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~Zombies Dream Team~ Assemble Your Four Heroes!

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The Real Dream Team right here:





Tiis team would wreck assssss. Zombies would just stop spawning because of us.

Hye hey hey.What about monkey over here? :lol:

Don't be silly! You are the most important member! You save us in tight situations!


>not having Ze Wunderwaffe

Jk :P

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is it wrong if I say the original crew? :D

It's not wrong, it's just unoriginal.

wait...it's unoriginal to want the original 4?

As awkward as that is to say, it's true. Be creative!

Here's an idea:

The "Handicap" Team:

Tom Hanks as Forrest Gump

Special Ability: Super fast run speed

"Something bit me!"

Billy Bob Thornton as Karl Childers

Special Weapon: Sling Blade/Kaiser Blade

"I reckon I got a reason to kill some zombies."

Leonardo DiCaprio as Arnie Grape

Special Ability: Stealth

"I killed 'em Gilbert, I killed 'em!"

Dustin Hoffman as Raymond Rabbit

Special Ability: Reduced costs/Bonus points

"I'm definitely going to kill zombies, definitely killing, definitely."

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