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Mr. Jay

Have you earned your co-op records?

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Co-op records, the general barometer of one's game. Much like GPAs, there is always hidden truth behind every score. Someone collecting a 4.0 from algebra , communications, and economics 101s is not as elite as someone with 3.5 from behavioral theories, database, and visual basics. A retarded monkey playing with way or eye can reach high twenties despite having 20+ downs. Trust me, it's been done. So the question is, have you earned your co-op scores? Or were you along for the ride?

Most of my records were hard earned, with moon being the exception. COTD quit end of 27 never recorded, got there only because of way. 25 on Moon was embarrassingly unjustified, but the very next day on split screen reached 20 easily. Although I can say inexperience with the maps contributed to the bad games.

Also did a challenge with eye and chopper and reached 22. On paper I did good, had double digit revives and the least downs, but my job that day was to hide and revive.

How did you earn your co-op? Any records associated with eye, chopper, or way should have asterisk next to it.

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I almost always play with randoms because most of my friends don't even play zombies anymore, they're all waiting for BO 2 to come out. All my high rounds were while playing with randoms, and I was consistently one of the better players in those matches.

I don't want to sound arrogant or anything, I've only managed to break 30 on one map (technically 2 but the game lagged out). I wish I could do better but it's hard to find the people to do so.

So I feel as if I have in fact earned my co-op records, I just wish I could do better with them. I do find it funny though that in every single match I play, even if I don't get the most kills, I always get the most head shots. Every single time, not even joking.

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     My answer is yes he did. I believe that you did also in the game where you played medic, because those revives kept the game going. Everyone has a job in a well structured co-op game, and sometimes those jobs don't look quite as pretty as the other jobs, but they are just as necessary.

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Yes, I think I have earned them.

I have never been "carried" to a high round. In all my leaderboards I've always pulled my weight and have done some carrying on my own. Once carried a squeaker to 38 on kino, he had over 50 downs...I had 1. He got the thunder gun early on, but didnt know how to use it and emptied it by round 15. :facepalm:

I still consider that game of my best zombie performances ever.

My highest Co-op ever was 48 on Shangri la with two and it was the most taxing game ever. We spent hours (literally 2-3 hours) just hitting the box to recycle the Shrink Ray, or to get a new crossbow. We ran circles at MPL and AK74u and those circles are tight and horrible. Not to mention that the crossbow is terrible on this map and almost never saved me. We both had over 20 downs at the end of the game. We earned it.

I would say in general as long as you're not cheating then you earned it. Some people will get carried a little higher then they belong, but I don't see anyone getting carried past 40.

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Just one. And of course, once again it is that man Way :lol: It was on Shangri La, I pretty much got carried from round 14 I played so badly. The rest I feel I have earned, no matter what the circumstances.


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Most of them I feel like I have.

My dream goals are 50 co-op each map, but I would honestly be rather happy and content with 30+ on each map. That being said, I've achieved that except on Nacht der Untoten and Shangri-La, those being 20 and 22 respectively.

But I know I just want to hit at least one 50, for the Richtofen medal. 8-)

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I've earned my lvl's, although my game style changes depending on how good my team is, firstly ill admit to being a little selfish and greedy when I'm competing but ill always be the first to try to revive u, unless you can't stay alive at all! If I have a good team ill often sit back and relax, if its a bad team ill lead by example, usually get up to lvl25+ using 2 or less live's.. I always play my way, my area's my pace but I'm always happy to help others learn why I do it this way, I never steal windows ([email protected] hate this) I don't kill crawlers I take turns on the box unless I have no weapon at all. And I'm usually pretty chilled out, and on Shangri la once I have my weapons of choice ill milk the monkeys for max ammo or 2x everytime..

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I'd say I haven't achieved my full potential in terms of co-op high rounds, but only since my lifestyle doesn't permit it as I've made clear before. But the records that I do have, I'd definitely say I've earned.

Round 66 on Moon, I came up with the strategy we would be using and helped Tom get through a patch of bad connection. I think I only downed once before round 60, then 5 more times from 60-62 trying to sabotage the game :twisted: Tom did well to keep getting me back up and noticed that I'd just started to mess around, and we agreed to suicide on 66.

Round 60 on Ascension, I definitely did my fair share of the work, myself acting as the decoy and Tom doing a pretty damn awesome job as a medic, particularly during my controller fail incident :lol:

50 on COTD, my teammate was a good player but had no idea of the strategy so I did a lot of directing and helped him recover from many a fail due to lack of knowledge of the map or strategy.

45 with 4 players on FIVE was just a huge 10 hour revive fest, I was running the War Room the whole game with a few friends who struggled to hold down the PaP room, I had close to 100 revives at the end of the game and 2 downs.

45 on Shangri la again with 4 players, similar story just running around reviving everyone even though I got about 70% of the zombies where I was running.

So yeah, I'd definitely say I've earned my stripes as a co-op player, and who knows maybe my lifestyle may change by the time BO2 rolls around, in which case you'd see several 70+ co-op games from me. But who knows what time will bring, or if my formerly regular teammate Tom would be interested in tackling each map as it gets released :P

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I can honestly say ive earned mine. Just yesterday morning i finally hit round 50 and my only down was the end of the game. And Getting close to 30 on all other maps.

We tend not to run rape trains. We usually camp and hold out but after a certain point you cant do that anymore. Once that happens we tend to start using the entire map rather than running a circle in a certain room or area.

And while usually I only get to play for 3-4 hours, i think my co-op records have been earned.

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I'd say I have. Out of all my friends I'd say I'm the most serious at playing zombies, and I've noticed that whenever I have a decent co-op game I always go down the least (two or three, if any downs), and the games i do go down alot in it usually goes to crap by the late teens or early twenties. Therefore quick revive is my favorite co-op perk. :D

A game of Moon with a friend of mine recently saw us getting to 37, my friend went down a couple times early on then held fairly consistently until about 30, then he lost his concentration and went down like 20 times. We were playing at his folk's house and they didn't want us up late so we had the tv turned down, BIG mistake as we didn't hear about excavator excelon until the 60 second mark (round 34). My friend had no juggs and ended up running for the teleporter from the labs, while i came from the biodome. We didn't time it right and he died before i could revive him (neither of us had masks), and i just barely fell through the gap and ran back into the labs and escaped suffocating. In the ensuing adrenaline rush I forgot all about the excavator, and we lost the biodome. :evil:

Afterwards I killed all but one zombie, my friend simply wanted me to kill it then suicide at 35, but i was persistent and recycled both my max wave gun AND gersches successfully, and then I played out the rest of the game solo using super's recieving bay strategy with my friend jumping off the cliffs to control the spawns at the beginning of each round. :lol: Unfortunately I ended up tossing a gersche at a window and decompressed the main room at 37, and failed trying to own tunnel 11. That was my first down.

So yeah, I'd say I've definitely earned my co-op records.

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I'm sure we all have been carried at some point, if not while ago then at least at time we all started out zombies slaying journey.

Myself I'm most of time the one carrying other players, but at times I have bad days/games when I just can not pull my skill out and tend to just say "ok, cornered again, doesn't matter..."

But may I slightly point object of conversion in this thread to how many revives you all have had at best?

My was when we played with my friend splitted among someone found from matchmaking, I claimed Thundergun at certain point of game, and at medium rounds I was one who revived other two. Altough I did go down few times, mostly because I was not holding TG in my hands/getting surprise 5 slapped.

Final score was around 3-6 downs, 79 revives.

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