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  1. Round 71 suicide run lol Kinda got old quick, so I opened everythina up.... ( Wonder) Weapons honestly lose their effectiveness fairly quickly it seems in this map, shrug... Oh well still fun times!
  2. believe this was proven unrepeatable, therefore it was a glitch. still curious about the sound avoe makes when he dies sometimes if someone could slow/speed up his voice and listen for any thing.....hmm
  3. Okay i'm fairly positive it is indeed just a glitch but can someone take the time to slow down or speed up the sound avogadro makes when he dies to see if it says anything important
  4. And regarding the Audio/sound he makes I am pretty sure the electric zombie makes that sound when hes emp'd and or killed, cause i have heard that in games i was playing in myself And I've been meaning to go back to theater and slow down or speed up to see if i can make out what if anything that he says....anyone tried this?
  5. Well i have never ever seen a glitch like this if it is one.. Just found it very weird and had never seen anything like it. Honestly to me the way he moves to the building looks very scripted to me but maybe thats just what he does when there is a pathing issue.... blah im jus scouring teh interweb here for any clues to progress :evil: When im off work ill be trying a few things
  6. Never seen that animation before though, seems really weird.
  7. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0SLOY-oZgzY 0SLOY-oZgzY Hd video Easter egg was completed...... Guys? never seen anything like this. ( EDIT : Read it was unrepeatable through multiple tries therefore it was just a glitch)
  8. ... Pkaying as Samuel in solo is a possibility by the way... Ahem I'll wait awhilw to spoil anything Very. VERY cool. By the way when i played nuketown i got to around lvl 21 i heard richtofen speak of powering up a machine Might write full guides for each if no one beats me to it
  9. 36 solo. Its ALOT harder than kino which i've gotten to 45 in by myself. (Solo Mini-Guide) What i do is get the usual perks (Revive,Juggernaut,Speed Reload) by round 10, and have BOTH blockades on level 2 opened up. Snag a mp5 off the wall and run around the bottom area in a circle behind the stairs and in between all the computer terminals; unti a maximum amount of zombies are spawned then i'll pick them off once they are grouped up. I try to get claymores early as possible and place as many as i can in the elevator by double tap for when the scientist comes, If he runs into 6-8 claymores and then takes a clip from the mp5 he will drop, And you can use that to your benefit if you pull it off quick enough to get a cheap pack a punched weapon through the bonfire sale. Work on avoiding the zombies when they start coming in the beginning of a round more than shooting them, once they are all behind you and you do a few laps to get used to the weird angles and areas they will come from you should start shooting. Perfect your Juking Technique and be very aware of where you are running, its alot easier to get trapped in a corner here than it is in the other new map. Eventually you will rack up tons of points and get the upgraded Frostgun and whatever gun you like as a backup, rounds 16-25 i'd rock an upgraded MG of any sort just to get a ton of points up and then you start to need something that deals out more damage... As soon as you get the WinterzHowLololz you just stick to the usual strategy and run in circles until you can guide them down one of the walkways where they will all be lined up and fire enough shots to make them freeze, Then whip out your backup to clean up ( At this point and all throughout the level you should keep an eye on the top floor for how many zombies are respawning so you can judge when you should take out the 'group' and so you don't turn around to fire and get smacked upside the back of your head!) You really have to conserve your ammo as much as possible. Rounds 30+ will really test your abilities to survive, good luck with the max ammos :)
  10. Thinking i might use my strategy when i have a day or two off and leave my psn on and see how far i can get with it, i'd like to hit 60 solo but 50 would be alot less time consuming as i've almost did that once before lol. Has anyone ever said anything about if they are bringing back solo leaderboards? Cause that would keep me busy for a while...
  11. i ran across this portrait playing through campaign on veteran who the hell is this guy? i haven't beat the game keep in mind, but i don't care if you spoil it i found it very weird...same frame and artist i think
  12. I'm starting to think the alleyway on 4p would be a decent spot, keep your backs on the wall by doubletap and never open the door leading into the lobby... only one window to watch and i don't think crawlers come outside unless you go inside but i haven't tested that theory really. Now for solo i make my stand on my FEET i got to lvl 45 and turned off the ps3 when i figured out solo rounds aren't kept track of, which is retarded.

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