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  1. You forgot tombstone. Deadshot for me. favourite perk,favourite song. I miss you buddy! "Tear"
  2. Obviously the map map will be nothing like this, but its fun to speculate no? Best thing, return of deadshot. I really loved him. Bo1 with two lmgs, staminup deadshot jugg and speed. Ahh perfection.
  3. Simple reused sound files? Or something more? It does seem a coincidence that it reappeared it a map that features a variation of the crawler zombies. Good find man! I never would have noticed this.
  4. Oh my, really loved that. It's actually really funny, just made my day. I wish I'd seen this earlier. So much better than the original. Thx for the link man!
  5. It think its less of ignoring and more of not agreeing. I heard the 'the one' zombie view theory and believe this to be correct, but it could still be interpreted as Sam. As for the others, care to elaborate? Maybe BOA for the survivors, but I don't see it myself. And I really can't understand the marines part. 'Father' 'love when your weeping' 'I live again' This seems way too similar to Sam.
  6. I agree there have been hints to an Atlantis and Paris map, but space? They already did moon. I loved it yes but I feel another map with the same features of shifting gravity and air would be overkill. Just my two cents.
  7. It's just the console getting ready for revolution. The new is regarding turned.
  8. It is just the turned gamemode added with the diner map. It doesn't apply to the tranzit gamemode.
  9. Yeah, here's a thread with a discussion ongoing. http://www.callofdutyzombies.com/forum/viewtopic.php?f=139&t=27930 As for the 'New', i think it means the 'Turned' gamemode on Diner rather than any actual change to the map.
  10. I'm guessing Die Rise will be almost identical to Tranzit, minus the bus, and maybe the map will be in one piece rather than four or five little chuncks. So despite the name change, I don't think it will be any different to Tranzit on Green Run.
  11. Die Rise only? I'm sort of disappointed. I was hoping for subsections like town and farm were you could have a simple relaxing survival. Does this also mean grief will not be available on 'Great leap Forward'?
  12. Buildables: 1: Yes Please! 2: I dont think Denizens will feature heavily, but I have always wanted a Dark warehouse etc were there were no rounds, but not fast paced like NML. Imagine opening a door and seeing nothing but 20 blue eyes waiting for you! I know Cod Zombies isn't horror, but I dont know, maybe i have been plaing too much Zombiu! 3: Alright. 4: Look at me Zombies! I am on the ceiling! Hahaha 5: Meh Wonder weapons: Would work well with your boots. Someone brought up the Shrink ray again and I think that could be fantastic. I remember hearing about a weapon that is single shot, but overloads the zombies with 115 (not sure about this), causing them to go beserk and attack over zombies, possibly infecting them before dying out soon after. In regards to PhD, it is the perfect map for PhD and for that I think it won't be in it. It is also the perfect perk to not be in it. I think there is too much verticality implied and PhD would make an emergency retreat from a hoard too easy. Again i don't know. Anyway, I didn't think the knew map would impress me this much. Roll on February!
  13. I would love to see the return of some old wonder weapons. If they keep churning them out I believe they will start getting cheap (but I do love the thrustodyne' even if its not a real 'wonder weapon', it is still a super weapon) When i first heard of grief i imagined that one team could use the wunderwaffe and the other team the thundergun. But back on topic, the shrink ray's ability to switch crystals was a brilliant idea never implemented. I think it or something similar should be in.
  14. Mmm, dont like the zombie whale thing, but the first one sounds great. Shame it's not real. Can't wait to see what Treyarch comes up with. Wouldn't mind seeing some old zombie types or wonder weapons returning. Man I loved the thief.
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