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  1. Sorry, I didn't mean to say that Syndicate or people who train are bad. I mean Syndicate is pretty good at video games and training does require a certain skill set. What I was really alluding to was that the ease of training does really even feel like you're playing zombies. All you really have to do is learn how to be coordinated enough to use the joysticks. I don't get why people say that George is good because he prevents camping. Sorry but camping in zombies and camping in multiplayer are two different things. Camping in zombies takes a certain skill set. Knowing when to reload, when to b
  2. You know, the same style as Verruckt and Nacht. Not something where they spawn in from where you are but instead you're trapped in a building and your goal is to keep the zombies OUT. Black Ops was all too much "let the zombies in and run in a circle until you have 24 zombies then blow them away with the thundergun, scavenger, etc." Sorry but that rape train thing that syndicate does is for people who are bad at the game that want to get to high rounds. I miss the days of playing Nacht with 3 of my buddies and getting to round 20 actually meant something. Now I can just play any map and spin i
  3. They have a multiplayer map outside of Kino. It's called "Berlin Wall."
  4. I think of any edition of COD that Treyarch makes that they include zombies in with the game then the WaW should always be playable. They just have a classic feel to them. Even when I go and play zombies on Black Ops I'm always selecting Verruckt or Shi No Numa over crap maps like Call of the Dead.
  5. Normally I think the majority of ideas on this forum are dumb but you got something there. Even worse than running trains is people on YouTube posting videos of them running trains like it's an acquired skill lol
  6. As long as there's no crap like napalm, shrieker, george, or astronaut it'll be good. Keep adding that stuff and your game is essentially left for dead 3.
  7. I find that a lot of people don't really like Ascension and their reason for not liking it is because they say the Lander thing is too easy to run trains on but at the same time these same people will say Der Reise is their favorite map. But if you play Der Reise there's two lander like trains you can make. One in below the catwalk and the other in front of the door that opens the catwalk. Plus monkeys are harder than dogs. So what gives?
  8. I find it "funny" that people are so obsessed with the box they won't open any doors, could care less about the power on to get perks, and will blow all their points on the box on round 4 because they want a ray gun so bad and once they get it they're going down every 3 seconds because they don't realize it's a smart idea to turn the power on first and grab jugg and phd and they scream that they have a ray gun and you NEED to revive them. If you're that hellbent on one shotting zombies on round 5 just grab the stakeout and spare everyone the annoyance lol My solution? Always spawn the box
  9. - idiots that are obsessed with the box. They hit it over and over again trying to get the ray gun or whatever wonder weapon the map holds. They refuse to open doors and just want to spend all of their points on the box once enough doors are open to get to the box. They could care less about turning on the power and getting perks. They go down 5+ times before round 7 because they're too busy fiddling with the box instead of SHOOTING zombies. They scream their head off once they get the ray gun but yet manage to go down within 30 seconds. I cannot stand these kids. If you are so hell bent on o
  10. I just don't like special zombies because if I wanted that crap I could just put Left for Dead in my xbox.
  11. Bring back traps and dogs and get rid of napalm, shrieker, monkeys, george, astronaut, and any idea of a boss. A boss just ruins what zombies was from WaW.
  12. Yes. The WaW maps were the best. Before Treyarch started getting ideas from Left for Dead.
  13. Sorry, I wrote that really quick and didn't mean to offend anyone. I just like the WaW maps better and think they should go back to that "style." The last 3 maps were just very un-COD-Z like. If you disagree with me then that's fine but I didn't mean to offend you. Ya, I can see what you mean. But hell, during the zombies panel the devs said they even liked the WaW maps better. I don't mean to offend anyone but if they keep adding in "boss" type things like the napalm, astronaut, and george then that just breaks what made COD-Z fun which was endless waves of zombies. Now if the
  14. No offense but zombies already went down the shitter when they added george, napalm/shrieker, astronaut, and the hacker device. And ya, getting jugg every other time and you needed your whole team? Developers must have been playing too much Left for Dead when they were making those maps. and to the guy above me, camping is what makes zombies exciting. I got addicted to zombies in NDU because the team was trying to hold the zombies from breaking in and guarding the windows and then when we were overwhelmed we would go into camping mode. MUCH HARDER to get further that way than running arou
  15. A word of advice: Don't be so condescending to people regarding their reading skills when I've read three threads you've created/commented in today and your grammar and writing isn't as good as you think it is. Also in another of your threads you copied someone else's ideas, changed the words around a little and made your own thread about it which, in my opinion was unnecessary. Honestly, it was my fault. I didn't have my glasses on and kind of just glanced over what he wrote. Didn't see the part about SMG in COTD. But seriously what is peoples fascination about having
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