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  1. I think you're right, 115 activates a Brutus quote and the numbers change to 666. NGT just put a video up about it right after I found this out, now I don't feel special anymore :lol:
  2. I love this time it's so intense watching everyone discovering all the secrets.
  3. Not sure if this has been posted yet but to activate the second secret song you go to the number dial in the spiral staircase place where you get the rope and enter 115, then 935.
  4. AirTease


    I have similar thoughts. I think Maxis could be controlling then WITH Samantha in MOTD since the eyes are red but the voice is still Sam. In the trailer we saw a glimpse of the zombies with yellow eyes so I'm thinking maybe at some point Samantha comes into full control again some way or another. The rift theories spin my brain a bit but I think what's been said in here seems to be the most likely answer. MOTD is full of secrets and I'm loving every second of it! :D
  5. Anybody else notice this in the trailer? What are your thoughts? Maybe Samantha takes control of the zombies at some point in the game, similar to how Richtofen does in Nuketown.
  6. Hopefully these guys are legit and actually doing the easter egg, but still they should release what they've found so far. Even if they are the first one's to complete it no one will remember.
  7. I know that when you pick up the SVU Maxis tells you you'll need it later. This time when I bought it Richtofen started talking, I couldn't hear the first few words he said but I did hear him say "stop Maxis and his plan". Not sure if anybody else already found this, just thought I'd report my findings. :mrgreen:
  8. So most people know about the orb in the dragon's mouth by now. I just spent a game working on getting the SVU upgraded to shoot the orb and see what would happen. I can't confirm nor deny anything happening to be easter egg related. Once I shot it I could have sworn I heard a real quick chime and the orb changed color. The changing color part could have been just the bullet impact mark but I'm unsure. :?
  9. Well the key resets the elevator back to the top, but I've never had all 4 players try it. Worth a shot.
  10. I've been wondering the same thing. It could mean something whenever we figure out the easter egg, or it could just be Treyarch adding a new sound effect. I think it could be the sound of the survivors somehow getting away and locking a gate or slamming a door shut. Not sure how that makes sense but it's what I thought when I heard it.
  11. AirTease

    The TV's

    First of all, I've been lurking these forums since Black Ops 1 and never signed up til now, anyway on to why I made this topic. Has anyone done any research on the TV's? They're all over the place and make a special noise I believe. Either it was the TV that made the noise or it was what looked like a refrigerator sitting next to one of the TV's. They also can't be destroyed by any gun or weapon I've shot at them so far, maybe you can activate them somehow? Just some thoughts, loving the new map so far! :D
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