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Covert Gunman

How far have you gotten?

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Haven't really tried for distance in solo yet, mainly just radio hunting. Highest in Co-oP is 28 with 3 people and the easter egg.

Also i found out that if the evacuator comes down on you while your in the tunnel, it will instantly kill you.

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Got to round 44 co-op(2 people). Would have went further but the Biodome's excavator glitched. My friend was just about 100 kills shy of 4000 kills and I was just over 2500 kills. We played from 6/7pm to about 2-3am when it finally ended.

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53 2 players 6016 kills 2 downs 18 revives 1215076 points

46 3 players randoms terrible 46 combined downs

45 2 players friend from friend list wanted to carry him to top of his leaderboard

43 4 players randoms left only one alive 6 times

31 first time playin this map

easiest map by far only level where 2 people can loop in same room makes for easy revives

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63 solo & only failed because i got downed by a invisible excavator try to hack b4 losing the boidome

45 2-player my friend had to leave to go to work so we stood on the telepad in NML untill we ran out of ammo and could not hold off any longer

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May as well share my entire record


Nacht der Untoten; 26

Verruckt: 29

Shi No Numa: 142

Der Riese: 36

Kino Der Toten: 42

FIVE: 31

DeadOps: 27

COTD: 37

Shangri-La: 48

Moon: 45

Anyone want a game add me :- oO0Rogers0Oo

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Was on round 42 when I first completed the easter egg but the host ended up disconnecting mid-game so it didn't register in the leaderboards :cry:

On leaderboards it says round 19 but I haven't played much of it since I completed the EE.

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This may be a stupid question, but where do you find the No Mans Land - points, kills rankings? I've never seen a screen like this in BLOPs.

Also, what NML kills are you couting:

1. Only the NML kills at the beginning of the game?

2. The NML kills for any single return to NML?

3. Total NML kills during a Moon game, which includes return visits to NML.

The most I've gotten for 1 above is 45. 2 above is 160.



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Solo 35, I was set up for like a 60's but one asshole kept asking me to help him with EE, which ended up making me suicide on 35, join his lobby and wait for him 15 minutes, listening to him talking in french to his guys, and then leaving the lobby. I was so mad.

As of co-op, I get to play with idiots who usually follow at the end of the round to kill crawlers, don't share hacker/box or break the windows wherever they can. Round 17, but I had to go on 16, left my ps3 on with the game, and a guy managed to pull out two rounds without me, then he suicided.

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R23, I was training at mule kick, but the fucking astronaut took my jugg, i got tped to the beggining of the game ( m14 and olympia's place), got to the mpl tunnels but u know wot? Excavator was there, i spammed all my mustang but i ran out of ammo and my wave gun couldn't do it. Fucking astronaut ur almost worst then george romero!

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