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  1. Best BO2 Zombies map?

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    2. way2g00d


      origins motd tranzit, they are all good. Origins is my fav though.

    3. Rissole25



  2. People still think there is more to that EE? Comedy gold, i wonder if Treyarch knew that this would happen, gotta keep the players playing somehow.
  3. I'm not going to make my post a big rant, i'm just going to say this. Why the hell are you bitching about them nerfing an overpowered gun? I've watched videos of people using it, and almost everyone could see that it was overpowered...maybe they were making up for the Jet Gun being terrible and accidently overdid it? Also, i don't think that nerfing one gun makes the map horrible now.
  4. Welcome to the forum! It's sad that you didn't get to do the Black Ops 1 Easter Eggs. Those were fun, even though they could be super frustrating. Interesting name by the way.
  5. Hi, Fraqqer. Welcome to the forum.
  6. Welcome to the forum. (Even though you've been here for awhile ) And i think we all can agree that Zombies is awesome.
  7. Meh. Kids these days think trolling is the same as having an unpopular opinion or speaking out on something when the majority of people don't agree with you. Try leaving constructive criticism on a big YouTuber now a days, it'll be flagged as spam and then you'll be spammed with comment that say "Lol fail troll XDDDDDDDDD" And in my opinion Minnesota doesn't help this at all. Any of the people who try and use those rage/meme(?) faces or the word troll to get views just because they know those things are hip and trendy to use are disgusting people. >Le me le using the le memes like a le boss XDDDD >I guess you could say i le raged face here? XD!!!!!!! >I found the perfect le meme face!!!
  8. Welcome back. Always nice to see people coming back to the forum.
  9. It doesn't seem at all like a glitch. Just REALLY good camping spots.
  10. Agreed. I thought we mostly all agreed it was Navigation card.
  11. Take other people's idea's and claims and pretend they're the first ones to find it out/think of it most likely. from wat ive seen hes always given credit I wouldn't of known. I wasn't saying they do it, that's just mostly what people would get mad at.
  12. Take other people's idea's and claims and pretend they're the first ones to find it out/think of it most likely.
  13. Maybe you have to complete both the Maxis and Richtofen side for the Achievement?
  14. They never mentioned their gender.
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