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  1. can you please explain how this is related to Henry Langa, and in future try to use correct english.
  2. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2RiWgAAvcHE
  3. I think this is a great idea. And when I started reading this the first person who came into my mind was patastinky xD. I think you should get straight on with posting some stuff about the new black ops map pack and the theories about ascention island and other stuff. I would gladly help but I think other members of this site would be able to do a better job than me.
  4. Stop! its hammer time. this is mine xD
  5. I already new about this but still most people didnt. thanks for the upload
  6. I know alot of people dislike it but I dont mind it since I get kills from stupid spawning as much as I get killed by it. But I'll still add it since it anoys most people
  7. 1).The party system, I can never play with a group of friends bigger than 2 or 3 because for some reason only a few of us actualy get into the game lobby and the rest lag out. 2). There needs to be an option on zombies to only search for people with mics in gamechat (aslong os you are aswell). It is so fustrating being placed with a noob who all they do is open the wrong doors, kill crawlers and pick up max ammo when we are all still reloading. 3) Sound. I have been using a headset since World at war and I rely very much on hearing footsteps, bouncing of stun grenades, people placing clamores etc. But now these seem to make no noise at all. (accept to the people who are making the noise). If you were wondering I have tried all the sound setting including the headset one. 4) Some games dont save into recent games in theatre mode. 5) Spawning, you often spawn in stupid places near enimies or no-where near them so you have to treck accross a big map to get back into the action Still this is, in my opinion, the best call of duty yet. And I do not in anyway dislike this game. What do you think needs to be sorted out/changed?
  8. oh yeah lol. I'm not thinking straight. still, im sure its trey that it means.
  9. Blabba labba


    If you don't already know there is a code to unlock the zombie map "five" without doing the campaign is "3arc unlock". Also if you play combat training the clan tag for the bots is 3arc. And I have just noticed this: 3=trey. so 3arc is treyarc, or treyarch. :D
  10. tonight I'm thinking i might set up my capture card and try to record some of these easter eggs.
  11. in the lab if you go out from the lift and go into the room on your left in there on a shelf is a "trap part" which you can pick up. dont know what to do with it yet though.
  12. Good idea, but when I get it im not gonne be patient enough to turn on my camera xD
  13. I just tried to link and as soon as i logged in it came up with the register menu thing. I'm 100% sure it was the right pass, I even E-mailed my password back and copy and pasted it into the box but no. lol It fails me thinks
  14. thats nice. much better than the trailers treyarch released themselves
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