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  1. What about Al's reference to Nikolai when getting kills with the ray gun? - "Nikolai, Nikolai, Nikolai, Nikolai. Why do I keep hearing that name?!" I think he, along with Dempsey and Takeo are coming back in the next dlc!!!
  2. I rather enjoyed it. We only had M14's at the time so it was a blessing in disguise. Lol yeah, Just about every time that happens, all i have is M14... Some times ill get the mp5 before goin down there just to be on the safe side if im on custom games. Were you guys on custom?
  3. It happens to me a lot in custom games. I hate when it happens because you make more point$ killin freaks!
  4. Im doin the same now!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  5. 40 solo No glitch No galvaknuckle No wonderweapon Budda room all day
  6. Back in 09, I was over at a friends house one day and he asked me if we wanted to play some "zombies". I looked at him lke he was crazy and told him I've never heard of such a game, and i only played cod maybe twice before ever. He put WaW in the ps3 and we played shi no numa for lke 15 hours straight! ( not really, but yeah ) & I'm proud to say I've been addicted to codz ever since!!!
  7. blingbling here and I would like to start off by saying fairly new to the site but have been a zombitch killer since WAW. I love eveything about CODZ and what it has turned out to be. Anyways lets play Xbox gt === blingbling504 - ps the easter eggs are the shizz too
  8. Theres no way its over, yet..... Remember, "There is a narrative in Tranzit, and an endgame of sorts. Death is the most common ending, but it's not necessarily the only ending." - Reza Elghazi
  9. Somthings gotta happen once all the navcards are put in the correct place!!!! Somthing huge..... I hope
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