”

“Wait a minute, didn’t we have one of these before? I don’t remember.”

“I think these pieces are important, fuck knows why.”

“That’s a fucking lightning rod, alrite.”

“I’ll see you all, in Hell!”

“Did we set up this trap?”

“Listen I don’t care unless there’s something in it for me.”

“And Angela! How stupid could you get? Not this time pal, Angela will be different. She deserves it, doesn’t she Finn?”

“Congratulations Weasel, you ain’t completely useless after all.”

“Weasel was right, this is some serious firepower!”

“I got all the time in the world for this.”

“Sal, Billy, where the fuck are you!?”

“Magic bullets? Sure I’ll take your magic bullets.”

“We got more lead than we know what to do with.”

“Why don’t you tell me again why this makes sense Weasel.”

“Lockdown, we need a key.”

“What the fuck is going on? I’ll give you a reason, it’s all the Weasel’s fault.”

“If we’re already dead, what’d the worse that could happen?”

“Unless the dog’s snapping at us, who gives a fuck what it’s doing.”

“When I let loose with this thing, the Valentine’s day massacre is gonna look like a walk in the park.”

“We need to get the hell off of this bridge.”

“Yeah, what about that? How come you know more than the rest of us?”

“Now, where are we really?”

“What happened to the other prisoners?”

“Didn’t you hear? I’m in for life!”

“This is where we cut to the afterlife.”

“Come on, I wanna see how this turns out!”

“You know us Irish, they never turn down a drink.”

“Did we just die? Back here?”

“Listen I still aint’t too sure about this plan.”

“I don’t think we’re ever getting out. Not now, not ever.”

“You killed before Finn, but it was always business.”

“Did I grab one of these before? What happened?”

“Looks like we caught a break, boards are going back up. “

“I’m good with my hands, but I’ve never really been one for hard labor, if you know what I mean.”

“Guys I’m right behind the 8 ball.”

“Which one of us is steering this thing?”

“If it wasn’t us, who built the plane?”

“Was there a point to all that?”

“No, no, no. Where the fuck are we REALLY?”

“I put it together, just like Weasel said.”

“I’ll see you all in….”

Billy Handsome

“This little project’s really coming together.”

“How the fuck are there electric chairs on the fucking bridge?”

“We’re meant to electrocute ourselves?”

“You still here? I thought you woulda died by now”

“I’ve done this before…BELIEVE ME.”

“Guys, you gotta see this. I think I just found Pandora’s fucking box.”

“Was it something I did? Hahaha?”

“I do this for my own amusement.”

“We did his before, we gotta fry the electrics.”

“Huh, guess we got a tune to work to fellas.”

“This shit is nuts! Guns appear out of thin air!”

“I’ve seen this before, it’s apart of something.”

“Electric chairs? What the?”

“You’re gonna die for real this time.”

“If you’re wrong, I’m gonna haunt you forever Weasel!”

“Hmm, this may be useful, fuck knows what for.”

“Let me guess ,we need to shoot it with lightning bolts.”

“This is your fault Weasel.”

“How are there Electric Chairs on the Golden Gate bridge.”

“Damn Sal, you still got it!”

“Maybe I underestimated you Weasel.”

“Weasel? How’d you manage that?”

“You’re turning into a real killer Weasel.”

“Ain’t no one walking away from this.”

“Don’t you get it, this is what I do.”

“Keep coming, you’re all headed the same way.”

“You like my magic fucking hatchet douchebag?”

“I like this magic weapon.”

“Why not, I’ve been to the chair at least once.”

“I think we need to use these if we want out.”

“Steeepp right up freaks, I got all the time in the world.”

“You starting to see how this works yet?”

“I think these kills you, just not forever.”

“This is what I do, day in, day out.”

“You died quick in an explosion, which it would have been a fire!”

“Kinda like throwing you on a fire huh?”

“Oh I wanna let this loose on a big crowd.”

“Meat for the grinder, that’d all you are.”

“I’ll be back, you can count on it.”

“What, you think you got a better chance now?”

“You’re all headed the same way, straight to Hell!”

“Are you sure this is safe to drink Weasel?”

“That was worse than the first batch from Finn’s still.”

“That’s a strange looking storm!”

“There’s some freaky shit around here you can’t always see.”

“Anyone else seeing holes in the walls?”

“There’s layers to this shit. It’s like pulling back an onion…or some fucker’s face.”

“That’s the power knocked out.”

“Well look at that, we got some help with repairs.”

“Don’t bother fixing it, they’ll pull it back apart soon enough.”

“I don’t like being toyed with.”

“Max Ammo! Kaboom! Fire Sale! Double Points! Insta Kill!” Carpenter!”

