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  1. i guess if you wanna add doors opened and perks bought and stuff like that, then wouldnt it be a better idea if you make the rank based on points spent? i think that'd be better.
  2. No, its not the ray gun. it said an all new upgradeable wunder weapon
  3. I remember the DLC description said that there will be new upgradeable wonderweapons and yet, we cannot upgrade the sliquifier. could there be another wonder weapon?
  4. I can confirm that this also happened to me, i did not jump and i did not repair the barrier, zombie was behind it i shot him and i got a green puff
  5. to me it sounds like a dragon walking and growling, followed by someone "locking it up"
  6. Thank you sir, and i have to say i have been a long time lurker.anyways back to topic, they didn't have to have that same cccp symbol there, i mean everybody knows that the cccp symbol has something to do with Russia. i remember someone stating something along the lines of "the denizens are monkeys". btw to whoever said that [brains]. so bringing the link that the only map with monkeys is ascension and the same crates are adjacent to the cages that "the denizens are kept in". i'm one of those people that believes nothing is there for no reason.
  7. so i was playing ascension and in the upper floor of the spawn room there are crates tha have the same cccp symbol as the crates in the pap room in green run. just putting it out there as i doubt it was re-using textures. or maybe they brought monkeys over from russia to green run and tried to experiment with them in the cages and they became denizens
  8. I find this awesome great work although, marlton is in nuketown from the past not 2025 and nuketown happens the same time as moon
  9. that happene to me once it was because i hadnt logged in for a long time.... none of my stats were actually reset it was only my rank that went down 3 tallys
  10. "i can feel but i cant control myself" could be richtoffen as well :D
  11. why would treyarch release a dlc for a map that we already have that makes no sense at all EDIT: i mean opening new areas is a completely different story though im totally towards that
  12. i dont know if you joined the forum without reading anything but THAT IS WHAT WE HAVE BEEN SEARCHING FOR SINCE THE GAME WAS RELEASED!
  13. nope this is false he says that everytime you build it nothing new
  14. so i was going through the string dump a few days ago and sure enough its confirmed that there is a way for the navcard to be accepted. "Hold ^3[{+activate}]^7 to take Navcard Hold ^3[{+activate}]^7 to insert Navcard That is the incorrect navcard! The navcard was accepted successfully" thats all the navcard actions. heres a link: http://easycaptu.re/pMUcm.txt i guess we're not done the easter egg and that there is another navcard or a way for it to be accepted. im sorry if this has been posted before, i tried looking and couldnt find anything
  15. its obviously a new earnable, also i remember jimmy zielinskis tweet saying "Seriously, some of you are making great progress, keep it up! The rest of you might want to run faster. And no, I will never tell." so making you run faster would make sense
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