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  1. I agree they may look a little odd, But Its Deffs Nikolai And Dempsy thats for sure. I find it quite interesting that Nikolai is somehow on weasels mind. Perhaps something that happens in this map is the reason? For all we know the Announcer/s for this map could be the same Announcer/s for Mob Of The Dead. (If Any At All)
  2. This looks awesome, I can't wait to start messing about with all the new stuff. Im allready thinking about upgrading that new pistol. Also, what are we going to see similar between this map and the others? Because we are changing to the old crew this could mean no Bank, Weapon Locker, Certain perks, ect. Also at 3:07 does anybody think that looks like the zombie from inside the electric cherry machine? (The Head) Also is he Friend or Foe? And IMO im not worryed about the old maps, Ive got a hunch they are going to surprize us and bring them in sooner or later, Just a feeling. Say what you like. Also the 115 in this map, is going to differ from the 115 element in the maps we know. This map is before the tunguska event, and according to the letters from the field periodic tables its going to act differently. (Somebody said the new wonder weapon/s are able to harness the power of supernatural energy, I immediately thought about The Pickups, The Pickups are refered to as supernatural assistance in black ops, So it could be that. Great Video, looking forward to it.
  3. Your right, It does seem a little stupid not to put Emps, I would have liked to see them in the map it would make everything much more interesting. ^.^ Maybe your box did glitch, But Normally the box can spawn in 5 locations. -That starting area across from the general store. -In the building above Juggernog near the "bridge" going to the barn. -In the room Behind Mulekick -On the second floor of the Courthouse in the back room. -Above the barn in that top Cave area (where Quick Revive is in Normal Zombies Mode). You will either need to go threw the saloon or the Courthouse to reach the top area, unless you have the Paralyzer you can just fly up from the Barn. Hope this helped ^.^
  4. Perhaps while in the Aether, Time does not apply? And Richtofen is everywhere all the time, in all timelines? And he is just getting used to the Aether in TranZit. Think about it, even when they time traveled around to Kino and the maps in Black Ops 1 Sam was still in control with little to no signs in change to voice or age. Loving this Thread though. I love the way opinions are shared here ^.^
  5. It think its just for the mob of the dead map, The message atleast. "Let Go And The Beginning Will Become The End" Because they are trapped in a loop, And the first time they all died. So if they just let go and give up, the events that went down the first time will be how it ends and thus stops the loop. But then again it could be other things.. Like maybe pointing at Der Riese, The "beginning" of the zombies. If all the survivors give up then the zombies win and the "beginning" of the zombies could be considered the end. I don't know, Just throwing ideas... ^.^
  6. I suppose it depends if you enjoy long games, Borough is allot longer but i think its more rewarding in the end(if you win) ^.^ Also tbh allot of the people don't actually use the buildable traps at all. Cell Block is great if i know i don't have long to play before i have to get off.
  7. Im liking the idea of the Opposite max ammo. Ive had a similar idea to that for some time now ^.^ Everybody runs for drops as soon as they see the light, right? Then why not Introduce Bad pickups, Possibly with a red light instead of the gold. Half points - Earn half the points you would normally. The max ammo one will take like 75% of your current ammo. Bad Insta kill would make the zombies twice as strong and you will need to do double the damage to achieve the same results. Also i would really love a spin off of Who's Who as a pickup in grief where when you pick it up your whole team (or the opposing team if it were to be made into a good pickup)goes into somebody elses body on there team (at random) and have to control them for the rest of the round or during the time of the pickup. That would be hilarious! "you'd better not go down! Ive got 4 perks!" The teliporting idea with the gerch device's i like allot also ^.^ Really they could start experimenting with things like this, i still have loads of fun with the maps and things they have made so far. But think of the things they could introduce!
  8. Considering Time Travel, Teleporting and different Timelines anything is possible. It could be the Voice of what lies deeper in the Aether, The thing that Sam warned us (Richtofen)about. But in my opinion this map (and grief mode in general) doesn't really contribute a great deal story wise and hardly any of it should be taken seriously. But when thinking about who is actually controlling the zombies at the times of mob of the dead, It could be our Mystery Aether Presence. But i think the map mob of the dead is focused more on the group and how they are trapped in a loop and that the map could be set in the future or the past. Really anybody could be controlling them, Hopefully some interesting questions like this are answered in the future map/s ^.^
  9. On occasion i get some bad teams but today was great because i (im skull with knife)was put with 2 shotgun people and there were 2 regular skull split screeners on the opposing team. Winning ^.^ And then the next game after that, round one the whole enemy team lagged out. We pasted round one and won. Im pretty sure the game does its best to even it out its just that some people are in partys and groups and things and that upsets the balance.
  10. I knew about the Knifing but not about the Running =P Thanks, Those trips to Firesale will be a little easier now.
  11. Very interesting stuff! I am yet to see any Results on my account, But if/when i do ill post the things i know here. Awesome thread.
  12. Thats awesome, great find. Im really late at reading this but it did'nt know it until now. Will have to try it out tonight ^.^
  13. Hi Misty! Ive also be playing since Waw, Hope to see you around the forum.
  14. Hey guys, Im new here! ^.^ Although my account has been registered since Feb, I never actually got around to posting up until recently, So here it is =] I plan to stay active, So hopefully ill make friends with you all ^.^
  15. I really like it, Reminds me of the old Waw map songs. I did'nt really like the ones on the black ops 2 maps so far, but i think this one is a step in the right direction. I hope they continue it like this. ^.^
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