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  1. It turns out that the hell's redeemer is actually real and it kicks ass. To get it (from my perspective) get hells retriever and kill zombies with it on the bridge until you hear a powering up noise (only use it the HR or it wont work), head back after hearing this noise and throw your HR into the pit of hell that is beneath the b23r location (note that you will not get your HR back after throwing it), after this you should hear laughing, go down to the HR spawn and it should be a blue light, if not then wait a round, on the next round or whenever you want to, go down to the HR spawn room again but this time in afterlife mode, the tomahawk should be there, go up and grab it in afterlife and revive yourself, you now have the hells redeemer enjoy
  2. Staying in the alleyway next to the 2000 point door next to juggernog is always a great place to survive, but it sucks when brutus pops up, unless you kill him quickly you could get owned by the group of zombies. Also the roof is great if you started the round there and have the golden spork plus the sweeper.
  3. what do you mean? What he is trying to refer to is the upgrade for the tower trap, once you buy it a control panel right above the switch will open for a short time only, so run to get afterlife mode and shock the panel to upgrade it to the grenade launcher tower. This is also the only upgradable trap so if you want the trapped in time achievement then upgrade it and buy the others.
  4. Same here, I invited my friend over to try it without telling him what it was (I told him it was a secret weapon unlock) he started looking around and sure enough that creepy face showed up, it made him jump XD This is by far the best method of trolling on this map, Great work Treyarch! :D
  5. Many people have already found this out but for those that havn't... there is a surprise for anyone who looks around towards the lamp posts with a sniper on top of the roof, trust me when I say this but you better have a clean pair of pants afterwards XD

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