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the noise at the end of die rise

I Am Winning

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I've been wondering the same thing.

It could mean something whenever we figure out the easter egg, or it could just be Treyarch adding a new sound effect.

I think it could be the sound of the survivors somehow getting away and locking a gate or slamming a door shut. Not sure how that makes sense but it's what I thought when I heard it.

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I don't have the map pack yet, but i'll add my thoughts.

I don't think it'll have any significance Easter egg wise. I don't think Treyarch would give hints on the game over screen or (obviously) make you have to die to complete something.

It's probably just a little thing they added.

Also a sound clip or video would be nice.

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Anyone remember the first radio in the starting area at the side of the barrels in Der Riese?

I remember that Maxis was giving commands to a zombie and it had similar loud footsteps when he commanded it to walk forward.

Look at the very first radio on this -


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I assumed it was the elevator closing after the crew (as seen in the Solo intro clip), but it could just as easily be a gate. Perhaps it's the sound of somebody leaving/entering?

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I think it's either one of three things:

a) An affect, just for eeriness factor. Like Sam said, Audio please?

B) A small hint. In Ascension, CoTD and SR-La loading screens, the top right pages were ripped out, giving a slight hint at the next map. The Nuketown loading screen shows the nuke impacting, giving us a timeline stamp, maybe this sound is hinting at a map with gates (vague, but all I can think of now)

c) So it sounds like gates opening/closing? Maybe symbolizing the Gates Of Hell are open and Lucifer himself is upon the world. I think this might be over the top but it's CoDz, I've seen worse barbaric theories.. Yeah, maybe I've over thought..

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Working on audio files. Any theories are better than what I've got! I cant think of anything

I've got multiple INSANE theories right now that aren't worthy of suggestion.. Right down from Electrical Currents to Hitlers Mansion...

What I lack when theorizing is getting facts. You see people like Pinnaz doing AMAZING research and pretty much being 100% accurate. I just, find that wiki-searching *Yawn* B-o-r-i-n-g.

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Maybe die rise in connected to Der Riese in more ways than just the name. Gates and footsteps. "The giant".

Just throwing ideas out there.

Also, what's the actual name of the map? Like green run is the tranzit map, what's the name of the map for die rise?

Maybe that can help.

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The name of the map is Great Leap Forward. I swear it has to mean something.

it most definately means something. Similar to how Tranzit means multiple things, so does Great Leap Foreward. Example being Tranzit means moving around which we do on the map very much. But it also means moving in the sense that we will be moving all over for these zombies maps. I hope that is clear and doesn't seem reduntant. Great Leap Foreward could possibly mean that we are going to take a GIANT step in our EE quests furthering our story line, or it could possibly indicate a technilogical advancement or even time travel. Zombies creaters tend to put clues in the games that mean something, but as you learn more and more about the story line buried deep into the game, you will find that the clues also have alternative meanings.

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Don't forget that after the footsteps, we hear a muffled / low tone growl. THEN we hear the gate, not right after the footsteps. Also, on the death screen you're looking at a Dragon. Personally, I think it's either pointing us to the dragon, or a sound effect to match the view of the dragon on the death screen.

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