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Zombies Shot by VR11 were CIA? (Added Pics for Analysis)


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I'm not sure if this was the best place to put this, but I've been piecing this whole madness together and noticed something interesting. In COTD, when a zombie is shot by a VR11 it becomes a human in a black suit. Now that grief mode has introduced the CIA and CDC as playable characters, we can now see that the human was in fact CIA in COTD.

This brings about a few questions:

What were the CIA doing in COTD?

If they were not there, was a member of the CIA captured to test cloning?

If the VR11 uses vril as energy, how did it come to be that vril was modified to create clones of CIA agents?



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I remember there being a detailed theory once about how the VR11 could've been created using the DNA of one man (someone in the CIA) and imprinting that upon whoever is shot by it. I mean, why exactly would it turn a Russian scuba diver into a man with a suit? That texture wasn't really used anywhere else in Black Ops and couldn't they have just made a generic Russian diver skin instead?

But I am also very open to the idea of it being a re-used texture as I have seen far too many people look into things that are simply re-used textures.

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It's just extreme laziness on Treyarch's part. They simply reused the CIA character model for zombies that have been turned via the VR-11 . It is extremely cheesy honestly . You shoot a rotting, Russian diver with it and he instantly turns CIA. What the fuck ?

Not quite, perhaps.

Maybe the "rotting Russian divers" were undercover CIA agents.

Maybe CotD is similar to Five in it's silly premise.

You can't dismiss these facts because you think Treyarch was just being lazy. Look harder.


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