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Storyline: Events of Both Tower of Babble EEs Explained


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Here we are again, with another storyline thread. This time I will attempt to explain exactly what's going on during the Easter Egg we see in Green Run. As I'm sure most all of us know, a battle is clearly emerging between Dr. Maxis and Dr. Richtofen over the fate of Earth. Richtofen tells you he's going to help save the Earth, while Maxis voews to stop Richtofen. Both are attempting to accomplish different tasks in a somewhat similiar nature. Ultimately, it's the new crew's decision what to do, but their actions could have dire consequences on the fate of mankind. I'll now provide a breakdown of the quotes and what they mean.

But first, let's refresh back to the events of the Moon EE. Richtofen wanted to switch souls with Samantha in Aether, while Maxis attempted to stop him from doing so. When he failed, Maxis destroyed parts of the Earth with three precise rocket strikes in an attempt to break Richtofen's connection with the Zombies. It failed to destroy the entire infection, and Richtofen remains in control in the post apocolyptic world. We begin our new journey with four strangers...

Maxis is indicated in Red.

Richtofen is indicated in Purple.

Maxis - Start of Round 1

“That’s it! Complete the device. Do it!”

As the journey begins in Green Run's bus terminal, the members of the new crew begin to search their surroundings while zombies begin to attack. They come acrosss various parts used to build a device. During it's completion, a voice can be heard in the room. It's Maxis, and he's demanding the crew finish building the turbine. The turbine is used throughout the Easter Egg to power the radio towers, and Maxis knows you will need this if you are to suceed with completing his mission.

Misty, Samual and the guys head towards the power switch. When they arrive in the underground complex, a generator can be seen in the middle of the room. But this generator also served as a holding cell by the Americans, for "the creature".

This creature is extremely significant. Whatever this energy is that he is made of, it is closely tied to the story of what the Americans were up to. More on him to come.

Maxis - After turning off the power

“Excellent! You have freed it! But now, you must turn off the power. An active power grid will disrupt all active communication between us, and make it impossible for us to accomplish the mission I have for you. SHUT DOWN THE POWER!”

Dr. Maxis is happy that you have freed "the creature" from it's holding cell. He knows that the creature will be of great use to him during the EE. But now he wants them to shut the power back off to continue with the tasks.

This is where the Easter Egg takes a split and the gang must make a decision. They can make the choice to turn the power back off, and continue to help Dr. Maxis. Or they can ignore him, and leave the Power Station.

First, we'll explore Richtofen's devious plans.

Richtofen's Art of Deception

As the group moves outside the Power Station, Richtofen's voice is heard, but only in Samual's head. Why has Richtofen chosen Samual to talk to as oppose to the other three? Richtofen states that they others can't hear him, but it's not the case. Richtofen is in the Aether, and we can all hear him after a power up or when a mystery box moves, so that can't be true. Richtofen has chosen Samual for a certain reason. Perhaps it's because of his engineering skills, or maybe it's something more.

Richtofen (Samual only) – After not turning off the power.

“Oh good job! Wunderbar. You've done well my friend. But this is not a sprint, this is a marathon! Out of your group, you seem to be the only able to hear. So you must convince your deaf friends to heat up the Obelisk!” Setting a puny fire will not be enough. It must reach an EXTREME temperature. Now, if only you knew how to build a part of an engine or some sort, that might blow very hot. Some sort of Jet engine with an after burner? Oh what, you do? Oh goody, goody! So, why are you still standing here Mr. Voices in your Head? And get on with it before Maxis will kill you all!”

Richtofen is now the voice in another character's head. Ironic how the the times have changed. He now needs the gang to "heat up the obelisk."

[tab][/tab]An obelisk is a tall, four-sided, narrow tapering monument which ends in a pyramid-like shape at the top, and is said to resemble a petrified ray of the sun-disk. In ancient Egyptian culture, the obelisk symbolized the sun god Ra, and it was also thought that the god existed within the structure. Famous obelisks exist throughout the world on everything from memorial sites to national monuments, including the Washington Monument in Washington DC.

