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  1. I think I found a video with the persistant upgrade you are talking about. Watch at 1:34 it has the same effect as carpenter. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ICISchb ... ata_player
  2. I just got it on solo so yeah its possible. However it didnt work for the first insta kill drop but for the second one. I think you have to reach at least round 5 or kill a minimum amount of zombies to be able to obtain the persistant upgrade.
  3. Its not entirely BS. Ppl who dont have internet cant do the EE either... at least Not without 4 ppl on one screen (dont know if thats possible) I thaught the same way as you initially... but it really does make sense that he is just referencing the wait until the DLC drops. You can simply do it by having a guest and 2 controllers.
  4. Yeah that would be a little bonus like Dead Ops Arcade from BO.
  5. It's not a wobder weapon since it does not contain element 115 it's just a good buildable weapon. I prefer using the burst strategy with ballistic knife. You also can suck up extras like max ammo from distance but it's not really useful.
  6. Your K/D is only 73, my friends K/D was 71 and he had the knife but after a bad game his K/D dropped to 70 and he lost the knife. I got my shotguns as I reached 208 (now 270). You need to get better, just don't buy quick revive and play solo on town (start at round 15 because otherwise it's boring and takes very long to get a good amount of kills).
  7. That's proof enough, he wouldn't link false information :p
  8. Its there but its too small...
  9. My K/H (Kill/Headshot) is 6,5 and the regular K/D is 270 and i still have shptguns, so the idea with the headshot based rank system is good but not true because it would be too unfair for people like me using often ray gun M&S and jet gun :p
  10. This glitch was posted like a week ago, nothing new or spectacular :p
  11. Why shouldn't it be on the map? It's the map of green run and there is a diner in green run thats why its on the map. You can only see the diner that good on the map because this place isnt full of fog.
  12. Yep. That's why I suggest playing on local. What's the difference? I thought local does not count at all?
  13. Damn that sucks, what a wasted day :/ guess I have to die as soon as i get my 9999th kill...
  14. Hey guys, i'm trying to become 1st on the tranzit solo leaderboard. So far I'm on round 67 and have 9100 kills but i read somewhere that if you make 10.000 kills or more the game you played won't count. Does anyone know something about this? Hope it's a lie :p
  15. Yeah, T.E.D.D. is glowing like hell and it also seems like the lights inside the bus are glowing too.
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