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  1. wish they would have done something like this for BO 2. This was a blast
  2. not gonna make a new thread but i was here when the site started, then moved. Glad to be back as we approach BO2
  3. i think you will find your answer here: http://callofdutyzombies.com/forum/viewtopic.php?f=16&t=3474
  4. this. not a hack but will still be patched soon. until then, enjoy your colored clan tags :)
  5. ...carbon is a mod on cod.com... lol
  6. anyone have a picture? thanks in advance
  7. your video didnt work but heres another one Bt8N1AlKTTI also just use the last 11 numbers of the youtube video url and after you highlight them, click the youtube button above the reply box. ;)
  8. That is why the game is rated Mature. IMO, let them do what they want. if a kid sees it and they werent supposed to, they shouldnt have been playing a mature game. that said, mine is just a shamrock :)
  9. other than pressing select and changing to local only i have no idea
  10. 12 with 3 people. only played once though
  11. made this one last night but no one posted any viewtopic.php?f=53&t=3050&p=43695&hilit=official+kino#p43695
  12. i believe so although the west coast is still 4 hours away so i could be wrong
  13. Congrats! enjoy it. If possible, try to keep any info you post from the disc in this thread so people who do not get it until midnight can be suprised. Thanks and have fun :)
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