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  1. http://img215.imageshack.us/img215/1825 ... 72d587.png killstreak predator missle ah6 overwatch pavelow
  2. my clan is ICU i know most people will make fun of it haha until they play against us! :)
  3. ACR with a silencer and extended mags best combo i've found so far!
  4. deathb4di2h0nor thats what i am saying if it wasnt for those two families i named in my comment there wouldnt be a problem but because of those people this world is won by money and money equals power and if you can control the how much money is made you can control the rest of the world and thats why the only true world powers are the Rockefellers and the Rothschild!!
  5. i'd like to add my own world power and that is the Rockefeller family and the Rothschild family. the reason for that is because if you look into those family's they started the federal reserve which controls how much money is produced in the united states every year. they also own most of the big banks in the world. they also own an started what we know as the pharmaceutical companies and the medical colleges. so in turn they are the true powers of the world not the government. if you think about it the government officials are just pawns those two families use to get there way when they want and how they want by throwing money into the politicians campaign fund. and this also includes the BUSH family who funded the nazi party during world war two i wont go into detail on how but with very little research its easy to find. so those are my thoughts about world powers feel free to comment or ask questions about what i said i will have no problem supporting my ideas.
  6. 20 solo and 35 with 4 players earliest round ive done the easter egg with 4 players was 11 :)
  7. 35 with three people i havd over 2,000 kills myself
  8. nikerox


    Thanks so far so good theres a few theards ive read on the zombie's portion of this site that are extremely interesting :D
  9. nikerox


    i was looking at the site today and enjoyed it so i thought i would register and have my own account. my favorite thing about call of duty is to play zombies!! the only thing that annoys me when doing the easter egg on the moon is samantha's voice im sure im not the only one that hates it especially listening to it for 25 or so rounds lol. well i just want to say this website is great and look forward to meeting new people and giving some good edvice!!

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