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  1. Probably because they wanted the moon and area 51 to feel different. Regular gravity and dogs, that's familair, that's what area 51 is. You head to the moon and things are totally different, I'm pretty sure that's why they're not on the moon.
  2. I said features from nearly each map were implemented, not every feature from every map. As it is, the new maps have steered away from purchasable traps for some reason, that's probably why they didn't show up for Moon either.
  3. They already said so in one video, this is the culmination of all the maps. They put in bits and bobs from nearly each map. Hounds represent the old maps, gas crawlers the new, the Gershe device the DLC, etc.
  4. In solo there are none, you can get the Cryogenic Slumber Party Easter egg without having any of the prior Easter eggs completed. I've yet to get Big Bang Theory but from my understanding, only the player who gets to use Richtofen has to have completed the Call of the Dead and Shangri-la achievements.
  5. The character audio cuts out if you are disconnected from Xbox live during the game. I wasn't connected to LIVE in the first place. o.o
  6. He's a Nazi right? Take that into account when you think about how he intended to "improve the human condition" and give him any sympathy.
  7. I was referring to official sources, not fan pages. If it's an official Call of Duty site, it's official. If it's an official Call of Duty Blog, It's official. If it's an official developer Twitter page, it's official. If it's from an official Facebook page, that's official too. Tons of other development studios use those as official channels of information. Posting hints on a twitter, videos and info via Facebook and even some in-studio developer blogs can house official information. A wiki page however isn't usually the first choice for dispensing such things.
  8. Crimson


    I've never once had a zombie land on top of me... o.o
  9. A wiki page for a game is the exact same as any other, that doesn't make it truth. You can't take anything from a wiki and call if official without another official source the information came from before it was listed there. Where was it originally posted, who is the mystery developer who's "leaking" "official" details to of all places a wiki page? I don't care who they are, nobody there is going to come out in the open and reveal anything "official" and if they did it would be via an official source like a blog, COD site, twitter etc. Not a fan-organized wikipedia page. I could be wrong but it hardly seems official to me.
  10. Source please, this smells as fishy as a case of Quick revive soda and has more holes than a Swiss cheese sandwich on a firing range.
  11. Take a screenshot of said video.
  12. Come on guys, you call this speculation?! Teleporters, Time Machines... Dr. R sends baddies back in time Terminator style to stop Sam and Maxis before they can foil he plans. Think of Moon as an alternate ending, Treyarch isn't "Backed into a corner" I bet you they've got it planned out, whatever they're going to do... They could go back to the gang, Richtofen sees what's happening and has to outwit "himself"? Who knows, there are infinite possibilities for freaky sci-fi conspiracy crap. I bet there will be at least one map on the fallout styled wrecked earth. The sky is the limit, I'm sure whatever happens it'll be amazing.
  13. So you're saying two Max Ammo power-ups isn't enough to get through a single round? If you're smart with your ammo using weapons like the Wave Gun you can clear the entire round with a fraction of a single Max Ammo drop. Throw a Gersch when you see any power-up, hack it, get your ammo refilled, repeat. If you try to spray an RPK into a crowd of zombies in later rounds, yeah you won't kill a single one with an entire refill.
  14. Crimson

    Ground Control

    You shouldn't be getting killed while on the way to the excavators. At the start of the round you'll get the alert telling you the excavator is coming. Get a crawler that round and once the last runner is down sprint over there with the hacker and take care of the control panel. If you run you'll have plenty of time to make it between the areas without air. Hack the excavator, run back to the dome, kill the crawler and repeat the process until you get each of them. I'm not saying that it is easy but if you keep at it, you'll get a good game with some good turns on the box and you'll be set. Just make sure to get Juggernaut before round 1 and you'll be fine. Honestly, Moon is one of the easier maps.
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