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  1. It's on the first floor of the labs. If you're looking at the door to the power room, it's to the right in a corner. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ShNjp-6WYg4
  2. How do you have the lead wire while playing solo?
  3. The Recon Drone is great. It can serve two purposes while playing an objective based game. This prestige I'm using Ballistic Vests, Recon Drone, and Advanced UAV. The Recon Dron is perfect for Domination for me since when I get it and I can sit above the map and call out where the other team is coming from , plus flying around an RC Copter is pretty fun lol.
  4. When I come across people like this, I refuse to open the doors myself until they just can't wait anymore and open it themselves.
  5. This. I thought you had to be trapped but I just ran to tunnel 11 while the excavator was digging and dove into it and had the people I was playing with kill the couple of crawlers in the biodome. Came back and got the achievement and the song started right after that.
  6. Got to round 44 co-op(2 people). Would have went further but the Biodome's excavator glitched. My friend was just about 100 kills shy of 4000 kills and I was just over 2500 kills. We played from 6/7pm to about 2-3am when it finally ended.
  7. I always go the tunnel 6 route because it's cheaper. Also, today I played a game solo and had the power on at round 2-3 and the excavator almost immediately started for the biodome. I ran and grabbed hacker to stop it, then a couple rounds later it was going for the biodome again. I've played a fair amount of games and haven't had the same excavator activate twice in a row.
  8. What's happening everybody!? Matt is the name, or Big White if you prefer. I reside on the East Coast of the US. I've been lurking around the forum for about week reading several of the theories and explanations. I started my zombies obsession when World at War came out but it stopped there as I didn't buy an Xbox and was just playing at a friend's house. Then Black Ops came out and I had tried out the zombies on it and I got hooked again so I ran out and bought me an Xbox and Black Ops and began my zombie obsession again. I'm usually up for a game of zombies when I'm not lagging lol. If there's anything else you want to know, just ask.
  9. It wasn't invisible for us, we watched it just bust right through the roof and stare at us menacingly knowing what it had just done to us. We were on round 41 or 42 when it happened and we only made it round 44 after it breached because just about every weapon is useless anyway at this time and zombies floating in your face doesn't help the situation much lol. Well then this sucks. I hope they patch it because I really like my oxygen and artificial gravity. *idea* What if someone stayed in the receiving area and kept hacking the terminal to the excavator(if it's still hack-able) to constantly restore control until the warnings went away?
  10. The other night, a friend and I were playing and the lady had said the excavator was going to breach to the Biodome so we ran to the start and hacked it. The lady said it had control restored, but she was also still giving the warnings for it. We didn't pay it any mind because it had did the same thing earlier with tunnel 11. Then the excavator breached the biodome anyway even after restoring control to it. Has anyone else encountered this issue while playing?
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