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    I really enjoy grief mode. Good to play something besides survival all the time. Im only 9-6 but ive played some games with awfully new players which can be difficult. I had nearly 70 revives one game, more than any of my teammates had kills. Last night i played the most challenging game ever. My team consisted of two lower ranked players, myself and another guy with a knife through the skull. The other team was all skulls. I dont know if they knew each other or what but they opened the door to the house on farm and immediately blocked the starwell with 3 of their members. None of us could get jug or a good gun. I never played a team as well versed as that. I eventually got downed twice but admittedly quit out of frustration. Why? This game i was just toying around so i had two kills, and no points to even get jug or a good gun and i didnt think of them blocking the door. Oh well i learned!!

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