The obelisk that Richtofen is referring to is the radio tower in the cornfield, or the "Tower of Babble". Richtofen needs the tower heated for a specific reason. But first, the gang must build a NavCard machine underneath the tower. After finding the parts are Green Run, the machine is built.

Richtofen (Samual only) – After building NavCard machine.

“Oh, this is good. You’ve accomplished much! But to activate the computer, you must have the little Navcard-thingy, which plugs into the computer-thingy. Don’t worry your little brain about what it does, or how it works. Just go find it!”

After the Navcard machine is complete and connected to the tower, the crew needs to find a way to heat it up. Samual recalls what Richtofen about a jet engine that Richtofen mentioned earlier. Parts are found throughout the area, which Samual uses to build the Jet Gun. After he's built the weapon, Richtofen insists he get it back to the radio tower immediately, for Maxis is busy as well, essentially planning the demise of the rest of mankind.

Richtofen (Samual only) – After building The Jet Gun.

“Excellent, your skills are superb. Now get this thing to the obelisk. We must hurry, for Maxis is a busy little beaver, and the damn he built will kill you all! TRUST ME!”

This is where Richtofen's act really begins to become apparent. He is doing his best to convince Samual that Maxis is the one doing all the harm upon Earth, and that Richtofen is actually trying to help save it. Richtofen is a master of deception. And just like with Takeo, Tank, and Nikolai, Samual is just another pawn in his plans.

Samual and the crew head back to the tower, and the machine is fired upon with the Jet Gun. The heat from the gun's exhaust transfers the heat to the radio tower, which quickly reaches operating temperature. But for what? What's the purpose of the tower?

The energy signals are being sent from the radio tower to the Moon/Aether. The energy is being directly supplied to Richtofen in Aether. But how could these signals reach such heights to make it into space?

The Makeshift HAARP Tower

HAARP, (High-Frequency Active Auroral Research Program) was the US government program which sends focused radiated power to heat up sections of the ionosphere. Many have considered it's existence in the game, and it's becoming clearer than ever before. The apparatus for HAARP is a reversal of a radio telescope; an antenna sends out signals instead of receiving it. Sounds familiar? We see this happening after the EE's completion. Signals are being sent to the radio tower, and the tower is sending a signal up into the upper atmosphere.

These signals sent by the makeshift HAARP tower reach the ionosphere, which is the uppermost layer of our atmosphere. Considering Moon's lack of an atmosphere, it's not hard to see how the signals sent by a makeshift tower could reach the Moon and therefore the Aether pyramid so long as they make it out of the atmosphere. So what energy signals are being sent into the upper atmosphere and ultimately Aether?

Richtofen (Samual only) – After shooting the obelisk with The Jet Gun.

“Now we need the 115. But the only place it’s at is in the flesh! Their flesh! You must slash the 115 from the undead by killing them. And BOY do you need a bunch of it. Get busy!"

Richtofen needs the electrical energy from Element 115, and the only place he knows to get it is from the undead. Taken from a previous thread:

The souls of zombies killed travel to Aether after death, feeding power to the zombie controller.

Samantha (Moon):“Don’t kill the zombies, he’ll just gain power when you do” - power-up_ammo

Samantha (Moon):“Stop tempting us to kill Edward”- power-up_ammo

Samantha (Moon):“No matter how many you kill, we cannot win this way” - friend headshot

Samantha (Moon):“He just wants you to earn points faster!” –powerup_dblpoints

Why do zombies attack us? Well, it's not brains.

Zombies attack us because someone is controlling them, from the Aether (Vril Pyramid). This controller sends zombies out on the world, in hopes they will be killed and their souls sent to Aether, increasing the power and strength of their master. This can be seen when we fill the viles of the pyramid on Moon. Notice Samantha's voice gets much deeper than ever before. The lifeforce was giving her more strength than ever.

This is the reason why as the zombie maps advanced, the zombies got quicker, and smarter. Their master (Samantha) got stronger the more zombies we killed, and thus her capabilities as their master grew in the process.

