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  1. I like a lot of the ideas on here. Definitely makes it more challenging. I think either way, people will play the way they will play. If Grief stays the same, you will have people doing the things they think will work instead of just outlasting an opponent. Blocking doorways to areas or knifing someone over and over and over will be some peoples go to move. Being lame or having perks, I will just outlast you (for the most part I will!).
  2. I'm new here but an older player, and the way you type does not come off that way, so no worries! Hah. It's good to have input from someone who does what you do because you truly know how difficult it is to do some of the things these other great players do. All these videos now has me in the mood to slay some zombies. I just wanted to reply to you, other than that I need to watch more of the best players videos to get a real feel or actual input.
  3. Some of those old dlc maps are huge so theyd have to come up with some different things to go with it. I just recently started playing old black ops again cos i missed the old maps.
  4. I just ranked up to the skull/knife on my second account and my k/d is 171. 6517 kills 34483 bullets fired 38 downs 234 revives 143 grenade kills 3190 headshots 18 deaths 6294 gibs 129 perks 24 doors 0.80 accuracy 73 miles traveled. Played survival a few times, mostly played grief. 14-13 on Farm, 0-2 on town lol. Damn town.
  5. Wintersghost, how many total kills does this person have though to have that k/d ratio. I think a 20k kill range is what you need to hit to get up in rank. The few guys with shotguns on my friends list play grief a lot. One of them just lost shotguns and has a 180-190 k/d ratio now. Grief is risky at times cos you can get downed and win a game with only 50 kills. I started back doing survival solo cos i was getting smoked in grief.
  6. PS3, took me long enough to get into my Elite account, geez. Will work on those challenges at some point.
  7. No. Most players below the skull and knife emblem (with a few exceptions) are going to be pretty terrible because it means, on average, they go down every hundred or so kills, so I will have to be running halfway across the map to fetch them (otherwise they leave the game or 'time out'), risking my life in the process. It is really easy for a good player to get the skull and knife emblem, heck, I did it just by playing as I normally would without any focus on my K/D. I received rank the same way. After getting it I then realized I probably could've gotten a higher rank playing the same way if I had known the way the ranking system worked. As for your reply to WintersGhost about thinking he's better than he really is...well that could be true. The rare time I've seen people really good with Skulls or crossbones are typically people on their second account (most likely). I can't stand people who play, talk on their mic, and act like they're great. If you're great, then you don't need to talk about it. I get people asking me how I got my rank when we're in the lobby and I tell them I bought it. (course then the game starts, I get downed early and they are probably thinking I DID buy it somehow) I've got a second account where I'll try to get a higher rank but I'm going to play solo really as I don't want to be all pissy and quit out of a MP game and ruin anything with other people. Ultimately Winter, just play and don't worry about anyones rank. I play grief and have beat numerous shotgun emblem players and they quit as soon as their downed (one said I suck too, weird, cos I won)....but it's all fun. GIMME MY PS3 DLC. :D
  8. I'm pretty bummed out that legit game freezes and/or disconnects count as losses, but I do understand it.
  9. I honestly never knew about any of this but I always wondered what the laugh was while playing randomly. This go for survival on all levels? I'm assuming not on Grief?
  10. I was wondering this as well and then noticed the leader boards including the new map and stuff. I was in a rush so I didn't check anything out but I didn't want to get my hopes up thinking the DLC was already out, hah.
  11. Welcome, I'm new myself and it's good to see some older players as well. I've noticed a good amount of cool people online as well (you can typically tell if a player is an adult or a kid) from just using a mic.
  12. Glad I haven't downloaded it yet. On a side note, on my second account, where I play with a stronger focus on k/d, I received the skull at around 3,000 kills. I'm testing to see how many thousand when I hit the knife.
  13. I cant imagine how nuts they must've been after you did that, lol. Nice job. I understand trying out glitches, but exploiting them during co-op gameplay just seems lame. I had one guy do it under the stairs on farm? I didn't understand what he was doing but he was surrounded by zombies and wasn't getting downed. Weird.
  14. Very interesting, will try tomorrow.
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