“I think I understand. "Am I stuck here until I see the error of my ways?! Until I repent? Well you're gonna have to wait a long time. Because I don't regret a damn thing!"

"Where the fuck, what is this shit?"

"How do I stop this? What am I suppose to do? I don't understand! I can't change what I've done, so you might as well just end this. Kill me, kill me right here right now. I'm not afraid to die!"

"The bridge, fireworks over the city. I know I've been here before, I just don't know why. Is there something I have to do? Something I'm suppose to say? Answer me!"

“That’s a nice fucking treat right there!”

“How was the afterlife? Seen any more weird doorways?”

“You’re not on my kill list, at least not yet!”

“It’s started, now let’s find the rest of the stuff.”

“Almost halfway, let’s get the other stuff.”

“The sooner we get the last two parts, the sooner we get the fuck outta here!”

“Good saves me wasting time doing it.”

“What the? Are we dead?”

“How the fuck can we be ok? We we’re all just looking down like fucking ghosts!”

“Those marks, they show where my crew planted the gear!”

“Here’s the sheets, just where the crew said they’d be.”

“Smart idea hiding something behind the picture.”

“Nuh uh I aint taking that. No way I’m fucking dead.”

“Have I done this before? I can’t remember.”

“What? We’re back where we started.”

“How come the plane’s already built? Did I miss something?”

“I don’t think an explanation’s gonna help us.”

“Yeah, these freaks come in waves, one after another.”

“You looking to me for help Sal?”

“C’mon Weasel! I thought you we’re good at getting out of trouble!”

“You ain’t talking your way outta that one Weasel!”

“Think they’re going for the weakest around us?”

“Ok fellas, we’re getting off this rock!”

“Can someone else help that stupid prick the Weasel?”

“Remember fellas, don’t let anything stand in your way.”

“You guys are seeing this right? Thing looks like one of Weasel’s drawings.”

“Back East I wacked a dirty dentist with one of these...took a long ass time too.”

“Haha, which one of you is the evil twin?”

“Wonder why Weasel called this the Blundergat?”

“I wonder if they suffer when they’re hit with this?”

“This will blow them right off the face of the Earth.”

“Single shots don’t do it for me. Maybe we can customize it a little.”

“What did you say this was Weasel? A Ray Gun or something?”

“A high rate of fire is what help me take down those moochers back on the lower east side.”

“Things considered, I’d rather have a chiv.”

“Saved my neck in here a few times.”

“Alrite freaks, you’re blood’s gonna start flowing like a river!”

“I gotta get one of these when I get out.”

“This’ll blow em straight back to Hell!”

“How come I never saw these back on the streets.”

“You always seemed like such a sweet boy Billy. Losing your mother must’ve been so hard for you. So young, so beautiful. Everyone told you how brave you were, everyone but your father. Do you think he knew the truth Billy? What really went on in that cold, dark heart of yours?”

“Is Weasel the only one that gets how this works?”

“Where’s the traffic? Where’s everything else?”

“How come you know so much about all this Weasel?”

“How hard you land Sal? You’re not making any sense.”

“At least we know the rest of the world has to be ok.”

“What the hell you talking about Weasel?”

“You brought us here! You killed the guard! You started this whole thing! Just what did you do to us?”

“We keep doing the same shit over and over, are we in Hell?”

“What are you talking about Weasel?”

“Here comes the big guy again.”

“Daddy had no idea, did he Billy? Just a hard working joe, trying to put food on the table for his wife and son. He thought he was the only one bringing money into the house. He had no idea what was really going on. You knew didn’t you? You saw and you heard everything. Even as a lost little boy, you knew what the truth would do if it ever came out. It had to end sometime Billy. You just had to be the one that ended it.”

“It’s ironic, isn’t it Billy? The harder you try to not and feel anything, the more it hurts. You used to think you could push it all onto someone else, someone who actually deserved it. So many victims, so much pain. But you can’t push it away, can you! Even when you hurt others, doesn’t make it stop, does it? You outta just except what you are Billy, a monster.”

Sal DeLuca

“Damn, now this is fucking heaven.”

“What is this?”

“What’s that Weasel?”

“This is too fucking nuts for me. First we go in and out of spooky fucking ghost world, now this!”

“Are you kidding me Weasel?”

“Oh you better be right about this Weasel.”

“Holy fuck, this looks like a coffin or something.”

“Have we tried this thing before?”

“What the? A gun just appeared right out of that chalk drawing!”

“So they’re on your side after all? I knew you we’re behind this Weasel! Kill that rat!”

“Son of a bitch! Look! Those things are protecting him!”

