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  1. Nice eye, I was concentrating on the R.I.P. bit. Maybe it does spell Tombstone, as we can't see the first half. I dont understand what perk would be called Tombstone... Maybe a machine with a unique function like the P.A.P?
  2. Juggernog and speed cola. Cus they fall in moon and they are drinks?
  3. Well I made you remember about the flamer quote! I feel cheated. Im never coming back to this site. Until tomorrow. ;)
  4. Napalm Zombie or Shrieker? Edit: Napalm as Tank says 'here's a flamer for you Richtofen!'
  5. I think the outer space bit should have given it away. But it didn't Well done. I was miles off. Anyone got another? Pretty fun.
  6. Thunder gun? Or wonder weapons in general?
  7. By my reckoning this could either be really good or awful. But since its Treyarch I'm leaning towards really good. :D
  8. I'm really impressed. Never seen concept art like this before, it let's you see how much planning actually goes into these maps. Great find.
  9. I saw a piece from Facebook, (I think) that said 'Be ready to protect your perks'. So it must be ascension. Took them long enough.
  10. How cool would a monkey bomb be? Or a Gersche device. Or a thundergun you could use to obliterate your enimies, but that would be illegal so probably not.
  11. 1. Buffy from Call of the dead picking up a Death Machine. 2. Sammy from Moon picking up a fire sale. 3. Michael Rooker from call of the dead firing a Scavenger shot. Also sorry I brainsed you I wanted to hit quote edited because I misspelled moon Yup:)
  12. I have a good one. Who. What and when is this? 1'This things bigger than me!' 2 I like my song better! 3 It's gonna blow.....Now! Hahahahahahaha!

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