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  1. The only times I was near a invisible zombie was during a game that the host backed out of and lagged everyone out of the game so no footage was provided for me thank you for the insight though, didn't know that XD
  2. Sorry I must have explained it wrong, the guy told me that the red dig sites do not show up if a normal one is not near it, which quite recently I have proven false. Only one spawns at a time on the map, not 2 like this random guy explained, it can be at many different places and never changes from different zombie bloods (spotted the red dig site on the tank tracks near church and missed it, came back and it was still there) so no more debate on that subject, and I apologize for the late reply. As for the wunderwaffe thing...what kind of shit are these people smoking, that meme picture caught my perfect expression after reading that btw :)
  3. So I have seen in many games since the latest patch that some zombies and even the already difficult panzer soldat sometimes turn invisible, this is not a game feature, the graphics glitch and the zombies do not show up as anything but can still hit you. I do not know if this is because of the xbox being on for long or not but it is difficult at times. Some solutions I have found are to simply give your xbox a break, ride the tank when the panzer is in front of it (only for invisible soldat). That is all I have for now, if anyone is having this issue then please post your experiences and known solutions.
  4. Lol had a little kid back out because I jokingly said, "I call fire staff :D" His tiny brain couldn't perceive sarcasm so he backed out. I avoid talking to little kids, they are the only ones I can't stand unless I want a game where I just want to listen to their constant bickering amongst each other XD The stuff they come up with I tell you...just blows my mind. Anyway when I started this thread I wanted to just press on a issue that involved people having it plugged in and not using it, not a Kinect mic or anything else, they literally have a legit mic plugged in, said maybe 2 things then stop talking and show no communication skills past that point.
  5. Stay on topic, Any other findings? These people need to know what is bullshit and what isn't so try to explain to any kid, teenager, or adult out there that they shouldn't waste their time on stuff like the golden boots. Here is a quote one that I just heard from a random "so all you have to do is dig in every spot 5 times then you will be teleported to a room below staff chamber, a switch will be sitting against the wall in this dark room, go and hit it and the golden boots icon will pop up on the left side of your name, not the right! make sure you do this kid! you need to do it correct and in order!".....People these days I tell you. It's trollers like this that cause problems, kind of creative though I will hand it too them . Anyway another guy in the game argued with me about something that didn't seem to make sense so if anyone could also shed some light on this subject that would be great. He told me that to get the golden shovel you dig in every spot on the map, then told me that to get a glowing dig site for the free empty perk bottle you must have all the dig sites up otherwise they don't show up anywhere because a glowing dig site can't show up without a normal one next to it. He then went on to explain how bad a player I was at zombies and insulted me for being a random. Anyone mind breaking this myth?
  6. I am currently face palming right now...those runes are translated to each staves placement not a fifth staff, I hope you were being sarcastic when you said that.
  7. lol I call him that simply because the name stuck after hearing it a million times XD
  8. Completely forgot that one, that rumor sprung up because people didn't know what the white alter did. People still believe in it though.
  9. Blagal


    Dont know if this got patched today or not but when it comes to the staff robot part just place the fire staff in the white alter then go grab it from its alter (fire alter not white) then place it on white again, do this 4 times and it skips the step and moves onto the step where you use the missiles.
  10. Can't tell you how many times I have argued with an idiot trying to tell me that you can take a different tank route or get the golden boots, the minute someone shows me video evidence then I will apologize to them otherwise enjoy holding onto your myths. If anyone has heard any other preposterous rumors or idiots rambling about something that is completely false and utterly stupid, please put it down below.
  11. You have a point but I was directing it towards the people who have it plugged into the controller (shows icon next to gamertag) and choose not to reply when asked if they talk or not which shouldn't have to be asked in the first place -.-
  12. I cannot begin to describe how stupid it is to have someone join a game with a MIC plugged in then not use it, it doesn't seem to make sense that someone with the capabilities of talking to others and communicating would choose not to. Its only bad on this map I swear. Anyone else facing this same issue?
  13. http://m.youtube.com/watch?v=cOIT1249O8M this is all you need in order to do it by yourself, the rest is easy but this step...
  14. Looks like you get it by placing the bro fist slabs found in the shelter next to generator two (found on a table, note that no indication will tell you to pick it up) and fuel it by placing it near the box location in church in the pedastal of holy water, kill zombies near it and charge it up. Not sure when this happens but from what I have seen it isn't much, then go down to the bottom level of the excavation site and kill zombies with the falcon punch, make sure you kill the ones with glowing white arms, not sure on the amount again but after a while you should see a white powerup version of the brofist slab, enjoy your new phoenix fists of destruction >:D
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