“I’ve got a few words for you – go to Hell.”

“Maybe I should warn you, I’m in an evil mood today.”

“I’m dragging you all to Hell.”

“You got boomeranged bitch!”

“Go to Hell and stay there.”

“I aim to get off this damn rock.”

“The way I see it, you’re all just fucking meat.”

“Maybe you didn’t hear me. I’m the big shot around here!”

“I got it now Weasel, I know what you did. You shoved something into my food. Something to make me hallucinate all this. What I don’t know, is why? Yeah, I get it Weasel, and you can be damn sure you get it too! Soon as I wake up.”

“Fuuuck! What do you want from me, huh? Oh no, oh no, is this it? Is this all there is? I escape, but then I don’t escape? Somebody? Am I supposed to learn something from all this? Answer me damn you!”

“All of that for nothing? I am done with this stuff, ya hear me? I’m done. I don’t know what the fuck is going on, but I aint’ playing no more. Either wake me up, or just fucking kill me already. You hear me!? I’m done!”

“So this is my punishment. The universe taking it’s grand revenge for all my misdeeds.”

“Well I ain’t taking it, you hear me?! I ain’t playing below.”

“You worked hard to get where you are Sal. All those years, pulling and pushing those guys into shape, teaching them the value of respect. You had to kiss ass to all those creeps in city hall, the mayor’s office, and worst of all, Chicago’s finest. They were all too happy to take your money; kickback after kickback, bribe after bribe. Where were they when you really needed them? You worked hard to get where you were Sal, but that was the outside. Where you were, not where you are.”

“What do you think will be waiting for you when you get out Sal? You think the city will be just as you left it? Can you trust your leutinents to keep order? To keep peace? You know the answer to that, don’t you Sal? You know human nature, you know what greed can do. They’ll fight like rats over every scrap of turf, every nickel and dime, the only thing waiting for you is chaos. Is that really what you want?”

“Sure, I’ve done bad things in my life. I’ve lied, stolen, and killed to get what I want. You know what though, I don’t regret a damn thing. If I had my time over, I’d do it all again. Every fucking part of it. So universe, wanna know what I think? I think you can go fuck yourself.”

“Come back from the light buddy, I thought we we’re gonna lose you for good.”

“What the hell is a wolf doing on the fucking wall?”

“The dog’s barking, what’s it doing? Does it mean something?”

“What? Looks like the dog’s wandered off.”

“Joey Luciana once sold me a brewery knowing it was about to be raided. I used one of these to renegotiate the terms.”

“Aces! Just like the old days, back on the south side.”

“Imagine what we could have done if we had this kind of firepower on the outside!”

“New Year’s Eve! It’s always New Year’s Eve.”

“What the hell’s going on?”

“You hear some of the stuff that thing’s saying? It sounds like it’s Ferguson!”

“This thing better make it off the ground Weasel.”

“You said we need to do this to make a shield, right Weasel?”

“So the little guy’s got some fight in him, maybe I got you all wrong Al.”

“Hold tight, we’re flying into a storm!”

“I think there’s shit we can do when we’re flying around like that.”

“This magic shit’s boarding up the windows for us.”

“Fire Sale, Insta Kill, Max Ammo, Kaboom, Double Points, Carpenter.”

“She was just a young girl, but that didn’t stop you, did it Sal? You only saw a blind rage. Your own securities boiling over. You really think she deserved it, don’t you Sal?”

“There’s something behind the poster.”

“Your boys did good Handsome, it was just where they said it’d be.”

“There’s gotta be an explanation. A reason for all this.”

“Whoa, was I just a fucking ghost a second ago? It was like I was outside my body.”

“I was outta my body, looking down. Am I dead already?”

“Agreed, let’s get the hell off this rock.”

“Shut up Weasel, if I say we’re getting out, we’re getting out.”

“Listen to me, the whole wing’s overrun! We need to get out of here right now!”

“Forget about your doubts Finn, we may not get another chance at this.”

“Looks like something outta one of Weasel’s comic books.”

“Remember the turf wars of ‘twenty two? Having a twelve-gauge like this saved my behind more than once.”

“Hey, my old outfit used to use these to muscle Chicago’s bootlegging operation from the Irish.”

“Those monsters are on the bridge too!”

“You don’t think I know what you’re still doing!?”

“What, we did the same shit we always do. We got a routine here.”

“Weasel was right, it is a shield.”

“Where that music coming from?”

“Who the fuck made all these things, that’s what I wanna know.”

“Hey Sal, what’s the matter? Can’t escape your own guilt? Do you feel it deep down? Nagging, eating away at you.”

