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  1. Only problem is see with this is that Maxis blew up a large portion of Earth and had a big maniacal laugh about it. The way I see it is that Richtoffen does indeed want to save the Earth because he wants power and control not extinction. Possibly using the zombies as his enforcers to control the remaining human population. Where as Maxis wants to stop Richtoffen, but he knows at this stage the only way to truly keep Richtoffen from achieving his goal and 'save mankind' is euthanasia. Save mankind from suffering and being play things for Richtoffen by just ending their lives. And of course he knows he cant say this because it would make the cast less likely to help him. Moon really was the same story, talking perfectly civil, saying he has a plan to stop Richotteffen and we all know how that turned out.
  2. Well no, when Richtofen has to hack the computer as part of the easter egg Maxis in the computer tries to stop him and Richtofen says 'I dunno how you got into the computer etc etc'. I think he was referring to the real maxis' spirit somehow merged into the machine like how Sam is.
  3. So at the end of things, Richtofen still has control over all the zombies. He still somewhat got what he wanted but just not on a large scale with the Earth blowing up and all. Sure Maxis said he did what he did just to lower the severity of Richtofen in control but that evil laughter after blowing up the Earth. And just blowing up the Earth in general? That kinda says to me, "hmm maybe I shouldnt believe everything this guy says" Sure Richtofen was a key target, but not the only target. So lets pick apart the radios and film reels you find along Moon to find the true victim of the revenge. (im sure most of you by now have listened to all the hidden radios and film reels so i wont bother linking to them) In the radios where Richtofen tries to push teleporter development Maxis keeps shutting him down. As what he really wanted was to focus on was as he said "Improve the human condition". Another word for Improve is Help. He wants to help the human race in some weird way involving 115 and zombies. Odd indeed but still in his mind trying to Help none the less. But what has that got him? In all the time, effort, money that was put into his research all that resulted for him was betrayal, the loss of his daughter and the loss of his own lively hood. Trying to improve the human condition has cost him his own humanity. In one of the final film reel messages, he sees what happens to his daughter, being a conduit trapped within the pyramid. Which was his breaking point. It really didnt take much either as he was trapped in the teleporter to begin with. It would drive anyone mad. Maxis at the end tells Samantha (when she still was in control) to 'Kill everyone'. He wanted to kill everyone involved in the project, or maybe he was just so far gone mentally at this point that really wants to kill EVERYONE, as in the entire human race, as revenge. The radios portrayed him as someone who wanted to improve the 'human condition' but all that got him was the loss of his daughter and ultimately becoming trapt within a machine on the moon. That of course led him to insanity and becoming quite murderous. So what better way to get revenge for what happened to him when he tried to 'improve the human condition' than to do the exact opposite: end the human condition. Which as he said before "Kill Everyone" and thus he was successful in his revenge with your successful completion of the Big Bang Theory. I hope youre all happy, you helped him blow up the earth just so you can add to your gamer score :twisted:
  4. Didnt Maxis' maniacal laughter when he tricked you into blowing up the Earth kinda tip you off that hes not actually your friend? lol
  5. This is great stuff dude. Having 115 in the title and song should of been a give away. Its been staring at us in the face if it turns out to be true. [brains]
  6. I wouldnt count out on the color changing person to person. The iron sights on the ray gun is a different color for each person I believe.
  7. Ok so what are the real differences between the guns? Because they both look and act the same except that theyre different colors. They both as one gun cause zombies to explode and they both come apart and shoot electricity. Could it be that when there put together its called the Wave gun and when theyre separated theyre known as the Zap guns. Because in the new vid we saw them together blow up zombies then taken apart and electrocute them. It would made sense that they differentiate between both with different names because their effects are different. It could just be that that the gun it self comes in different colors as well as the most simple explanation.
