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  1. What did o0OMorrisO0o call it when he invented it? I can't even remember. It was back when nacht was the only zombie map and he ran them between the concrete beams that hold up the second floor. I think he just referred to it as "running the zombies", as he never actually defined it. So that's what I'm calling it. Also, Syndicate isn't a genius at naming things. Remember his series "Nuking the Fridge"? Probably not, that was when he was stuck on machinima uploading mw2 garbage instead of zombie garbage when it became mainstream. Edit: I mean his content is garbage, not MW2 an
  2. You don't need the tranzit EE done to get high maintenance. I don't have it done and got to the final steps twice (when no-one knew how to finish it). You probably do need the navcard table.
  3. Nicely out together. I don't understand why they made maxis the more difficult one this time around, though. Never mind You can even do maxis' side, technically, at round three or four. It just depends on how many zombies you have to kill xD
  4. So you think that richtofen wants the crew to follow maxis' Easter egg? I think that maxis is trying to create a paradox and richtofen is trying to stop a paradox.
  5. I don't like calling them rape trains anyway. It was coined by syndicate and he pretended he created it, when in reality, it was o0OMorrisO0o and I think he didn't actually call them anything other than "routes", with his initial one being running around and then between the columns in nacht before any DLC.
  6. Have you tried going into who's who mode and having someone with Krauss shooting at your who's who body?
  7. A Spanish speaking team also finished the CotD Easter egg first. Might be the same guys.
  8. Please can everyone comment below any quotes they've heard whilst doing the Easter Egg. Exact quotes please. Use the Format below. Voice: Step: Quote: For the voice please state Maxis or Richtofen For the Step please state the step - not the number. I also need the quotes of the characters, but please don't use the Format for those. If you have any that are DEFINITELY related to the EE, please just post them like: "Marlton said "xxxx"". Thanks. Good Example: Voice: Maxis Step: Picking up a Sniper Quote: You will need the weapon you hold in due
  9. LAG SWITCH! GOGOGOGO! Lagging in the lift in Five was hilariously fun. Me and my friends will be doing a LOT of this on Die Rise. Stay tuned (Freight lift, Who's Who, regular lift - There's way too much fun to be had with lag switches )
  10. I'm offended. I believe that the credit should go to MrDalekJD for the Maxis killing spree! Just joking (Even though we did find it on the 30th xD) I'm at college atm and am trying to extend the Maxis EE in my head (I assume NGT and others are focusing on Richtofen because he actually gives a clue - get blood) I have some thoughts. I won't post them because I don't want to be labelled as "troll" when they don't work. I'll be back later. If anyone wants to actually try out my plans, PM me. Good luck. P.s. I don't think Who's Who is as important as you might be hoping - yet.
  11. I fucking knew it! Why did nobody listen to me? I told you to kill zombies in the Buddha room Anyway, no-one's made any more progression so far so I'm going to college. See you all tonight. Good luck.
  12. Aye isn't restricted to the Irish. I'm from Manchester and use it frequently.
  13. Ok, I meant to put another paragraph in there. We got multiple quotes from killing zombies whilst sitting in room and killing zombies. However, people were going down and dying quite consistently. It did sound like richtofen was getting weaker as we killed more and more zombies though. Also, the orbs don't fit into Buddha.
  14. Yeah, this is what we thought. We really didn't think that it'd be it though. Well, my hint in the other post is now redundant. What seemed to happen was that we went into the room, killed some zombies and maxis said a quote. We then stayed and finished a round and he said something else. We couldn't tell what he said though, and every now and again, richtofen grew weaker, or sounded like it. If you're right, what's next? What happens?
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