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  1. complexinvalid

    Letting go.

    Yes. The WaW maps were the best. Before Treyarch started getting ideas from Left for Dead.
  2. complexinvalid

    Fattening up Zombies

    Sorry, I wrote that really quick and didn't mean to offend anyone. I just like the WaW maps better and think they should go back to that "style." The last 3 maps were just very un-COD-Z like. If you disagree with me then that's fine but I didn't mean to offend you. Ya, I can see what you mean. But hell, during the zombies panel the devs said they even liked the WaW maps better. I don't mean to offend anyone but if they keep adding in "boss" type things like the napalm, astronaut, and george then that just breaks what made COD-Z fun which was endless waves of zombies. Now if these new features they're talking about include something like an option to turn off George and the napalm and whatever new boss they put in then perfect. Don't really care about the leaderboards, just want to play zombies Nacht-Verruckt style.
  3. complexinvalid

    Fattening up Zombies

    No offense but zombies already went down the shitter when they added george, napalm/shrieker, astronaut, and the hacker device. And ya, getting jugg every other time and you needed your whole team? Developers must have been playing too much Left for Dead when they were making those maps. and to the guy above me, camping is what makes zombies exciting. I got addicted to zombies in NDU because the team was trying to hold the zombies from breaking in and guarding the windows and then when we were overwhelmed we would go into camping mode. MUCH HARDER to get further that way than running around in circles for hours on end and them blasting them away with whatever wonder weapon the map has. That's not fun nor does it take skill. Anybody who is coordinated enough to use the sticks can do that. That's why NDU and Verruckt are such brilliant maps. The last 3 maps didn't even feel like zombies. Now if we're talking about camping in MP, then ya I'd like to George to go after them lol
  4. complexinvalid


    I think there's going to be the normal survive as many hordes as possible plus a zombies campaign!
  5. complexinvalid


    "Our most ambitious zombies stuff yet." Nice find, mate.
  6. complexinvalid

    Official CallOFDuty.com BO2 Viral thread - UPDATE 7

    Wood is probably being adviser of the modern Black Ops troops and helps them in their missions by giving advices. The fighting and missions take place in near future, +2012 Exactly. I don't get why people still think its going to be the 1980s.
  7. complexinvalid

    Official CallOFDuty.com BO2 Viral thread - UPDATE 7

    No, 21st century Cold War. That means After 1999.
  8. complexinvalid

    Official CallOFDuty.com BO2 Viral thread - UPDATE 7

    It said near future in the official site, so at least after 2012. Or maybe it's the future AFTER Black Ops. Which means 1970+. Plus it says 21st century so after 1999 :D
  9. complexinvalid

    Black Ops 2 Official site & Trailer Discussion!

    Guess that pretty much confirms it's going to to be a modern game. I'm disappointed, but I guess time will tell whether I'll like it or not. Plus you can't watch the video but you can at least see the screenshot. It's definitely modern/futuristic.
  10. complexinvalid

    Black Ops 2 Official site & Trailer Discussion!

    Depends where you live I guess. Actually not, it comes to public for all at the same time. After the basketball game I guess. Probably halftime or inbetween the first and second period.
  11. complexinvalid


    I think deadshot increased headshot damage, I have noticed this in call of the dead around round 25-30 If that's true i guess that makes it a bit better in my opinion but I guess I haven't noticed the difference because I never really used it. I thought it just aimed for the head. It also gives you steady aim. I hipfire a lot so I like it.
  12. complexinvalid


    It gives you steady aim. I like it because I hip fire a lot. Also, if you're playing on console the aim assist naturally points your gun at the zombies torso. With Deadshot it'll point your gun at the zombies head. There's no aim assist on PC so the perk only cost 1000 compared to the consoles 1500.
  13. complexinvalid

    Official CallOFDuty.com BO2 Viral thread - UPDATE 7

    ( If they didn't have zombies, I would never buy a cod game ever again. MW3= Crap BO2(Without Z)= Crap MW3 is a big fat turd, as is every IW game. But BO2 is going to be really good just like BO1. Can't wait to beast people in FFA.
  14. complexinvalid

    Black Ops 2 Official Release date Pre Order Cards Released

    Better than the 2 and 3 IW has. Those represent the black marks on the series.
  15. complexinvalid

    First Map for Round 100

    Go for Ascension. I got to round 32 solo but just found it too boring to go any further plus my hands feel like they're about to fall off if I play any longer in one run like that.

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