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  1. Plane > Bridge > Afterlife > Back to Alcatraz? I'm guessing this is what this means, completing this cycle 3 times.
  2. Maybe te BO1 stuff is old code but there is definitely some new stuff in there...search through it... Only in the beginning...there are a few different zombies game modes we haven't seen. No future map names that I have seen but game modes and such there is. I think Nacht Der might have been planned to be a map originally as there is a map named cornfield for grief and survival
  3. So, I don't really post a lot. I'm more of a lurker, but I was about to play nuketown zombies when it hit me. If you look at the globe when you are about to choose a map, the name of the map we play Tranzit on is called "Green Run". Well, if you have Nuketown zombies and you look at the name of the map... It says "Nevada, U.S.A". If it was meant to be just another survival map then it would say "Nuketown". But it doesn't, it says Nevada USA and that HAS TO MEAN that they are going to add more. I don't want to take things too far, but considering the area it's in ...and the name....maybe as DLC we will get Area 51 (AS A WHOLE) for Tranzit mode. Another thing to note, players that did not buy the hardened edition and didn't get Nuketown zombies, will be getting it in december (if they have the season pass) if im correct? That means, they are probably giving players that don't have it time to play it before they extend the Nevada map. This is just a theory, but I'm hoping I'm not wrong. Since Treyarch likes to listen to their community, we may get what we have all been waiting for. Think about it. Also, tell me what you think :D
  4. I think that it will be a robot. Think about it, Fake skin can be made...maybe its a robot that, at first, was made to like a human. then over time the skin was tore off or covered from all of the blood to make it look scarier. I see where you are getting the yellow eyes thing though, it's kind of like a yellow blur. Many things can happen, but for one thing, what the hell does it matter whether or not the bus driver is a robot? Even if it is a robot it would most likely STILL take part of the story line. So, why worry about it? ;)
  5. Nobody has noticed what the tune is yet? Haha, "The wheels on the bus go round and round...Round and round...Round and round. The wheels on the bus go round and round...all through the town." I didn't see any comments noticing this...Correct me if I'm wrong. EDIT: Oops didnt see the post about the map being called "Tranzit". So nevermind about nuketown zombies :)
  6. To be honest...I like most types of music (Dubstep, Rock, Pop, etc.) except country >.> but I think that dubstep like Living Dead provided would be great. Just look at the Resident Evil Movies...They have some dubstep type mix in them along with the hardcore rock types. I love dubstep and I also love bands like Asking Alexandria and Pierce the Veil (to those that know who I'm talking about) which are what most of my friends call "screamo". I understand that people can like whatever the hell they want...but why not try it out and see for yourself. Listen to some dubstep while playing Zombies (I do, it seems to fit for me) ONE TIME, don't pick something necessarily like Skrillex or Deadmau5, but something with a lot of energy in it. Maybe some of you will change your minds :)
  7. I think that zombies will be revealed more and more each treyarch game... For example: in 2014 zombies will probably be revealed closer to the same time as multiplayer, then it may be routine to reveal both at the same time :)
  8. If any custom zombies type features will be implemented (Maps mostly) it will be for PC. Not that it isn't possible for xbox. Xbox could get custom modes but I can't see custom maps coming to xbox even though that's the platform I will be playing on.
  9. Considering this topic is about Jimmy Zielinski's Twitter, has anyone else noticed how his bio has been changing a lot? Yesterday it was Shangri la http://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Manhattan_Project Later yesterday it was a link to a shangri la wikipedia page. Today, I notived that it says - unknown http://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Manhattan_Project Most likely means nothing, just some observations ^_^
  10. Well the formula must be important, Considering it's linked to the creation of A-Bombs which was the whole point of the Manhattan Project.
  11. I don't know about melee weapons. It seems cool, but I'd rather stick with the sickle and bowie knife...Maybe one more. It feels a bit too L4D2-ish
  12. The Manhattan Project is also linked to the bombings of Hiroshima and Nagasaki. It wouldn't be too far-fetched to say that we may be going back to the 40s. Although this is just based off of a link to a wikipedia page from Zielinski's twitter and a random formula he decided to tweet in reply to a tongue twister. :lol:
  13. Can you tell us if it relates to the Manhattan Project?
  14. Just because it's in reply to some random tweet means nothing. Maybe he randomly replied to it on purpose instead of randomly saying "v/v=k"
  15. Ha, I was editing my last post when you said that XD Yeah I'm glad were finally getting directions on what to explore instead of relying on theories Do you think we are going back to the 40s? Considering that's when the Manhattan project was.
  16. Ha, I was editing my last post when you said that XD
  17. Maybe, it's not necessarily a wonder weapon. Maybe, it's going to be a new tactical grenade for zombies that will play well in 4Z4 against other players acting as a gas. EDIT: After looking at Jimmy's twitter page, I saw the Manhattan-Project wikipedia page and considering that the Manhattan poject worked on the VERY FIRST atomic bombs, most likely it has to do with Avogadro's Law.
  18. Yay Zielinski is actually giving us some cool hints ^_^
  19. In fact, that is not true. It is still a one knife kill. If you watch some of the gameplay from the livestreams you would see that. Also, you do not "pull out" your knife. You only pull it our if you do not have a primary/secondary weapon in that slot as the 10 point system allows you to discard your primary and secondary weapon for the point.
  20. Ugh, Vonderhaar and Jimmy are so mysterious anymore. It's Overwhelming. Just give us a trailer and quit teasing XD
  21. I definitely believe we will get a good amount of information within this month. Also, does anyone have an idea of what Gamestop's Wave 2 will be? To Pride_J-A (Like Kill_All_Monkeys said), your grammar is actually very well.
  22. There is going to be a zombies campaign...Go ask at a GameStop...pretty sure they will tell you, at least when I got my poster they did. Even if they were lying, This is pretty damn believable. Also, James C. Burns is probably working in Zombies now because in the audio tape it does say "Black Operatives". Who knows...maybe we will play as current Black Ops characters in which James would voice...Or we could play as mason...Who knows, anything is possible with zombies considering we blew the earth up. Please, at least be open to what people say, especially the trustable sources like James Burns.
  23. If you look, you can see Juggernog and all these other things. That is not what I want to discuss...What I want to discuss is the Redness of the picture and how it is in a city that looks to have been nuked in some way. Now we all know that at the end of moon that the earth was blown up. I think we are continuing the same storyline...yet as new characters. Perhaps, the only survivors? or just a lone group of 8 survivors (because of the new 8 player mode)? Im guessing we will have Black Ops 1 weapons again maybe modified a bit, or slightly in the future. Or even in Black Ops 2's timeline...considering moon is probably close to that time (not sure when moon was held, anyone?). But tell me what you think, I think that it will be interesting to see how this all works.
  24. That perk machine looks to be Juggernog...look closely
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