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Is this map almost glitch-proof?

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I have noticed that there are not many glitches in this map, nor have many been found (could be more than what I have speculated so far) I only know of about 4 so far.

1. plane glitch when trying to do final step of easter egg.

2. Stairs glitch, getting shot underneath the map and dying.

3. Gondala glitch.

4. Zombie shield glitch.

If anyone finds anymore or supports my theory that treyarch finally made a map that is close to being glitch proof, then please leave a comment, otherwise kudos to you Treyarch, best map I have played since CoTD. :D

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Care to explain the Stairs, and Gondola, I haven't encountered them.

The stairs glitch pushes you out of the map and sends you flying towards the bottom, I went on the stairs railing that is right next to the dogs head near the wardens office in the cell block, (not the one that is near the spawn) and I accidently jumped on the railing whern trying to get away from a herd of zombies, I assumed that it was a barrier glitch and just stood there but the herd of zombies swung at me and sent me flying towards the bottom of the map.

I have just heard about the gondala glitch but I have never tested it nor do I know how.

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There is a glitch with the tomahawk. If you die you no longer have it, but if u go into afterlife and return you will have it again.

-I have also had 3 working boxes in one of my games. They got locked down during a fire sale, when I unlocked them they stayed there until I did a box pull. I will go back and try to replicate this again as I only did it once.

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I have also had 3 working boxes in one of my games. They got locked down during a fire sale, when I unlocked them they stayed there until I did a box pull. I will go back and try to replicate this again as I only did it once.

I can verify this, it happened to me the 3rd time I played, Brutus locked down a box during a fire sale so it stayed put.

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Just further proof that the team that made this map is much better than the Zombies team. Though I guess I should cut them a little slack since these guys only had to make the one map and the Zombies team have to make all the rest, including the different modes and survival versions. Still... even the concepts in this map are much better, like not having a buildable tied to a certain table, being able to carry more than one part at a time (how much less annoying would the Tramplesteam have been to build solo if we could pick up the parts all at once), building equipment after collecting all parts instead of building a part at a time....

This map just feels like a lot more thought and work went into it than anything we have seen in Black Ops 2 Zombies so far. Hopefully the other DLC maps match the standard set here, because going backwards in quality from this point will be a HUGE disappointment.

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So I played mob of the dead yesterday with a group of my friends and we found two more, one of which is a barrier glitch that has apparently been found by alot of people now, and the other is a immortal downed glitch (idk how to describe it). The barrier glitch is in the shower area where all the bodies are hanging and where the laundry machine is, my friend got underneath one of the rows of hanging dead bodies and the zombies grouped up on the other side of him not being able to touch him. The immortal glitch was the wierdest glitch i have seen in zombies, first i went over with my friend at the bridge to pack a punch and i ended up getting swarmed right after grabbing my gun, i got downed and asked for my friend to revive me, he ran over and started to but let go because of the swarm of zombies, but for some reason he still had the syrette in his hands and it said he was reviving while running around still (?) and thats when he ditched me andgot back to the prison. at this point i was getting ready to rage because we were far and i had literally every OP weapon, plus the golden spork and hells redeemer, but for some reason i didn't die, i just stayed in that spot not being able to move or shoot, it was strange...several rounds later they came back and revived me but i was glitched inside the pack a punch unable to move, but i could be attacked D: it was terrible.

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OGZxFTW and oChaoticRavenger have over 6. Maybe even up to 10

Yeah I saw that over the weekend, but they are all patched now except for the shower room barrier, and getting on top of crates/metal.

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I've found a glitch where if your near a downed player in the afterlife and your revive yourself as the round starts it will down you and take the revive of your next life... Perks and all...

Also If you revive a player in the afterlife but accidentally send your self into the afterlife via switch, you end up reviving the player at afterlife speed just before you die...

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There's the blundergat glitch- you can get 5 in a 4 player game.

There's the ones where you can be in a place in which you can't get downed.

There's also the immortal revive one mentioned earlier- you go to revive someone and the bar stays full and the player can't get revived.

There's also the NO Revive glitch- a player is downed and the symbol shows, but the prompt doesn't show up. It seems to happen more to the host.

I've gotten a glitch where Brutus couldn't break a box, and one where the box came back after a fire sale and stayed at a location where I got the lock.

Also, once I had taken no hits and simply jumped down to the docks near the crafting table, and was instantly downed. I had all perks as well.

Some glitchers have found out how to break out of the map.

Once on Grief Cell Block, my PhD Flopper didn't work. I even dived from the Pap area, and nothing happened.

There was once a glitch where gas cans couldn't be added.

And last and maybe worst, the 1 hit death. A zombie will hit you once (not windmill either) and you are simply downed. Like even with Jug.

I really hope ALL of these are Patched. It would improve my gameplay on so many levels. Overall, though, the map is amazing.

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