It's kind of a double edged sword. You kill the zombies to survive, but you only make the person in charge stronger when you do it.

http://callofdutyzombies.com/forum/view ... 67&t=24995

Richtofen insists you kill zombies directly underneath the tower. After their death, their souls are sent into the atmosphere via the tower and into the Aether, giving more power to Richtofen. What he needs it for us is unclear, but it's possible that Maxis' blast deminished some of his connection with his zombie army. Zombies continue to be spawned, killed, sent to Aether, and more spawn. Richtofen even makes a cmment on the repetitve task: "Pick up the zombie. Put down the zombie. It's hard!". As the energy begins to make it to Richtofen, he begins to feel the power start to surge through him "Yeah, yeah! I can feel the tingling in my toesies!". But he needs one last push to get the most energy he can out of the zombie's 115 filled flesh. A large group begins to gather under the tower.

Richtofen (Samual only) – After a large amount of zombies gather underneath the tower.

“That is a large group of them. Now lure them to the obelisk, then make them go boom!

A large group gathers directly below the tower, and Richtofen insists you kill them all with one big boom. After the Monkey Bomb is thrown, a large group of zombies if quickly sent through the tower and into the atmosphere. The sudden burst of 115 energy quickly overheats the obelisk, and Richtofen needs to you to reduce the flow of energy rushing through the tower.

Richtofen (Samual only) – After killing a very large amount of zombies under the tower.

"Ahh good, but now there’s too much power flowing to the obelisk. You must reduce the incoming power by a factor of four!

As the 115 begins to overheat and destroy the tower, Richtofen begins to become frustrated with these new pawns, "Almost, all four must do it simultaneously. Together idiots, together! Must I do everything, look how much I do for you already. It's the least you could do to save your pathetic planet. I swear, some people, no ability to work as a team. The crew obtain EMP grenades in hopes to reduce the massive amount of energy. Throughout Hanford, teleporters are found underneathstreetlights, with the the Tower of Babble centered in the middle of the them. EMP grenades are simultaneously thrown into the teleporters, sending the surge through the tower, thus cooling it and keeping it from overheating. The obelisk has now adjusted to flow of 115 energy, and at a safe operating temperature. Satisfied with the results, Richtofen says his last goodbyes. But before he goes, the maniacle and manipulative Richtofen reveals his real motivations.

Richtofen (Samual only) – After reducing the power flowing through the tower.

“Yeah yeah you did it! Soon this beautiful planet will be healed, once more. And the flesh will cover the Earth. Wait a glorious day that will be for you! You will be the hero that has saved all of the Earth…..FOR ME TO PLAY WITH!

Richtofen now has a steady supply of Element 115 energy flowing through the Tower of Babble/HAARP tower and into the Aether. As the undead continue to be killed, Richtofen only gain more and more strength. The 115 energy can be seen as the purple lights being sent to the tower and up into the atmosphere The fate of Earth's future is bleak.

Now, let's examine Maxis' attempt to stop Richtofen.

Maxis' Act of Redemption

*Note: Quotes from Maxis refer to parts of his Easter Egg in TranZit that were niched from the final cut, or have yet to be discovered. If an alternate Maxis Easter Egg does exist, I'll update the thread.

Let's go back to the point in time of turning on the power. Maxis has asked the crew to help him stop Richtofen, and this time they do decide to listen to Maxis. Their first step: turn off the power. Turning off the power is essential so Maxis can continue to communicate with the group. They agree, and shut off the power.

Maxis - After turning off the power.

"Yes, outstanding. Now we can continue our other tasks."

Maxis will now need the crew to begin their mission of transmitting the energy needed to stop Richtofen. Maxis however has a much different way to produce the energy, rather than killing zombies. If Maxis killed zombies to get there energy, it would simply be transmitted directly to Richtofen. Maxis must find another way to transmit the power to to the tower and ultimately to himself. And that's exactly what he plans to do.

Maxis has made sure that you have grabbed the turbine. He immediately contacts you when you enter TranZit and insist you build it immediately.

Maxis has the group power up the spire. This is much like Richtofen's EE with an obelisk, as spire is a tapering conical or pyramidal structure on the top of a building, particularly a church tower. An interesting thing to note is the difference in wording. Richtofen refers to it as an obelisk, a symbol associated with Paganism and the underworld. While Maxis refers to it as a spire, a term usually applying to churches and the heavens.

