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  1. 2012 is prob when it takes place. Maybe it's a new element that formed that will make new kinds of zombies.
  2. Looks like it. on her hat it says 1221 =12/21=Mayan End of the World.
  3. I didn't see your join date. I've never seen your account b4 so consider it not stolen.
  4. Same here, like Assassins Creed 3 WHY DID U STEAL MY NAME?
  5. On her hat it says 1221 = 12/21 = Mayan Apocolypse
  6. I hope they do this. In a different way maybe, you travel in a car instead of Heli?
  7. Can someone tell me how you work the spoiler feature?
  8. Having 8 players would be fine as long as its a seperate mode.
  9. This would get really annoying. Normally there is only 2-3 dogs but this with 50 zombies...OMG *Breaks disc in half*
  10. All I have to say is if they ever make a map anything like Moon again, Im smashing my disc with my xbox.
  11. This would be good except it would be hard to choose which utube stars would be in it.

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