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  1. yup and i am kicking myself for not staying up and just finishing!
  2. Got to round 85 over the weekend...paused it Saturday night to wake up Sunday morning to the infamous error server unavailable message....FAIL! I was trying to get to 100!!!!!
  3. Undead speaking of your avatar looks like a zombie with some big "D" :lol:
  4. I know a guy that will do something about it thats is a good friend of mine and a frequent flyer of this site.....just sayin!
  5. Sorry if this sounds blunt but that is cheap and not something I would brag about! Did you glitch? no but to me if you can stand still a whole round and not get hit by only firing a shot here and there then its a cheap way to get to high rounds.
  6. Caddyman is a bit fruity! Just Sayin

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