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  1. I have some challenges I've thought myself, sure someone else has done them before but I post them here anyways: (All in Kino Der Toten) Not moving challenge - Got to 3 solo, 5 with 2 friends. Still haven't tried 4 player, should get to 6 or 7. You are allowed to move via knife lunge, but not in any other way. Regular knife only - Using only regular knife. No any other weapons, no ballistic knife, no Bowie knife, no weakening zombies with any other way than regular knife. No explosives, no traps, no turrets. Power ups ARE allowed. Got to 15 solo, I have video too (90 minutes of extremely fun footage...) Don't take hit - Aren't allowed to take any hits from zombies, whether it be regular, crawler or hellhound. Got to round 9 solo, gonna try for 10+ (video too) Everything is allowed in this one, but you don't do anything with quick revive or juggernog because if you even get touched once then its over I wish to hear your experiences with these, knife one specifically was super fun, took 20+ tries just to get jugg. (Ended up getting double slapped countless times)
  2. Necrobump time, because I found my way back to forum! I find it hard to play if someone is watching behind me. Makes me unconfortable. I also have routine of always delaying getting off pc, usually while playing. I.e. have to go to study or somewhere else, always same thing
  3. Noclip, godmode. Cheating is nothing new.
  4. Congratulations, it is nice mark to hit
  5. 1st post, all those are pretty much coinfidence. Just like if
  6. Problem with nuketown are the perks. Or at least what I think. Lets go back in time, to Nacht Der Untoten times.(BO or WaW version, doesn't matter) There were no perks, yet its still pretty easy map. Now with Nuketown, you actually have perks but since they come slowly I personally feel like Nuketown is harder than NDU. I mean, when you play NDU you are just prepared that there won't be any perks in game whereas Nuketown you'd want to get your hands on Jugg already.
  7. Going for other map high rounds w/o PaP/Perks in future? :)
  8. Oh lord, now we should carry four pocket knifes? Fine for me. One Bowie, one Swiss Army knife, one throwing knife and finally a stilet in boot.
  9. Apparently they aren't best players if they can't do that. Its not impossible, it just takes alot time seeing you will need to be very careful through whole match. And of course it might not be possible on first try, or even 10th. But eventually, if you keep trying you will do it. I got to definitely break this once I'll get my consol, some nice challenge 8-)
  10. Yes you did. Therefore you mention carrying two pocket knifes.
  11. Thats what happens when people play more and become more skilled.
  12. And neither do you need Speed Cola, since reloading doesn't usually take ages :D
  13. Wow, 104 on co-op must have been looooong run without sleeping.
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