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  1. Round 124 solo game over screen my 3rd 100+ on this map, may try again during spring break for 130+ or 140+ attempt
  2. Round 99 is entirely possible, but most people these days only care about the leaderboards & use glitches/mods to get on top of the leaderboards. There are legit players though, and depending on the map size & strategy it would take abouut 24-40 hours. My source: Word from a pro zombies player on PSN who has done 99 himself.
  3. I've been to round 81 solo on this map, http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IDJyXT-tUdI ^ Link to the game over screen!
  4. Round 50? That's cute, I've been to round 81! Check my youtube channel if you don't believe me, search hfactor66 on youtube to find me.
  5. I have been to round 54 solo moon & I got to round 44 solo without power on moon, also 44 without power solo moon is a world record!
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