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Highest Round on Kino Der Toten?

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Round 23 with 4 people - XBOX 360

We were camping by the Jug machine....works OK until about 20...

We are going to try the room in the back up the stairs from the alley.....we are not going to open that door that leads to the alley...so we will have 2 windows to cover, and 2 people will watch the only open door....plus, there is an electric fence right there....

If anyone wants to try or is SERIOUS about playing Zombies send me a request...just let me know you are responding to this.....GT=Luvyella

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Did a 40 round solo strategy yesterday. I could have easily continued on higher, but killed myself in the end on purpose, as i had to go to work lol. Recorded all the video and commentary, only problem now is that im in rendering hell :(

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just got 28 with 2 people. Was way too easy. if you just keep running in a circle the zombies dont spawn infront. I got downed and lost perks then he used a barrier as I was walking through so i died then he just got over whelmed. currently ranked 1029 in the world xD we feel so pro.

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Just beat my highest round, I got to round 33 on solo and of course i go to the leader boards and it did not save it to the leader boards :evil: Im pretty fu*king pissed.

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Got to round 44, Pretty sure i could break 50/60 easily if i really pushed for it ( or if the leaderboards would freaking keep track of 1 player ventures...argh thats annoying it doesn't , i don't care to really try too:(

Heres the strategy but really its self explanatory, you have to be good at juking zombies and be patient/keep your cool

Beginning: Rounds 1 - 4

Knife as much as possible, use your pistol only when you are overwhelmed.

Try and get as many points here as possible before opening up the next few doors same old stuff as

always, Don't buy any of the guns off the wall and buy Quick Revive before you move on.

Part 2 : Build up enough points to get a MP40 + Juggernog/Speed Reload)

Once you have enough points open the door atop the staircase and then the next door in the room with all

the portraits.

Walk down the stairs and buy the mp40 on the right off the wall i used this weapon all the way up to lvl

44, non upgraded! preceed to the stage and hit the power and buy juggernog.

Once you have these two, the power will be on and you have more room to work with. the MP40 actually

rocks until the early teen levels its only $1000 for it / $500 to get ammo and you will use alot of its


All you need to do now is the 'easy part' running around avoiding zombies and racking up points for

SPEED RELOAD, Once you have your three Perks you are going to find the box and hit it until you get a

weapon you are comfortable with...

Don't upgrade the MP40, you WANT the thundergun but at least try and get an MG/Good weapon for points

with a large ammo capacity, no ray guns, no shotguns, no crossbows or ballistic knives!


it will make running around behind the stage with your mp40 alot easier in the rounds before you get

your B.F.G! they will mainly come from the front of the stage and through the dressing room, making it a

bit more predictable i think i eventually opened it around round 31 but that was just because i wanted

to open everything up and although i did get to 44, i probably could have left it shut.

Basically i start on the stage with the teleporter ready to go at my command

i run around like a moron for about the first 45 seconds of the map, picking off any that are out of the

'group/swarm' them up while i run all around the stage if i have to stagedive off and run into the

teleporter i do it, if i have to run down the hallway past juggernaut and down towards the mp40 and

start the process by running through the map back to the starting point all over i do it.

The mp40 is reliable and you have a way to replenish its ammo, you have a backup plan with the

teleporter, you have alot of ways to escape and alot of traps to hit

Part 3: (rounds 20+ ACQUIRED THE LEWTZ!(once you have MP40/Zeus Cannon/ All 4 Perks/ monkeys)

Hopefully before too long you will have acquired the Thundergun from the random box,once you have this

its gametime and repetitive time!...upgrade it asap so you can have a higher capacity/clip it will be

crucial in the later levels, Once you have your thundergun, you should try to get monkeys, once you have

monkeys finish it all off with.....doubletap? yes doubletap! why?....heres why?

