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  1. I love it! But maybe when you shot your camo figure would a tiny bit visible or something like that!
  2. Wow everyone love the timezone much? Ah, just kidding. Nice information though. This will really stir up people.
  3. Hey welcome to the forums! I hope you enjoy your stay! This is community as you can see from our first Introducer. If you feel lost, need help, or just want to chat, send me a message! I will always respond!
  4. Bascially what everyone said. To much DLC. They have already put, the old maps on us. I would rage if they did, it again.
  5. It seems more like a glitch. It could be a bug with the number of portals. Denizens spawn when, your in the fog and, when you go in light, they despawn. Again, it could simply be a problem with the number of portals, messing up the spawn.
  6. Welcome to the forum. We are happy to have another member to this great site! If you need any help, questions or just want to talk, feel free to send me a message. -Thanks Supernova4351
  7. Welcome to the Call of Duty Zombie Forum community! Nice name steal by the way. I have a Xbox do you, have one so we can, play together one day? Thanks -Supernova4351 :lol:
  8. Topic 2# Ties a bit to much into Moon. I like the idea, but.. Copyright much?
  9. Smart smart, makes sense. I like your reasoning. I will, follow this kk?
  10. You seem like a nice guy! Welcome to the Call of Duty Zombie Forum! Sadly, I don't have a Ps3 but, many of the other members will love to play with you! Thanks!
  11. I like it, but that would mean their would be no more story if, Richtofen kills Maxis... That means no mor- *MIND EXPLOSION*
  12. So basically. Its overpowered on small maps, so we use Tombstone. But, on big maps like Die Rise, we can use it?
  13. I like to train the Buddha room, or the room under, the room sniper.(I just grab the sniper and PDW and, rock it!)
  14. This is the most annoying glitch. It usually stops me from doing high rounds, on Die Rise. Treyarch fix now!
  15. I like your theory, it makes sense and, it is something Treyarch would do. Good job.
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