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  1. took about 85 hours total, explained all of that in the video though i had done it over the course of 7 days
  2. Herro der, my name is pishizor and 1=1. Here is my world record run on Ascension, enjoy! (a person with many 5's has forced this post) 8XY36t02hfo
  3. i can only say that masta is correct about five. he's got the record there with 63. those other guys claim to have only one down running on the top floor the entire game... yeah right. for moon, it takes 20 hours for 70... if you're running in the biodome. superhands did 66 in 10 hours running receiving bay and for call of the dead, it definitely does not take 24 hours. the guys with the record in the zombiewhisperers steam group (which masta is a part of) did 70 in 18.5 hours. i'm not sure how long fear played in his game to 85, but i'd believe it's legitimate
  4. about 85 hours over 7 days, anything you would want to know is explained in the video :D
  5. youtube video game out for the new kino rec after i made that last post: fK2seDn4DL0 and nice job on 129 :D
  6. co-op is harder on every map except nacht. no jug + no revive = no survive.
  7. a few updates: kino der toten solo wr by CNZClan: http://www.twitch.tv/cnzclan/b/318125853 (don't know if there's a youtube video for it..) no man's land 366 by steve: ms8vgS4YEs8
  8. and we all know why you're doing it, super... you just want brains from tom amazing job anyway :D
  9. just thought i should say - the verruckt spawn room only video on the leaderboards here isn't truly spawn room only... they opened the bar room, so it doesn't exactly count relaxingend got to 13 with 4 players (so two spawn rooms...), therefore i don't really know if that counts either. link is here anyway: SvJ_fpBn444 relaxing also got 11 on the jug side with mato. you guys can decide which makes the leaderboards ZgO_nUQdS2I ------------------------------ as for the waw nacht record, i've gotten to 27 coop with a teammate who barely knew how to play. it's better than nothing, hopefully someone beats it soon (it can't take too long ) bxbwbH01bZw 1:10 into that video, you'll see the world at war nacht stuff.
  10. oops, i forgot one Shi No Numa (WaW) 2147 Solo by v2Drake BFHu10dfw48 that's just the game over screen. the gameplay can be seen on his channel...
  11. looking at this, there seems to be a lot missing... nacht (BO) co-op 65 by ☺DKA_Masta and ☺Dynamics: OTdJCn74X_A der riese (BO) co-op 99 by CrispiestSole89 and chongbongd23: c2uMhQL-nr8 kino co-op 99 by sidmarCHEYENNE and Elneris33: u4_6H8iIq1E (that's just 99, this is more proof): 4V9MJAeZNqo call of the dead co-op 85 by FE4R1E7Z and danny98937341: sNs-6JPKpdc shangri-la co-op 88 by Wibo-- and xZANKx: KG9fv7F-NVM NML 361 by Superhands _R-cqNKcO7M Verruckt (WaW) 129 solo by pishizor: 1wnijEc05_E (skip to the end...) Shi No Numa (WaW) 38 co-op by pishizor and GunxZomb...this one is really sad...: 9v_kJ0KIX6c there's probably a lot more, but this list really needed an update. that ascension 180 is fake as well... (at least i believe so) Fixed videos for you Pish :mrgreen:
  12. i'm a part of a steam group called "zombie whisperers" which has a lot of great players that get very little recognition. a few days ago, they made it to 65, a new world record, co-op as well. a lot of people probably wouldn't see it unless there was a public post of it, so here's the video: OTdJCn74X_A just to clarify, this isn't me, it's DKA_Masta and Dynamics. they are probably the best players of all time (on pc, at least )
  13. i've been able to safely get two groups per flogger hit, but that's it. shi no's slower than verruckt using the "flogger -> comm -> flogger" strategy :(
  14. answer: no. waw and modtools are different downloads. you can have one or the other, but you will need both if you are mapping. buy world at war (because activision needs more money ) then i can maybe help you with getting modtools and creating a map.
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