The key to this stage is surviving the zombies, and i feel the best way to do that is grouping them up

and leading them into traps. Traps cost MONEY, money is easily made with the Mp40 + doubletap, you shoot

a clip into a line of about 30 zombies and each bullet is gonna tag at least a few of them.

Do that with all of your mp40 ammo a few times a round and you make bank, especially with double points!

Once you get to rounds 36+ you will want to be alot more smart with your ammo / plan

here are some Suggestions:

- The stage is where i would do most of my "grouping up" zombies have a maximum amount that can be

spawned at once, you want to take out that maximum amount in a single trap as much as possible.

Id find myself using traps all over the level but i really tried to stick to grouping at the stage then

leading them out through the trap in the corridor leading to the lobby, OR through the dressing room

trap and running back into the stage passing speed reload and the lobby, but sometimes you catch weird

respawns and you have to go through the alleyway and hit the firetrap and head back to the stage

...or last resort is throw a monkey and/or Just teleport and buy nades and spam them!

** when teleporting back from the projection room they are going to RUSH YOU HARD from the theater, run

straight ahead with the zeus cannon and hit the trap asap, some will probably get through but you will

take out alot / end a long round by doing this. **

- Be extremely careful running anywhere into the unknown, keep your Cannon ready to blast anything in

front of you, Once you get to the later rounds this is how you survive on the run, not do damage.

(You really just want to use the traps to kill most of the zombies, Just think that your thundergun is

your "GET OUT OF MY WAY" button and you only want to hit it when you have too)

- When i hit 40+ i pretty much had to Teleport 2 times a round and spam grenades out the window

- Sometimes i'd toss a monkey and blast away with the thundergun if i knew i had dogs soon, Just in

front of the turret at the stage, and make a dart down the hallway or start the whole grouping/waiting

on the maximum amount to spawn before i went through a trap

- I'd also find myself low on thundergun ammo and only having a few zombies left with a trap active, i'd

simply run through the trap to take out the remaining few but be careful doing this you wanna know for

sure its clear ahead and that they wont make it through while you are slowed and hit ya

And i blame the bowie knife its absolutely terrible later on i thought it would be good for cleaning up the few that are left but i end up having to run through traps ive activated or spend minutes killing a

handful of zombies i should be able to knife 3-4 times but thats not the case, arghhh!!

I got a little video i recorded of rounds 40+ i'll try and post it later

Hope this helps anyone trying to get far solo in Kino Der Toten!

So this is the strategy and this is a very fun one i enjoyed getting to 44 on this map i couldn't

imagine doing a "camp here and aim this way" for 44 levels it would bore me to death...

Basically once you get the thundergun its all up to you with this strategy, The player and execution.

You can start wherever you like i personally like the stage i feel its the easiest place to group up the

first 'maximum spawn' and lead them to their death, by the time respawn kicks in you should be just

about to the stage again ready to run around for another grouping.

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Just posted a video and the solo strategy on youtube


The video is just thrown together for fun so don't expect machinima quality stuff i just wanted to give you clear direction, and the walkthrough is also in the comments assbackwards, so probably easier just to read it on here in the earlier post

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think it was either 13 or 14. i activated the easter egg song, made for a damn good time playing. edward has so many funny comments!


press square at takeo portrait: ah it's a picture of the monkey bomb

press square at dempsey portrait: hello dempsey, oh wait, it's a picture, AN UGLY ONE!

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Thinking i might use my strategy when i have a day or two off and leave my psn on and see how far i can get with it, i'd like to hit 60 solo but 50 would be alot less time consuming as i've almost did that once before lol.

Has anyone ever said anything about if they are bringing back solo leaderboards?

Cause that would keep me busy for a while...

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22 on solo. Got a bit bored really and died in a corner...

Online 13. Hard to find good players these days.. No team work just frantic kids.

PS3: blakedrebeccav

Add me if anyone wants a game.

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22 online with 1 other person.. My trusted allie

Could of .. and will get further


Single player is easy... That's why it doesn't touch leaderboards!

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