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  1. I work at Gamestation in the UK, part of the GAME group. We got it in stock on Wednesday, but aren't allowed to sell it till midnight on monday. Not even allowed to give me my hardened edition :cry: I think I'll be able to pick it up Monday sometime though. Also, I got a free Black Ops poster signed by Mark Lamia 8-)
  2. Ok....so I'm here on my own now....in a lobby lol.....anyone fancy a game?? PSN: Joshm88
  3. Damn...I think I've missed the GMT team 2!!! :cry:
  4. It appears the secret is out....new leaks springing up which are major spoilers for both single player and zombie mode. I've noted articles on CVG, Prouct Review news, codblackopsblog and others with major spoilers and no *spoiler warning* titles... So if you want to keep up the suspense until release day (and it's well worth it), or until Treyarch reveal a zombie trailer....be careful!!! I imagine more and more leaks will appear in the coming days...and despite Activision removing videos, there are screenshots galore... I'm really rather annoyed PR News spoiled it for me I must resist the urge to click "black ops zombie" in google news....bummer.
  5. I am well up for this, I'm stuck in tonight anyways! Pleeeeeease let me play GMT guys PSN: Joshm88
  6. All I have to say is......"why am I not suprised?".... I've always sat on Sony's side of the fence and have no intention of jumping ship, but please sort it out. The PS Store is pretty awful, we get screwed over with DLC, screwed over with things such as this which are not even a difficult thing to include, we are loosing all our exclusives bar one or two.... It doesn't matter who is responsible for this, Activision, Treyarch or Sony....the buck stops with Sony. They need to pull their finger out before they fall even further behind what the 360 is offering on a game to game basis, if that means coughing up money to Publishing companies, so be it, I'll happily pay £50 a year for online gameplay. :x
  7. Also got this in the post today, but saw it in work a few weeks back... Bit of a disappointment overall....I don't use PS Home so the avatar is useless, trailers are old hat, the laser cell is a nice touch...but a tad small (I'd prefer a poster....or at least something worthy of some wall space), etc etc... Guess it was free though :|
  8. Prestige 14?!! That's going to take forever :x
  9. Nice post Robash, a lot of that info had genuinely passed me by I particularly like the integration of file shares and the ability to sign in two PSN ID's on the same console. It's good that we are pro-actively catching up to Xbox Live abilities
  10. Dude, come on, I posted this like 5 posts above yours....
  11. If that is true then it indeed seems completely over complicated.... "Ok, now we have COD point so you don't have to worry about levelling up to get that gun/killstreak you so desperately want......but first you have to level up to unlock the gun/killstreak you want and save enough COD points to be able to buy it...." :facepalm:
  12. As I understand it, XP doesn't have any bearing on what you can buy in terms of unlocks etc...so in that sense it is pointless. I think it serves purely as a gauge of how committed a player your are, as in if you choose to prestige you will be rewarded with extra custom class slots. Other than that, I agree, it seems pretty pointless? I imagine only your XP will be displayed on the leaderboards, not the amount of COD points you have, if it works as a currency system.
  13. I think we should send them a Teddy Bear holding a Bowie knife that has "Thanks from all at CODZ" written on it's chest, because it represents what we are all about, Zombies and finding Easter Eggs :)
  14. Nice, I haven't seen this before either :)
  15. Whilst talking to CosmicSilverback (Trevor Walker - Lead Project Engineer) in the chat tonight I asked him whether he could confirm/dismiss the concept of zombies and single player storylines being linked or overlapping, he answered (in more or less these words): 'That's something you're going to want to look at very closely', 'We've hidden a lot of surprises this time'. So again, not confirmation, not dismissal either....by the looks of the above image which is clearly the same room as the GKNOVA6 site, there is a cross over....surely there is more to this than Treyarch being too lazy and using the same maps/rooms/backgrounds for both modes. (I know the [email protected] zombie maps were mostly adaptations of multiplayer maps, but this seems too closely linked).
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