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  1. For the tower portion - the Nova 2.0 zombies seem to be electrified, what about killing a bunch of them at the tower? That would make things dicey but if we have to power it up and these things are electrified then it may work? Just a thought.
  2. Or maybe Richtofen? Because that distressed girl said she was unable to hear the german mans voice any more. Maybe he's communicated with a few people and the flesh eating group progressed farther than the distressed woman.
  3. Any time I've spawned as Stu the audio is really messed up. You can hear Richtofen sometimes but also you hear a lot of moaning, groaning and garbled words. Really noticed it when we were killing zombies near the roof top where the nav table is built.
  4. Yea - only other thing that I've heard has been in regards to the SVU sniper rifle saying this will be important in the future and to guard it with your life.
  5. Right at the start he was saying how he doesn't have electrical interference now so he can communicate with you and that you should listen to him.
  6. Vidalgo

    The TV's

    I've heard some of the TV's making sounds almost similar to dial tones on a telephone just with faster intervals than actually dialing.
  7. They actually seem to like their 'out of the map' stuff - you have to do something similar on Shangri-la and Ascension, if I remember correctly?
  8. Someone's mentioned it somewhere before but Treyarch doesn't put anything in there haphazardly. If its there it has some sort of meaning. Maybe the Russians were on to something with 115 and once the Americans found out they brought over the Russian storage units and made it look like a farm silo?
  9. Element 115 is extracted from meteors. How can you extract "electricity" from a meteor? Not to mention that virtually all Wonder Weapons use 115 as a power source. For example, the Ray Gun, the VR-11...only the Wunderwaffe and Dual Zap Guns use electricity. Extract electricity from a meteor? You can't. But extract it from 115 could. That's what I'm trying to say maybe electricity is a substance of 115. The Ray Gun is powered by 115 but it shoot another substance that maybe also is part of 115. Maybe element 115 is just super conductive and makes a good base for electronic equipment?
  10. Something tells me we are already getting a taste of that. For example The hallway under the bank by the pack a punch. Small cages and the rooms where zombies come from look like testing rooms or storage rooms, etc. Pretty techy looking compared to the atmosphere and general look of the rest of the map, save the power area. Seems like it may have some secrets underneath it all.
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