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  1. Definitely the Wunderwaffe. I can remember when I first got that thing from the box on Shi No Numa. Made it to round 30 with a huge smile on my face. I miss the WaW days
  2. Yeh, you're safe with every other weapon Cool. I don't really like snipers anyway This map is very creepy though. I get chills playing it. Very satanic
  3. Does it only work with a sniper?
  4. When I drink and play zombies I'm clumsy and dumb. I tend to camp a lot which is a bad idea when playing NTZ. When I'm stoned however it's completely different. I tend to be more focused and I move a lot, it's almost erratic. I remember playing Der Riese stoned on WAW and a Hellhound glitched in my face. Safe to say, I tripped balls
  5. There were achievements specific to Green Run. Why would they make achievements specific to one section of TranZit and not the others? Maybe Green Run is the name of the whole area. Like 'Tranzit' is the game mode but the area of land is known as Green Run
  6. I hope Trent Reznor helps out with some Zombie songs. That guy is a genius!
  7. That wub wub crap shouldn't touch zombies. Would completely kill the mood
  8. There is no CoD:XP this year, sadly :cry: What?! Why wasn't I aware of this?! :shock:
  9. They will probably show a teaser trailer at Gamescom and then do a full on reveal at COD:XP. That would be my guess
  10. I think it's just a reference to Area 51 being a classified base. I would love a return though. They could have lots of conspiracy based easter eggs and stuff. Maybe and alien round instead of a Hellhound round
  11. Shi No Numa has always been the most terrifying. The fact that it's in the middle of nowhere also creeps me out. Even the spawn room with the maggots and the hanging man is freaky as hell. The huts have a closed in feel and they are dark.
  12. I think it's mainly because a zombie is a walking virus. Their sole reason is to contaminate as many other organisms before they die, therfore multiplying
  13. Nine Inch Nails or Alter Bridge should do a song. AB can do heavy melodic stuff. NIN are very methodical in how their music plays out. There are usually ambient sounds and weird lyrics which would suit zombies down to the ground
  14. I hope she does. She is as much a part of Zombies now as the Zombies!
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