Maxis has the crew begin by finding the first of three points in order to complete the Trichotomous System.

A trichotomy is a splitting into three parts, and, apart from its normal literal meaning, can refer to:

    [*:1gewz4cq]trichotomy (mathematics), in the mathematical field of order theory
    [*:1gewz4cq]trichotomy (philosophy), for the theological idea that man has a threefold nature; also for a three-way classificatory division, especially when done according to a pattern.

He has plans to create a power system consisting of three points capable of properly transferring the energy to himself in the Aether instead of Richtofen. Again, it is unclear exatly what he is using it for. As the crew travels throughout Hanford and finished the first point, Maxis speaks to them.

Maxis - When at the first point.

"That is but one of the required three points to complete the design."

As the gang discovers the first point (It's possible that the points could be specific steetlights or other towers?), it is powered up via the turbines taken from the bus terminal. After the spire is powered up, Maxis confirms they have done it successfully, but still need to power up the other two points for maximum energy.

Maxis - After getting the first point powered up.

“You have done well, but we need yet more energy. This is but the tip of what needs three sides. Now, create the Trichotomous System.”

Maxis needs the crew to find the other two points to complete the sytem. After finding the second point is powered up, Maxis is thrilled with the progress, and persists that the scalene triangle of the Trichotomous System be completed with the final point.

Maxis - After getting the second point powered up.

“Excellent, you have activated the two obtuse vertices of the scalene. Quickly, complete the tertiary node!”

The Trichotomous System consists of three points, arranged in the shape of a scalene triangle. A scalene trianle is a triangle that consists of three unequal sides, and the two obtuse vertices refer to the two corners of the triangle that are currently powered up.

A scalene triangle is being formed in Green Run by Maxis with three seperate points surrounding the tower. These points will supply the tower with energy that will then be sent into the atmosphere, and ultimately to Aether and Maxis. While Richtofen was able to simply have the Jet Gun heat up the tower and send 115 energy to Aether, Maxis is getting the power he requires in a much different way. Through the use of the Trichotomous System.

The crew finally reaches the last point in the system, and gets it powered up. The scalene triangle is complete, and Maxis is pleased with the results Good! The Trichotomous System is now complete!. To continue his plan, he now needs the crew to build a control mechanism to link to the tower, just like in Richtofen's Easter Egg. After the crew retrieves the parts from around Handford, the mechanism is built directly below the tower.

Maxis - After finishing the Trichotomous System.

“You have constructed a control mechanism, but to program the computer, you will need to secure an application NavCard. You will have to seek it out, and then return here and activate the spire. TO SAVE MANKIND!”

After finding the Navcards needed to program the computer, the crew returns to the tower. After inserting the Navcards needed, the mechanism is programmed, and ready to be activated. Maxis tells the crew to do activate it in order to get it online.

Maxis - After finishing the Trichotomous System.

“You have done well, now activate the spires power. Are you circumcised? Oh, hold on...”

After activating the spires power, the energy begins to flow through the atmosphere via the makeshift HAARP tower. But just like Richtofen's egg, the output of 115 energy begins to disrupt the communication between them. Maxis requires a tremendous burst of energy in a short amount of time in order to get the spire online.

Maxis - After activating the spire.

“This is a great power source, although it will have to be amplified. With any higher output, our communications will likely cease. We will require a burst of tremendous voltage.”

Maxis recieves the power, but it's not enough, “Not enough power, bring additional energy system! Yes! Power, we need more of it!”Maxis will require this burst of energy from a another source, “Yes! Power! We need more of it. But only power which is portable, and possibly even alive.”. This is why Maxis was happy the crew freed the creature from his holding cell earlier in the EE. He knew that the creature's energy may be needed to complete the task at hand.

Maxis - After activating the spire.

“The creature is too far way, you need his energies! Or all your efforts will be for not.”

The crew is demanded by Maxis to lure the creature to the spire, "The creature is near, lure him to the spire.". After doing so, Maxis tell you tell it so that it's essence can be captured and sent up the HAARP tower and to the Aether. After the creature is lured directly underneath the tower, Maxis shouts "Kill the creature! Kill it now so we can capture it's essence.