  8. My guess with the One Giant Leap is that its a purely gameplay achievement like getting all 7 perks. Like you get trapped in the room, have to down yourself, and you get 'resurrected' when the next round starts. Hence why its the only one that specifies that its in coop
  9. My guesses are that the Spas 12 powerup isnt necessarily just a SPAS 12. Its just a random weapon drop power up in general. And the the phaser zombies disguises itself as one of your teammates.
  10. Some tv shows end in flashbacks as their season finale No those are usually the episode right before the season finale and everyone hates clip shows lol
  11. It just wouldnt make sense on Treyarchs part for Moon to take place before the other maps. They said that it would be the climax of this zombie saga. From what I gather the zombie saga we have going on is them getting helping out gersh, getting the golden rod and then getting the focus stone. So if they have Moon taking place before all that it would make everything that came after it currently pointless and really they have no other 'saga' to climax. They pretty much built the storyline with the last 3 maps and now theyre gonna finally bring it to a close with Moon which is what theyre claiming. So moon would have to take place after everything else. Plus the Lunar lander has no magical properties from what we've seen and runs out of fuel after a couple of trips so Its highly improbable that its capable of space travel.
  12. Moon would be after. In Call of the Dead they mention that theyre going on another goose chase like with gerch (Ascension). So CotD takes place after Ascension. In CotD they aquire the Golden Rod and now have it during Sangri La. So Sangri La takes place after CotD. And in Shangri La they aquire the Focus stone. So now in Moon they have the Focus Stone and Golden Rod and is going to the climax that the devs mentioned. If you were to say that Moon takes place before Ascension then you would also have to agree that Moon takes place before Ascension, before CotD and before Shangri La Which all completely contradicts the whole story line.
  13. Magical Pyramid in storyline/plot terms, nope. Area 51 to Moon in development terms, yes. I just dont see Treyarch putting development time into something thats just there for exposition. Honestly it could be that they went to the moon from 51 plotwise buuut I just dont see them incorporating it into the gameplay.
  14. Its nazi zombies. Treyarch go out of their way to make things as crazy and far fetched as possible. For example how did they go from from deir rise to kino? Time travel, that pretty far fetched if you ask me. And how did they connect it into the terms of the story, they had the loading screen with a picture of them in a teleporter with years next to it. And then one line of dialogue "Who would of thought that the teleporter was capable of time travel". Seems like the same thing here. They have that loading screen of what looks to me as the pyramid from Shangri-La coming to the moon and all they really have to do to explain how they breathe etc etc is pretty much like kino. Just add in a line of dialogue to explain it. "Good thing this magic time traveling pyramid had a force field and some air to breathe and we crashed right next to the space station" It makes as much sense as a time traveling temple that cause eclipses. Im my opinion it sounds more far fetched that treyarch put in the effort to elaborate how they actually ended up going to the moon with a pre game stage of you starting off in area 51 and you take a teleporter to the moon where the real game would begin. Because since aside from load screens and bits of dialouge they never put much thought into explaining how the characters travel map to map.
  15. Gotta disagree on all fronts buddy. First of all on the moon area has Quick Revive, all Black Ops zombie maps have quick revive in the starting area. I know it wasnt present like that in the old WAW maps becuase they didnt have the mechanic to revive yourself when playing solo. But in black ops with the updated gameplay quick revive is in the starting room. Its not 'weird' that he has M&S in the starting room, he could of just easily ran back to the area after PaP'ing it. Also the characters in both of those screens are NOT the same. In the first pic (moon) the character has black gloves on, Richtoffen, and in the 2nd pic (51) the character has bare hands, Tank. So there is no connection between the 2 screenshots. Lastly the screen shot with the dev proves nothing. He wasnt playing the game so he'd have no reason to have any other gun but the default pistol or get points. He was doing whatever devs do. He could of easily no clipped to the area 51...area lol. also if you look at this pic of the loading screen http://i52.tinypic.com/1zc3b5j.png It looks as if the pyramid from shangrila flew them to the moon. The first panel has a pyramid shaped object over the moon and in the 3rd panel you can see the steps of the pyramid on the upper right.
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