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  1. I like the part where it turned into an all out slander fest between a lot of people in this forum and others. Yes, I am being sarcastic. None the less, good work guys. Come on PS3... BlakeD
  2. Agree with you there Pie Man... I wouldn't mind a trailer. I'm over playing TranZit, especially when half the kids are useless.. BlakeD
  3. Another thing I forgot to post: Very similar to the manhole covers in Town of Green Run. Thanks too guys. Ice is interesting. I dont think this was put into the the map without reasoning. Will have to wait until a trailer or until it is released to see if we can piece together.
  4. Hello all, So I have a theory. Now, Die Rise hasn't been 100% confirmed to be in China, but it most definitely is in a Asian country. The reason why I start with this is due to the fact that religion comes in to play so much more than ever before. We know about Tower of Babel (Babble). In certain religious circles, this is something of massive significance. Now we have moved to the far east. One thing that I have not noticed anyone mention yet is the Statue of Buddha which seems to be in a temple within a skyscraper. In the preview, I first noticed a calander in which I have a screenshot here: Now, I cant quite translate it or get a good look at it, but ive come to think it is the symbol of water. This can also help determine a rough timeline of when Die Rise is set. Also, its taken me into an area of Esoteric Buddhism, where there are 5 elements, including one which is space or 'Ether' which we all know is where Richtofen is controlling the zombies. Go to: http://onmarkproductions.com/html/12-zodiac.shtml for more information. I think this is going to be a wild goose chase of Richtofen protecting himself in the 'Ether' and Maxis, trying to get into it for himself. I believe this will also continue as the Quran has been placed in many of the zombies maps all the way back to CoD:WoW BlakeD
  5. I believe that Die Rise was supposed to be the original map for COD:BO2. Treyarch realized that Tranzit would be too hard for DLC and cause people to lose interest. They rushed to finish tranzit for release and couldn't complete it, hence why we have half an Easter egg, multiple audio glitches and plenty or errors. Original Zombie poster was Misty holding a head in front of high rise buildings. Don't get me wrong, I like Green Run, but it was rushed. I am excited for Die Rise. So yes, its not a prequel, its the original first map IMO. BlakeD
  6. blaked

    Diner Windows

    Your saying like Being able to turn it to Night right?!?! Almost. It does look like a time of day change, but I think a change of era. We will see... I think the DLC/or update will give us more. BlakeD
  7. blaked

    Diner Windows

    Hi all, Sorry I dont have a picture or video, but has anyone noticed the shadows that are visible in the windows of diner. Start a game. Go to the diner. Stand next to the Speed Cola and look through. I honestly think there will be another part to Tranzit. Potentionally, another time of Tranzit. One that is bigger, more developed. Look through the windows of the bank towards the bowling ally. I think our minds will be blown very soon. BlakeD
  8. The steak acts like a monkey, but you throw it at the other team so zombies chase them. Can come in handy if you want to cash up and make a train or target someone so they can't revive their teammate. Its a powerup also, not a weapon. Blaked
  9. Lost all of mine after the update. Also, I have been demoted in ranks.... BlakeD
  10. Ha, Yeah its terrible. Will try and get another. The shelter sign in the tunnel is more interesting though.... BlakeD
  11. Here we are. http://tinyurl.com/d79exrn BlakeD
  12. Hi all, I am yet too see anyone mention the russian text on the silo at the farm as well as the shelter with an arrow in the tunnel. Has anyone looked into this or who can speak russian to translate the text? BlakeD
  13. NDU is confirmed to be in Germany... Well confirmed for those who have followed Zombies from World of War. The start of the level shows a description. It might just be a replica or something that will develop the story over the next few DLC. Either way, kudos to Treyarch for continuing the story, adding more mystery and complexity. BlakeD
  14. Add me. Psn is blakedrebeccav. I have a mic as well. Will be on tomorrow. Keen to do the EE. BlakeD
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