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This would be the best map...

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if it weren't for George. How can anyone says George is fun? Maybe some 10 year old kid (who will cry if George knocks them down) or some stoned person who doesn't know what the hell is happening. Treyarch, for the love of god, if you don't take him out when you rerelease these "old" maps on BO2 at least make an option to take him out. He totally is against what zombies started as in NDU.

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George is what makes COTD fun and slightly challenging at times. He makes the game unpredictable, and unpredictability is what I like best about CoDz.

Just another opinion though.

I can respect that. Ya, unpredicatability is good but I'm thinking more when the dogs spawn at the same time as the zombies in Der Riese. Now that was fun in a funny sorta way.

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I enjoyed the presence of George in COTD as he could put you in a tight situation making you fight harder to survive but I can understand your reasons for not liking his inclusion as at times I have wondered if 3arc should have lessened his inclusion and stuck him in on random rounds and remove him from others or make him a more easier kill or after killing him keeping him dead but he makes the game harder which I find is more fun.

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COTD is what COTD is. It does not have an infinite damage gun (except VR solo, which is bullshit. So only except with VR coop). And also George is there. If you don't like him, just use the upgraded VR for him every round...

I like the map a lot in early rounds (-40). Without George, I would miss something.

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seems like a lot of people actually like george... well, i'll be the only person to agree with complex - i hate george. the "boss zombie" idea is what makes me hate call of the dead (and moon, for the astro) over any other map.

also, i hate the fog :P

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Call of the Dead is my favourite map because of George. He was just so different to anything else we had seen for far.

If they were to take him out they would ruin my favourite map, and thus possibly ruin zombies for me.

Oh and I doubt (and really hope) that we'd be won't be allowed to 'edit' maps. Taking out George just cus he annoys us. It's fair enough you don't him, but the option to remove things, even on solo mode, doesnt seem fair to me and I'm really against it.

I believe he should stay were he is. :)

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I still think COTD is the best map. I just like everything about that map. I mostly like how only players with the most endurance for long games can play this map. Getting to 70+ normally takes 20+ hours! And once you hit 70 you will have to recycle at least once a round even if you get a max ammo. Rounds in the 70s can take 45 minutes or longer! And if you kill george(only takes one ray gun outside of the water)he will be gone for almost two hours!

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COTD....what is there to say?!?

I HATED THIS MAP WHEN IT WAS RELEASED.....but the more i played it the more i found myself wanting to play it again and again. It has become my favorite map for many reasons.

1) Completly different map style than the other maps (ie no traps, changing weather, ect)

~makes the map harder~

2) I actually like george. He adds a new factor to the usual zombies. He keeps you on your toes.

~makes the map harder~

3) Really no Wonder Weapon (yes i know the waffle is in this map but you only get it by killing george.)

~makes the map harder~

4) I mean come on...whats not to like about a ship wreck/lighthouse map complete with a cool submarine. (would be cool if you could get on the sub )

Acension will always hold a special place in my heart because thats when i really got hooked on zombies, and Moon really gave it a run for the money, but COTD , so far, is my favorite map. Without George this map would lose its luster.

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