Now let's recall Richtofen's Easter Egg. At the end of his, he also needed a tremendous amount of energy quickly. The crew accomplished this task by gathering up a massive amount of zombies, then killing them instantly with one large explosion. Maxis needs this similar burst of electrical energy. But since he cannot use 115 energy to receive the power as it would just go to Richtofen, he uses the creature. This is where the significance of the electrical creature comes into play. If Maxis is needing the power from the creature, the energy must have similar characteristics to Element 115. So what is it? Pure 115 energy? Something stronger? Only time will tell how exactly this creature came to be.

The creature is directly underneath the tower when a member of the crew throws an EMP grenade at it. The grenade kills the creature, and it's energy is sent through the tower and up into the atmosphere, giving Maxis the final push of electrical energy he needs to complete his mission and get the spire online. The energy going to the tower and into the atmosphere turns red (as opposed to Richtofen's EE purple) signifying the energy is being sent to Maxis instead.

Maxis - After activating the spire.

“Yes, the spire is online! Now, if the other sites can be likewise and powered, then perhaps there is a chance to complete that which was begun so many years ago. Your help has been invaluable. Farewell.”

The first spire is now online, and the crew successfully helps Maxis get one step closer to stopping Richtofen and saving the rest of mankind.

Maxis' future plans begin to emerge. Maxis states he will need to get the "other sites" up and running like this one. Could the next location in our TranZit journey take us to another one of these makeshift HAARP towers? Or perhaps the HAARP Research Facility mentioned by the bus driver? Stage two seems imminent.

Whatever future locations there may be, his ultimate goal is clear: a chance to complete that which was begun so many years ago. With Maxis' help, the fate of humanity is not lost just yet.

So there we have it. An explanation for the events taking place during Green Run. I will continue to work on this thread and details in the upcoming days and weeks as more details are found on the Easter Egg. Please be patient while I add pictures, links, etc. As always, I just try to get my threads out as soon as possible, so please any ignore any grammatical errors for the time being.

Now let me hear some feedback. Let's get discussing.


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I think 115 is just high voltage electricity. Wunderwaffe was also made with 115 right? it shoots high voltage electricity. That's why maxis needs "HIM" it has the same effect as 115. Just my thoughts

Element 115 is extracted from meteors. How can you extract "electricity" from a meteor?

Not to mention that virtually all Wonder Weapons use 115 as a power source. For example, the Ray Gun, the VR-11...only the Wunderwaffe and Dual Zap Guns use electricity.

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Only problem is see with this is that Maxis blew up a large portion of Earth and had a big maniacal laugh about it.

The way I see it is that Richtoffen does indeed want to save the Earth because he wants power and control not extinction. Possibly using the zombies as his enforcers to control the remaining human population.

Where as Maxis wants to stop Richtoffen, but he knows at this stage the only way to truly keep Richtoffen from achieving his goal and 'save mankind' is euthanasia. Save mankind from suffering and being play things for Richtoffen by just ending their lives. And of course he knows he cant say this because it would make the cast less likely to help him. Moon really was the same story, talking perfectly civil, saying he has a plan to stop Richotteffen and we all know how that turned out.

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I think 115 is just high voltage electricity. Wunderwaffe was also made with 115 right? it shoots high voltage electricity. That's why maxis needs "HIM" it has the same effect as 115. Just my thoughts

Element 115 is extracted from meteors. How can you extract "electricity" from a meteor?

Not to mention that virtually all Wonder Weapons use 115 as a power source. For example, the Ray Gun, the VR-11...only the Wunderwaffe and Dual Zap Guns use electricity.

Extract electricity from a meteor? You can't. But extract it from 115 could. That's what I'm trying to say maybe electricity is a substance of 115. The Ray Gun is powered by 115 but it shoot another substance that maybe also is part of 115.

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Great post Shooter!

Well written & documented as always.

In regards to electricity in the meteor.

I don't know what the Purple Rock/Meteor used for Richtofen's tower is or is called (from what Ive come across, it's never actually stated?) but it resembles the meteor in Shi No Numa a lot. (it can't be a 115 meteor because you have to extract 115 from the flesh.)

