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  1. Saw the movie today and yes I saw the Black Ops II trailer as well. Was so sick seeing it on the big screen
  2. You NEED To get it All my friends HATE it though... Yeah I was planning on getting it soon When I stop by Gamestop to preorder Black Ops 2 I'll be sure to buy some microsoft points as well :D
  3. I can't play it because it's the only zombie map I don't own :| I've played it over my friends house via split screen and it was quite enjoyable. :)
  4. You did not survive the initial outbreak of zombies. You were not prepared and lacked the proper supplies and the knowledge of how to get them. You are among the majority of people, dying in the initial outbreak. :?
  5. Great effort bro and thanks for all these tips I've watched some of your "rape train" videos before so I'm familiar with your channel Keep it up man I'm looking forward to seeing some more tips 8-)
  6. Wow man that's simply amazing. How long did it take you in total?
  7. Was running almost the same strategy when I got to Round 26 on Der Riese. Ended up getting cornered and my friend couldn't stay alive :|
  8. 32 with 4 people. This was only a few weeks after the game came out and ended up being my highest round :lol:
  9. 32 with 4 people. One quit in the early rounds so we ended up playing with just 3 the entire time
  10. Round 20 :? I hate this map so much lol
  11. 35 with 4 people. It was like 2:00 AM and we all had school the next morning so we just suicided lol
  12. Was on round 42 when I first completed the easter egg but the host ended up disconnecting mid-game so it didn't register in the leaderboards :cry: On leaderboards it says round 19 but I haven't played much of it since I completed the EE.
  13. Timmay


    Alright man sounds good. I was actually brought to these forums because I was looking up the "Shangri La Mountains" thing on youtube and one of the videos had your topic linked so technically I was brought to these forums by you :P
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