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  1. There is a glitch with the tomahawk. If you die you no longer have it, but if u go into afterlife and return you will have it again. -I have also had 3 working boxes in one of my games. They got locked down during a fire sale, when I unlocked them they stayed there until I did a box pull. I will go back and try to replicate this again as I only did it once.
  2. Hey guys im avaibale at 6Pm EST. Would love a 4 man team to explore the map. GT: CptArel716
  3. ho dam i looked for one but i guess i missed it, sorry it can be deleted then.
  4. The mob of the dead leader boards are up, and there is gonna be a grief mode. Possible some new Persistence perks? What you guys think?
  5. Where do you get 6x6 from this is an ADFGX cipher if the cipher text has only the letters A, D, F, G, and X, then it is an ADFGX cipher. It is not an ADFGVX cipher because there is no V in the text.
  6. I did that.... You can't make those into 5x5. If we have to we would need 2.3 keywords. here is an example _ A D F G X A a b c d e D f g h j/i k F l m n o p G q r s t u X v w x y z So looking at this we can see that the letter pair AA=a AD=b AF=c and so on this is what I'm talking about. So with your key word "portal" the encryption would look like this, XG GD FF AF GF GF DD GF GG XX FF FF FG FG FD FG FG FD GG FF FD GF AA FG XF DX FX DX GF XF GG FF FA -- -- AF. Now with this 5x5 Polybius square it would be, NBNSDONNTGXWTLRSYJNJSOXNNXNRLEOXUS which is just random letters but don't count any words out yet, unless we have undeniable proof that we know the key word.
  7. What im getting at is the letters are encoded you need a Polybius Square to decode the letters. read this link http://www.artofproblemsolving.com/blog/27171 so any 6 letter word that we have come up with could be right.
  8. How do you know thats wrong?
  9. Hello everyone at CoDZ, I have been reading this forum for about 6 months now and Mob of the Dead got me so pumped that I had to make an account and start putting some ideas out there. So far this community seems really cool and I'm glad to be officially a part of it now. I hope that I can contribute some good ideas and play some awesome zombie games with some CoDZ members. My Xbox GT: CptArel716 Thanks CptArel
  10. I feel like I’m going out on a limb here, but I was thinking, Why does this "thing" eat zombies? Well I think it could possibly be an after affect or is a secondary equipment from the box. I’m not sure but take a look below. Here we see IT in front of the player an image we all have seen a few times. Here is a close up of him, things i see here though is IT is behind a railing and this player has no secondary equipment. So could be someone else through it or he just ran out. This image we see IT disappearing into a little red ball kind of like a gersh device. Here is a image of some kind secondary equipment that looks like a tomahawk, could be an after effect when its thrown or could be the dog itself. So many questions but when I kept thinking of why does this thing eat zombies this is what I thought of What you guys think.
  11. It could be like Shi No Numa, a center complex with outer buildings holding the perks.
  12. What do you guys think of the NAV table and cards? Do you think they will be in this map?
  13. Hello everyone, this is my first post but I have been reading this forum for a little over 6 months now. Here is what I think about the red eyes. They could be red because 3arc does not know which towers we have completed whether it is maxis or Edward, so if you have stayed to one side they might be the color of that person. IDK, I don’t feel that the red eyes mean maxis due to the fact that maxis towers have been orange. I also feel it would take a lot away from the current story to change it up that much. Also when I heard NTG say it’s in the 1930s I was like, come on you better than that dude. Just putting an idea out there :)
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