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Definitely a city, but is that one of those jet-powered Opsreys flying in the sky?

Could this possibly mean Zombie killstreaks!

No... first off, how would that work as a killstreak? Maybe a trap-like thing where you buy it, but killstreaks would never work.

I just hope all zombie maps aren't as destroyed as this. Still, looks beastly.

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If you look, you can see Juggernog and all these other things.

That is not what I want to discuss...What I want to discuss is the Redness of the picture and how it is in a city that looks to have been nuked in some way.

Now we all know that at the end of moon that the earth was blown up.

I think we are continuing the same storyline...yet as new characters. Perhaps, the only survivors? or just a lone group of 8 survivors (because of the new 8 player mode)?

Im guessing we will have Black Ops 1 weapons again maybe modified a bit, or slightly in the future. Or even in Black Ops 2's timeline...considering moon is probably close to that time (not sure when moon was held, anyone?).

But tell me what you think, I think that it will be interesting to see how this all works.

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I believe that the story of Tank, Nikolai, Dempsey and now Samantha is continued in classic 4 Coop matches.

And then this another mode is with 8 players and has survivors in Earth fighting the zombies. And we are going to see maps after the nuke and before it. When the army was fighting against the outbreaks.

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