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  1. Did you guys know you can sell cars when online for some quick cash. Apparently some cars are close to 10k in your pocket.! source: http://fps-gamers.com/threads/106-GTA-5-Online-Sell-Cars-For-Good?p=324#post324
  2. Is that one of the tablets from the tank station?
  3. Using the term perma perk by argument is wrong too but it is ok to use in my eyes but still is not accurate. But the one inch punch is not a "perk" nor perma perk more of a melee weapon. MMX analogy of the golden spoon should put that to bed.
  4. Touche Way2goo, I was under the assumption you were meaning to go right for head shot. And after thinking about it a little more you will get the reward earlier using all head shots...so particularly for this map you have a case.
  5. I have to disagree here. Head shot = 100 points yes. Melee = 130 points but also add in all the bullet points you can get. Examples: Round 1 : 6 shots (from the starting pistol) to the chest followed by a knife will give you 190 points per a kill. If you get ammo for the pistol or use the M14 Round 2 : Pistol : 8 shots to the chest followed by a knife = 210 points per a kill M14: 1 shots to the chest followed by a knife = 140 points per a kill Round 3 (double points round): Pistol : 13 shots to the chest followed by a knife = 210/(520 DP) points per a kill M14
  6. I will not reply with a rude comment...just a cool smiley now that i know there is a 5th staff 8-) But seriously people need to stop debunking things so quickly just because they haven't seen it or doesn't think it isn't gonna happen. Especially on a brand new map! This is a damn video game anything can happen! And unless you have proof beyond a reasonable doubt no person on this forum should debunk something.
  7. But also you cannot debunk this just because you have not seen it! That's like me saying the Eiffel Tower is not real because I have never seen it! There could possibly be another staff but not likely!
  8. So out of all the people we have here not one of us was invited to go to this "play the game early" party? I mean I would throw chopper or perfect against any of these guys why wouldnt any of us get an invite to such event?
  9. I would reply more to your thread and even help you with making some type of guide, but you know a nerve was struck when someone deleted my post linking to Grills 10 tips. I went and read the code of conduct and feel I was not wrong in what I posted and if I was then every other post with a youtube link or random link in it needs to be deleted as well. The whole post not just corrected with an embedded video like what happen with mine. Have a nice day!
  10. I use a Nokia P-30 it weights a little bit but it sure is durable!
  11. yup and i am kicking myself for not staying up and just finishing!
  12. Got to round 85 over the weekend...paused it Saturday night to wake up Sunday morning to the infamous error server unavailable message....FAIL! I was trying to get to 100!!!!!
  13. I started about 23 or 24 on WaW but dont know exactly, and I have a 4 year old son that plays with me, possibly better than some of you in here...shameful! :D
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