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  1. I have some challenges I've thought myself, sure someone else has done them before but I post them here anyways: (All in Kino Der Toten) Not moving challenge - Got to 3 solo, 5 with 2 friends. Still haven't tried 4 player, should get to 6 or 7. You are allowed to move via knife lunge, but not in any other way. Regular knife only - Using only regular knife. No any other weapons, no ballistic knife, no Bowie knife, no weakening zombies with any other way than regular knife. No explosives, no traps, no turrets. Power ups ARE allowed. Got to 15 solo, I have video too (90 minutes of extre
  2. Necrobump time, because I found my way back to forum! I find it hard to play if someone is watching behind me. Makes me unconfortable. I also have routine of always delaying getting off pc, usually while playing. I.e. have to go to study or somewhere else, always same thing
  3. Banned for not being under 1000 club. (At the time I post this)
  4. You are banned because my fingers hurt for playing too much tetris.
  5. You are banned because you didn't realize that there was white dot in the end; therefore I did not just use white text!
  6. You are banned, because this text is almost invisible.
  7. Banned for having fake santa in your avatar. (And its not even [insert name of capitalistic spending spree + religious partying fest here] yet.)
  8. Banned for using the same "X does something, Y doesn't" pattern for banning. Creativity, please!
  9. It becomes money-whoring company(oh wait, it already is!) I EMP you.
  10. (I assume head chopper is leading helicopter) It turns into jet fighter I EMP my super-bad computer. (3.0 windows-ranking :roll: )
  11. Banned because when you last banned me, you didn't realize that you can play zombies(and possibly become better than ones who have console) at friends :roll:
  12. Banned for having still that same signature picture.
  13. You are banned because I had to go through 6(or more) pages because of not visiting CoDz for a while.
  14. You are banned because sadly I don't have any console(s).
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