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  1. EE Completed + High Round Strategy ZNS (round 45+) Multiplayer here was mine, requires completion of the easter egg, but this hallway + the skulls and rotating them properly has to be the best way to go check it out
  2. https://www.twitch.tv/m0ki3/v/62236740 We got to 46 is our first real easter egg attempt after completing it we used this strategy and even being a player down(afk off and on) it worked like a charm, happy with the fact everyone was placed in the top 200 on the leaderboards for 4 player ZNS so that's really neat too, apparently alot of glitchers haven't fucked it up for everyone yet....but yeah, i like it fun map and the KT4 isn't OP it's just fun in a old school sliquifier kind of way....the skull on the otherhand, woooweee good stuff :) 32 on my solo first attempt though, think it'll be alot easier if i actually tried...but again not bad for my first real attempt (let a spider web the door by A, and camp outside the bunker, web blocks alot of zombies and helps control spawn makes it alot better)
  3. https://www.twitch.tv/m0ki3/v/62236740 we are in the final boss room and fighting him as it starts when the video begins, all previous steps were completed besides killing the boss, after the cutscene we go until round 46 top 200 or so in the leaderboards i think not bad for our first try
  4. hang on i think i can from my latest twitch stream one sec
  5. Basically a Video from round 26 when we beat the final boss and completed the easter egg and how we managed to go 20 more rounds in the elevator below the Bunker, Pretty straight forward, everyone takes turns using their skull, take a look , pretty straightforward and a really fun time, i had to go afk a few times throughout the video otherwise we would have gotten alot farther. lol....thanks for looking psn - mokie
  6. Guys... What color are are the "upgraded"/Easter Egg Margwa's? - They are the same color as the upgraded wonder weapons portal. - PURPLE. Anyone tried waiting to create the wonder weapon until they've killed the Purple Margwa's and gotten a heart drop? :)
  7. Guys... What color are are the "upgraded"/Easter Egg Margwa's? - They are the same color as the upgraded wonder weapons portal. - PURPLE. Anyone tried waiting to create the wonder weapon until they've killed the Purple Margwa's and gotten a heart drop? :)
  8. after seeing this https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NHd34LWywys I'm brainstorming = Currently logging on and killing zombies near the pack a punch with the wonder weapon lol....maybe the rifts too, I personally think there's something up with that green light on the dock i'm gonna try throwing an upgraded Arnie at it as well, and i do think the black hole gun is just too eerie-ly similar to the gersch device (aka i think there is something or some things, we need to try and look for and suck up with it possibly. at least this Easter Egg unlike the masks i guess does more damage or something....shrug.
  9. believe this was proven unrepeatable, therefore it was a glitch. still curious about the sound avoe makes when he dies sometimes if someone could slow/speed up his voice and listen for any thing.....hmm
  10. Okay i'm fairly positive it is indeed just a glitch but can someone take the time to slow down or speed up the sound avogadro makes when he dies to see if it says anything important
  11. And regarding the Audio/sound he makes I am pretty sure the electric zombie makes that sound when hes emp'd and or killed, cause i have heard that in games i was playing in myself And I've been meaning to go back to theater and slow down or speed up to see if i can make out what if anything that he says....anyone tried this?
  12. Well i have never ever seen a glitch like this if it is one.. Just found it very weird and had never seen anything like it. Honestly to me the way he moves to the building looks very scripted to me but maybe thats just what he does when there is a pathing issue.... blah im jus scouring teh interweb here for any clues to progress :evil: When im off work ill be trying a few things
  13. Never seen that animation before though, seems really weird.
  14. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0SLOY-oZgzY 0SLOY-oZgzY Hd video Easter egg was completed...... Guys? never seen anything like this. ( EDIT : Read it was unrepeatable through multiple tries therefore it was just a glitch)
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