“Hey Sal, do you still hear her? Does she call to you in the dark of the night, begging pleading for you to stop.”

“Can anyone explain to me, what’s going on? It looks like someone fought a war in here.”

“No, I don’t feel dead, do I?”

“I just ain’t waiting around here to die.”

“Need help Weasel? Tough luck, I got problems of my own.”

“If the Weasel says we’re ready, then we’re ready.”

“I appreciate the simple stuff, all your crazy shit don’t appeal.”

“I used one of those when I pulled my first heist.”

“Where I’m from, we call this a Chicago Typewriter.”

“Hey Weasel, there something you wanna tell us?”

“Are these things like a way into another world?”

“Damn you bastards been breeding?”

“There’s like weird looking holes in some of the walls.”

“What’s going on, wasn’t I just one the bridge?”

“What in the world is going on?”

“I don’t think Hell knows what to do with us.”

“Never pegged you as a shooter Weasel.”

“Double points? This ain’t a fucking game!”


Al has caught on to the repeating cycles, while the other three are just beginning to catch on.

“We’ve done this before, over and over again. Like we’re stuck in some loop.” - Al

“That’s what we did last time” - Al

“Just like last time” - Al

"Tell me, what did we do yesterday? Give me one detail about yesterday. Maybe Billy got himself another psych exam. Maybe Finn didn’t spend half his day on the can. Just give me one specific detail about yesterday. Anything!” - Al

“Did we just die? Back here?” - Finn

“If it wasn’t us, who built the plane?” - Finn

I'm sure you've all realized this while playing Mob of the Dead. Al's first line when entering their lifeless bodies at Alcatraz hinted at it, and the rest of the quotes made it very clear. Al knew about the cycles because he had been in Purgatory longer than the other three, and began to make reminders to himself in his journal about it.

Al was repeating the cycle before the other three.

“We all saw the same thing. We saw our bodies right before we climbed back in them. Let me explain something to you right off the bat. Whatever you do, whatever you say, whatever crazy shit you think up to rationalize this crazy shit, remember one thing: it won't fucking matter.” - Al

“Hey Weasel, I never saw you shoot this good til all this shit started.” - Finn

“Yeah, what about that? How come you know more than the rest of us?” - Finn

Think back to Stanley Ferguson's recording of what originally happened that night at Alcatraz. The Weasel was killed on the roof on New Year's Eve 1933. But the other three weren't sent to the electric chair until 19 days later. Surely Al had experienced some sort of Purgatory for the days leading up to the arrival.

     This wasn't the first time I had been curious about that elevator shaft though. When I played Mob of the Dead, I'd notice the hole that goes down below the elevator appears to be a very deep hole. Which begged the question of what the personnel at Alcatraz was using it for in the first place. Just seemed a bit odd. A hole to Hell...in Alcatraz!

Al knows the zombies are empty souls

“You don’t move because you have to, so what’s the real reason?”

“Whatever you once were, it’s not what you are now”

“Were you ever human?”

Finn, Billy, and Sal's quotes as the announcer/controller.

“Carpenter! Double Points! Max Ammo! Insta Kill! Fire Sale! Kaboom!” - Finn

“Max Ammo! Kaboom! Fire Sale! Double Points! Insta Kill! Carpenter!” - Billy

“Fire Sale, Insta Kill, Max Ammo, Kaboom, Double Points, Carpenter.” - Sal

The developing team was most likely just playing around with preliminary ideas and decided to record these quotes, but they are interesting nonetheless. Something else I found interesting about this is that Al does not have quotes as the announcer, unlike the other three. If Treyarch developers were just recording these in case they wanted to use them later, why not have Joe Pantoliano (Al's voice actor) voice the quotes as well.

Perhaps there's more to this. Perhaps not.

Al knew about the Bludergat, and that it was needed to complete the easter egg

“When we’re all done, we need to get the Blundergat.”

Al wasn't as evil as the other three.

"I don't even know why I'm here. I'm not like the others. Not like em at all. Sal, Handsome, Finn, they're all stone cold killers. Those bastards are evil to the core. So why me? Why am I here!? Why dammit!?" - Al

“You killed before Finn, but it was always business.” - Finn

"This is all just a game, isn't it? A big, twisted, fucked up game. What am I supposed to do? Come to some great realization about my life? Throw myself to the ground and beg for forgiveness? Well I got news for you, it's not gonna happen! - Finn

“You’re not on my kill list, at least not yet!” - Billy

“I think I understand. "Am I stuck here until I see the error of my ways?! Until I repent? Well you're gonna have to wait a long time. Because I don't regret a damn thing!" - Billy

"Sure, I’ve done bad things in my life. I’ve lied, stolen, and killed to get what I want. You know what though, I don’t regret a damn thing. If I had my time over, I’d do it all again. Every fucking part of it. So universe, wanna know what I think? I think you can go fuck yourself.”

