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  1. Most Difficult: 1.Nuketown 2.Die Rise 3.Origins 4.Buried 5.Tranzit 6.MotD Most Fun: 1.MotD 2.Die Rise 3.Buried 4.Origins 5.Nuketown 6.Tranzit Best Layout/Atmosphere 1.Mob of the Dead 2.Die Rise 3.Origins 4.Buried 5.Tranzit 6.Nuketown
  2. AN94 is beast, just like a wall Galil, is effective until Round 37, has a HUGE ammo capacity, decent fire rate and is surely something you wanna have. The LSAT, meh... Doesn't seem much more effective than the AN94 (both PaP'ed), and by the way, has a huge reloading time. Paralyser, I'm kinda suspect since I don't use it for killing zombies, but yeah, it is a wonder weapon... The Ray Gun Mark II is just pure awesomeness. Have you ever been so mad, you felt like headshooting a zombie with a freaking ray gun?! Yeah baby, now you can!
  3. On Die Rise, if you try to swap claymores for the Sliquifier, Richtofen will laugh and take away your weapons and money. You did something similar (something that you weren't supposed to do), that is just Treyarch fix Hmm, and by the way, the pistol getting away is really interesting, seems like you already have Mule Kick, but it is locked, maybe a glitch would work?
  4. Shield = Portable Glitching Device
  5. The perks were not teleported by Lucifer, they were teleported through the rift.
  6. The plane parts are more like 110%, and even if you don't know, it's pretty much self explanatory. It is really easy. Also the map isn't even huge, the second time I explored it I got all the locations.
  7. The cicle began in the trailer, from that time to the one we start controlling them they did the cicle many times.
  8. I agree with the rift theory in a different way. I think that the rift Richtofen mentions, is teleporting stuff from one period to another period, which also explains the trailer, when they're going for their escape plan and suddently everything gets zombie-like and the cicles begin. Another thing they may be talking about is the cicle that doesn't ends because of the open rift, but it doesn't explain the zombies in Alcatraz.
  9. I don't know about you, but I often hear Zombies screaming "SAM...(!)"
  10. I think it brings you back the way buying ammo was like in Blops. No need to reload after buying the ammo.
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