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grief mode hate


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Some like it, some don't. It won't hinder me from enjoying the mode. I like it because I can boost my k/d ratio without actually ever getting downed. Today I had a 600+ kill game with one down (ran into area where galvaknuckles typically are, DOH!). Then we won. So I'd say it was a pretty good game, the other good thing was we ended at round 15. Typically I'd have to get over round 20 to get that many kills in regular survival.

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grief is an amazing game mode allot of very good players decide to play it so they can challenge other good players. most people just search for a game end up with noobs and the game lasts 5minutes. you need to search for like 10-15minutes and find a perfect party on the opposite side if you want a nice fun long game.

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I actually think it's quite fun to band up with 8 of your buddies and do some Grief co-op... most fun I've had playing Black Ops 2 zombies thus far for sure. Just picture it like "Sticks and Stones" or "Gun Game" - it's a Party Game (previously known as a "wager match").

I'm hoping "Turned" will provide some of the same Party Game style that Grief brings.

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It's fun to play Grief when you don't have time for a long, in-depth game. It's also fun to play with 8 people. It's also fun to try to have friendly competition. It's also fun to actually WIN in Zombies for a change. Do I need to list more reasons?

Nope. Those are some great reasons. Grief mode is a blast!

I love running brain trains into the enemy, someone who is trying to revive his teammate. Hilarious!


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in the ole days it was hard to actualy prove you where better then the other players. Oh wow you have ONE high round on your leader board. woppdy doo. But when you can play greif you can have 100's of i survived longer then you moments. :D Now we can truly prove if one player is better then another.


XLORDXSITHX Grief God, Round 54 solo, 42 4players, 50 2player 2 downs. 200:1 KDR

X-DOM1N0-X Rank 2 Headshots, round 59 Solo, 42 4 players, 50 2player 1 down. 500:1 KDR

How come this guy is TECHNALY WAY better then me with a 500-1 kills/down ratio, but he can never beat me in a game of grief. 1v1, or 4v4. He can just never beat me. So this leads to my question.

Who is the best?

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