(I don't know how to word this)

But what I understand, all this is the same - High Voltage Electricity, Frequencies, Radio Waves, Sound Waves, Resonance.

They all operate off the same thing - This is The Æther

I don't know where Im going with this post? But

Awesome work Shooter!

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I think 115 is just high voltage electricity. Wunderwaffe was also made with 115 right? it shoots high voltage electricity. That's why maxis needs "HIM" it has the same effect as 115. Just my thoughts

Element 115 is extracted from meteors. How can you extract "electricity" from a meteor?

Not to mention that virtually all Wonder Weapons use 115 as a power source. For example, the Ray Gun, the VR-11...only the Wunderwaffe and Dual Zap Guns use electricity.

Extract electricity from a meteor? You can't. But extract it from 115 could. That's what I'm trying to say maybe electricity is a substance of 115. The Ray Gun is powered by 115 but it shoot another substance that maybe also is part of 115.

Maybe element 115 is just super conductive and makes a good base for electronic equipment?

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I think 115 is just high voltage electricity. Wunderwaffe was also made with 115 right? it shoots high voltage electricity. That's why maxis needs "HIM" it has the same effect as 115. Just my thoughts

Exactly. 115 may not BE electricity, but it is very similar. It has many of the same properties.




What follows is the chronological primary sample from the Der Riese project “Datenbedjensteter” (translated: DATA SERVANT). Sample was acquired from CIA asset based out of Vozrozhdeniya in the Soviet Union and is translated from its original German Below:

***SERVANT ENTRY A00115***

“Element 115 overview:

“Sources include meteors found in

“Shi No Numa


“Groom Lake

“Der Riese

“Moon (Confirmed via Astronomical team)

“Applications include:

“Transporter technology

“Power source for DG-2

“General weapon upgrades via CWZIMOJZDUNINXPJZEKWZOLIEXZ

“Side effects include:

“Reanimation of dead cells

“Vin inherent electrical properties.

***END FILE***




What follows is the chronological primary sample from the Der Riese project “Datenbedjensteter” (translated: DATA SERVANT). Sample was acquired from CIA asset based out of Vozrozhdeniya in the Soviet Union and is translated from its original German Below:

***SERVANT ENTRY A02977***

“Wunderwaffe DG-2 Summary:

“Prototype developed by

“Doctor Edward Richtofen,

“Origin Der Riese Facility

“Powered by Element 115

“The DG-2 carries 200k amperes

“Of chained electrical energy.

“Effects consist of:

“Electrical current output

“That creates a chain reaction

“From initial target up to

“10 subsequent targets within a

“5 yard radius.

“Minimal loss of power with use.

“8 second reload time.

“Next generation DG-3 JZ

“Currently under development.

***END FILE***

Finally someone agrees with me!! :D If you see in those terminal files, it reanimates dead cells vin (I'm almost positive it's supposed to say via) electrical properties. The Wunderwaffe DG-2 shoots 200,000 amps of "chained electrical energy". This is irrelevant, but it also shoots at 130,000mph and at 54,000 degrees Fahrenheit.

And to PINNAZ, that chunk of meteor is definitely 115. The purple coloring gives it away, that's the only thing us Zombie players known that's purple haha. I think that extracting it from the flesh is just one way to do things, but there are plenty of others.

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  • 2 weeks later...

I'd just like to take a moment and point out that my theory of Maxis' egg having more to it based on the quotes and resulting reasearch was dead on. Looks like NGT just made the discovery thanks to a "lead" from a member at callofduty.com forum from a post dated December 1st. Fortunately my post dates back to Nov 21 when the quotes were first released. It's almost a gaurantee the member of that site visited our site for info, as it's a common occurence, and NGT just saw the more recent post on the other site. Seems credit is rarely ever given where it truly should be, but that's life.


http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=d41pMvti ... ature=plcp

It truly is amazing what theorizing can lead to. My presumption that the streetlights were used to make a scalene triangle. I mean cmon :lol: I hardly like to brag and usually restrain myself from doing so, but this one just makes me smile. Solving parts of the EE by reviewing the quotes before it's even found in-game. If only NGT knew where that information was truly coming from. Oh well.

CoDz strikes again!

Edit: This thread is being reworked. More to come.

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