“You’re turning into a real killer Weasel.” - Billy

This was a common theme I noticed before listening to the quotes while playing on the map, and a listen through of the quotes made it even clearer in my eyes. After listening to the quotes, it's apparent Al is not this hardcore mobster he wants people to think he is. And that's what it really is, just an act. Unlike the other three, Al has no quotes regarding to killing people in the past.

[tab][/tab]In fact, I believe the only person Al has actually killed was Ferguson, in order to break the cycle of past events. And unlike Al, the other three do not regret what they have done. They seem to accept their fate as if they knew they deserved it, while Al questions the whole reason he's there.

Billy also has an interesting quote in the audio files about how Al is "turning into a real killer", hinting that Al's misdemeanor before this event wasn't quiet as violent as the one we see in game.

Al killing Stanley Ferguson started the cycle in Mob of the Dead.

“You brought us here! You killed the guard! You started this whole thing! Just what did you do to us?” - Billy

“I wanna know the truth. I wanna know who's behind this. I wanna know what they want. Is it cause of the guard we shanked? What was so special about him? What made him different? I can't change the past, I wish I could but I just can't." - Finn

As depicted in the opening cutscene for MotD, the prison changes to it's hellish form after Ferguson is killed by Al. We know from the interactive audios during the EE that Ferguson wasn't originally killed, so when he is killed in this new cycle, things change drastically.

Why exactly the prison changes to it's hellish state is yet to be seen, but it's clear to me that Ferguson's death plays a large role in Al's journey to redemption.

Al knew about the perk drinks.

“Are you sure this is safe to drink Weasel?” - Billy

Just like the buildable equipment, Blundergat, and others, Al knew about the perk drinks found throughout the prison. It's possible he knew of them because of his experience in Purgatory before the other three arrived.

Brutus = Ferguson.

“I had a life. A wife and son”

“9:30, guard begins his rounds”

“I was always nice to you”

“Lights out. I said no talking!”

“Don’t try to run Billy”


“Your lucks run out Finn!”


For anyone that ever doubted it, the quotes all but confirmed it. Mainly the first two quotes are what seal the deal. Brutus was a guard at Alcatraz, worked the 9:30 guard shift, knew all four of the mobsters, and most importantly had a wife and son. Ferguson states in the opening cutscene he had a six year old son.

MUCH more analysis to come. I just wanted to get the actual scripts out for anyone interested. Stay tuned.


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Absolutely great stuff here, friendo. Now I don't have to listen to video after video waiting for a specific quote when I can just come right back to here (not that the videos do not help of course). :)

Something of great interest caught my attention. These quotes do show that Al knows a little bit about the cycle, but isn't it strange that everyone somehow remembers Al shanking Ferguson? It has been said that "killing" Ferguson is what caused the cycle to truly begin in the first place because they rewrote history in their own minds. Funny how they can't remember the things they built or the sights they saw, yet they remember that one particular instance.

Also, these quotes prove that Brutus is some form of a reincarnated Ferguson. It almost seems like he is giving the crew a large guilt trip for killing him, even though none of it is real. Way to make them feel welcome to Purgatory. :lol:

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Brutus sounds very much like the Announcer in Grief. But I'm curious as to what role the Warden plays, when it seems like all of this points to Stanley/Brutus?

Altogether, I'm not really sure about this map anymore haha. Taking me back and forth between something I'm not even sure about.

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Oh I enjoy these threads of yours Shooter.

Back when I was lurking the Black Ops days, i would always look forward to your Quote Analysis threads. You've completed nearly all of the maps now. These posts require many read throughs & are a great reference point for the written words.

Thanks & props to you mate.

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Brutus sounds very much like the Announcer in Grief. But I'm curious as to what role the Warden plays, when it seems like all of this points to Stanley/Brutus?

Altogether, I'm not really sure about this map anymore haha. Taking me back and forth between something I'm not even sure about.

Hahaha trust me I know exactly how you feel Risk! A couple weeks ago I thought I had MotD all figured out, but doing this quote analysis has really made me rethink things.

It seems like both the Warden and Ferguson are involved in this story of Mob of the Dead, but I still can't see how they're all connected. Ferguson obviously plays a large role in the story, but I think the Warden does have some sort of role in the story, even if it's a small one.

Oh, and these quotes do go in order of course, so if you want to hear one for yourself, it should be a bit easier to find it on the video.

I'm gonna get some more analysis done this weekend, hopefully I can

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